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Granny Mac

A life in 100 words from her eldest grandchild

By E MPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Granny Mac
Photo by Ravi Patel on Unsplash

A Scottish girl born in the 1930’s.

Freckles, red hair, silver bracelets.

Immigrated to Australia and birthed 6 children. Your life was tough, but you proved tougher.

The years brought love and pain.

You should’ve married better, a worthier man, but then I wouldn’t be here.

You raised good people. It’s important you know that.

Now you’re lying here, in a hospital bed. Oxygen in your nose, antibiotics in your veins.

The end is nigh.

You open your eyes occasionally and look upon me, too tired to make an expression, but that’s okay, our hand squeezes say ‘I love you’.


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