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Hidden Paradise, part four

The Dragon Valley Tales

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Hidden Paradise, part four
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Having slept over and eaten breakfast with Grey's family, who sympathized with my plight, I was now back in the forest, the crisp air cooling my inner fire.

I'm still angry at Mother for treating me like I'm cattle to be traded for money. As if I don't have a will of my own.

But the bigger problem is that my people are stuck in the past. They want to hold onto tradition with an iron vice, mostly out of fear. But times are changing, and we need to change with it, or else we'll perish.

I inhale deeply, the cold air filling my lungs. We're dragons, for goodness sake! We are a strong people who have and can endure anything.

My inner dragon suddenly becomes restless, trying to claw her way to the surface. And that familiar human scent follows.

I can't help but smile, "Are you stalking me?"

William reveals himself, stepping away from some bushes, "Like I could hurt you."

"That doesn't really answer my question."

He blushes, "I was hoping to see you again."

I tilt my head, walking toward him, "Why?"

"Because I like you."

My dragon goes crazy as soon as he says that, and I can't stop the heat rising in my face. "You've only known me for a day."

"But I can tell you're a good person."

I smile, "Well, thank you, but this isn't the safest place for you."

"Why not?" William sits on a moss-coated log, "We're in the forest."

"Because a lot of my people are afraid of what's outside the valley." I hold my hands behind my back. "And they'd see you as a threat."

He scoffs at me, "Me, a weak human man, a threat?"

"Yes," I stand taller, "because you're different from us."

William frowns but seems to understand, "Well, is there a place we could meet safely?"

My mouth curves upward, "There is one place I know." I begin walking, "Aren't you coming?"

He scrambles to his feet, "Didn't think we'd be going now."

I giggle a little. He's cute.

I lead us further into the woods, the animals making their noises and the river flowing fiercely. They aren't threatened by my people anymore, which is nice because the silence can be deafening to us.

But humans were too loud for that to be a possibility, with their heartbeats, blood flowing, breathing, and hard steps.

We soon reach the alcove I discovered when I was a child and ran away for a few nights. I inhale deeply, the pine and dirt calming.

"Wow, this is beautiful," William stares at the rock walls and small waterfall. "How'd you find such a place?"

"I ran from home for a few nights and fell into here, literally."

He looks at me, "Why did you run away?"

"I wanted to be free," I glance at the ground, kicking a pebble with my foot. "I still do."

"That's not surprising."

I glance at him, "Why do you say that?"

"I saw it in your eyes when we first met."

I meander towards the pond in the middle of the alcove. "Unfortunately, I can't just leave."

William moves closer to me, his scent enticing to my dragon, "Why not?"

"My mind is connected to my nestmates, so they'd find and punish me for leaving the nest."

"But you're a dragon! A powerful being." He grabs my arms, "who can do whatever the hell she wants!"

Warmth spreads through my chest, "But I'm young and can't always control my power."

"You'll learn."

He doesn't let go, but I don't mind his cool touch. If anything, it keeps me from becoming outraged again.

"I know, but..." I stop myself. He doesn't need to know Mother's intention to bind me with another dragon, not yet at least. "Yes, I will."

William lets me go, backing away, "So here?"

"Yes, no know will find us here." Waving my hand, tree branches move to hide the entrance.

Williams stares, "Whoa, how'd you do that?"

I shrug, "We all can."

"So," he looks at me, still amazed by my magic, "what do we do now?"

I give him a wicked grin, "You'll see."

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