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Hey Presto!

Careful what you wash for.

By Tiffany MercerPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Hey Presto!
Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

“Impressive,” the new assistant grinned as the bevy of children shifted their attention to a nearby piñata. “But where did the doves go when you vanished them?”

The Extraordinary Evan fidgeted with the brim of his collapsible top hat, a theatrical smile not reaching his eyes. “A magician never tells...?”


“It happened again!” Julia screeched from the laundry room.

“A dove in the washing machine?”

Two doves,” she groused, trying to coax one down from its panicked perch between the Presto! and the Downy. “You’re calling the landlord this time— bastards hung up on me last Saturday.”


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Tiffany Mercer

Just your basic, garden-variety fiction dweeb. :-)

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  • Jackabout a year ago

    nice post

Tiffany MercerWritten by Tiffany Mercer

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