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Guardian Angel

Based on a True Story

By Mary K BrackettPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Oregon December 3, 2014 - Mary K. Brackett

“Are we lost?” my brother’s voice warbled.

“Of course not.” Yet as we paused there at the edge of the snow-covered woods, I wasn’t nearly as sure as I sounded. The short burst of snowfall while we were sledding had covered our way home and now all the trees looked the same, taunting skeletons leering at me as I tried to choose the right path. The lengthening shadows told me we didn’t have long before nightfall.

I chose a direction, grabbed his hand, and plowed forward despite my inner voice’s panicked warnings.

A flash of red through the trees to our right, made me pause. Was there someone there?

“What’s wrong?” my brother asked, staring hard into the trees to follow my gaze.

I turned to a gap to our left, “uh, nothing. This way, kiddo.”

A brief time later, that red flash came to the left and I turned right to avoid whoever was there.

A red flash on the right turned us again soon after and at long last I could smell the delightful scent of chili cooking on someone’s stove. Woodsmoke brought with it the warmth of a pinewood fireplace in full glow and our steps quickened.

As we finally stepped from the woods, I found our house directly in front of us. “Smells like Dad’s making chili!” my brother cheered and ran ahead, just as a male cardinal flew from the woods to our right, brushed close to my shoulder, and perched above our front door.


About the Creator

Mary K Brackett

Mary Brackett is a novelist, poet, & award-winning short story author. She has authored and co-authored articles for magazines with her husband and is currently writing a series of novels with her talented daughters.

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Comments (1)

  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Well written! I like the red cardinal 🤓 great ending!

Mary K BrackettWritten by Mary K Brackett

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