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By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
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Those without another home.

What was their first home like?

Was it a literal house with walls and a roof they paid for monthly? Filled with furniture, electronics, and various items collected throughout the years?

Or was it the place where they found safety, security, and warmth? Such as friends, family, or a community of like-minded people.

And how did they lose their home?

An act of mother nature? Heartless landlords? Or from their own mistakes and bad choices?

And where will they go?

Hopefully, to a friend or family member’s home where they can collect themselves and figure out what to do next.

But not everyone has that luxury.

So what will they do now?


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Amethyst Champagne

I create anything from fiction to personal stories, poetry, and more. I'm also on Substack, Ko-fi, and Gumroad!

My Twitter(X) handle is @AmethystC99.

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  • Angie the Archivist 📚🪶3 months ago

    Well said!✅ Homelessness is a complex, tragic issue and sadly, not uncommon. We all need to offer support however we can.

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