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Ground Shaking


By Delaney HowardPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Sanej Prasad Suwal/Pexels

The ground twitched violently as the earthquake struck the city. Buildings swayed and toppled, sending clouds of dust and debris into the air. People screamed and ran willy-nilly in a panic to escape the collapsing structures. The sound of shattering glass and crashing concrete filled the air as the once-vibrant city was reduced to rubble in mere seconds. In the aftermath, survivors emerged from the wreckage, dazed and disoriented. The smell of smoke and death hung heavy as the extent of the disaster became clear. The earthquake had brought destruction and chaos, leaving a once-thriving metropolis in ruins and terror.


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Delaney Howard

Writer of romantic suspense, and apparently fiction of other varieties too. Reader of all the words, theater nerd, liberal, teacher, wife, dog-mom, optimist.

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    Delaney HowardWritten by Delaney Howard

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