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Grandma Xue

by moladda 2 months ago in Short Story
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Xue Daniang is a vegetable seller.

She lives in the south of the snail dam, covering a fairly large area, the house is also spacious, her house is a bit special, the front, east of the two sides of each of the three low tile house, three houses are independent, not connected. There is no fence, there is no courtyard gate, you can see from a distance.

The main house faces south, behind the pillow of the stinking river. The river is stagnant, but does not stink; at first I do not know how to give such a place name. Sometimes when there is a lot of rain, the old river that is blocked between the snail dam and the Yue Tang is opened up and becomes living water. In the middle of the main house is the "hall", where a painting of the "Family God Bodhisattva" is hung. This is the place where incense is burned and where the family eats during New Year's Eve. On one side of the main house is the bedroom of Xue Daniang's son, Dalong, and on the other side is a storage room with water buckets, dung buckets, sticks, spoons, vegetable seeds, and grass ashes. South of the main house is a vegetable garden, planted with many vegetables. Because of the good soil and easy access to water - a quart of water can be filled as soon as the river can be reached - the vegetables grow very well. Every morning, passing by the road, you can always see Dalong washing vegetables, watering, watering manure. He used a long-handled wooden spoon to fan out the two buckets of diluted manure water evenly. The sun shines on the manure water, shining with golden light, making people feel: it's a new day again. On one side of the vegetable garden, a bed of leeks was planted, and a bed of green onions and a few racks of broad lentils were monopolized. The leeks and green onions are for home consumption, while the lentils are planted for fun. The purple lentil flowers were beautiful in bunches. Growing vegetables gave Dalong a kind of joy. He was twenty years old, with a strong back and legs, and not yet married.

Xue Danyang's husband is a tailor, a very honest man, not a few words all day. He lives in the three rooms on the east side, with his two apprentices cutting, cutting, sewing, connecting, locking the edges and tying the buttons. He slept here at night. He was not very good at intercourse. Western medicine said he was "sexually incompetent", and a charlatan said he could only have children, not pleasure. He looked very lightly on this, and did not have much desire. He seldom asked Dame Xue, and Dame Xue did not force him. Since the birth of the Dragon, the two families are not quite the same room, in fact, they are separated. But it is also harmonious, did not hear them quarrel.

Danyang Xue lives in the three rooms on the west side.

She sells vegetables.

Every morning, Dailong the greens out, peeled off the muddy roots, in the two sides of the flat round vegetable basket yard, in the stinking river water wash clean, Xue Dainiang carried two baskets of vegetables, striding to market. Her vegetable baskets are mostly resting under the porch of the Baoquan Pharmacy.

I can't say how old Xue Daniang is. It should always be over forty, her son is twenty years old. But I can't tell. She is tall, flexible waist and legs, and her eyes are bright and burning. What attracts attention is her pair of tits, sharp and shiny, on top of the back of the blue cloth shirt. Not yet like a person with a 20-year-old son. No one has ever discussed whether Xue Daniang is good-looking or bad-looking, but she has a bit of Englishness between her eyebrows. It's kind of a one size fits all.

Her vegetables are fat, tender and watery. Soon sold out. After the sale of vegetables, sit in the store hall of Baoquantang, pour a cup of hot tea from the teapot warming, and talk to the pharmacy "colleagues". Then she went to the street to buy some odds and ends, and went home to cook. Although she and her husband had separated, but not separate stoves, meals are still eaten in one place.

Xue Daniang has a "side business", to young men and women pimping - pimping. There are some "little lotus" - the local young maids are called "little lotus" - in several streets nearby, they are 16, 17, 18, all from the countryside. When these rural girls arrived in this small county, they thought it was a flowery world. Their dressing has changed. For example, the top pinched the waist, fit and hug the body, which is not in the countryside. They have also learned to put on makeup. Even the way they walk has changed, walking twisted and answered. Many of the little lotus children recognized Xue Daniang as godmother.

On the street there are some flamboyant young men, locally called "oilers". The eyes of these "oilers" always turn on the little lotus. Sometimes they follow behind, talking to themselves, saying some crazy words of flirtation: "Flowers bloom and fall every year, people are no longer young"; "It's easy to find priceless treasures, but hard to find a lover." Xiao Lianzi mostly looks reserved and ignores him. The number of times I followed, I could not help but glance at a few from the corner of my eyes, I think this person is not annoying, and slowly we can talk. "Oiler" asked Xiao Lianzi which township she was from, how old she was, and who else was at home. Xiao Lianzi answered him in a whisper.

The "oiler" felt that Xiao Lianzi was interested in him, so he found Xue Daniang and begged her to get Xiao Lianzi to come to her house for a meeting. Xue Daniang's three houses became the "Taiki" - the local place to provide men and women to meet is called "Taiki". Xiao Lianzi came, Xue Danyang said: "You talk well," and put the door on, locked from the outside. She went to her acquaintance's house to sit for half a day, chatting with each other, and estimated that it was almost time to come back and unlock the door. She asked Xiaolianzi "well?" Xiao Lianzi was red in the face, lowered his head and whispered: "Yes," - "Yes, come often in the future. Don't let the master's family find out, tell a lie, say you met your uncle on the street and accompanied him to buy something."

Once the party was over, the "oiler" would always leave a little money for Xiao Lianzi, including a reward for the dame. The money is usually not handed to Xiao Lianzi, and is distributed by the matriarch. There is no set rule for how much money is given. But generally there is an "hourly rate". There is another "base" by the stinking river, the dame surnamed Miao. Miao Damsel is to open the price. Once a "oil" looking for a small lotus seeds, Miao dame asked for two yuan. She made a reasonable distribution of the two dollars and said to the little lotus, "The pillow is 50 cents for the kang and 50 cents for the dame."

Some people had a discussion when Danyang Xue was pimping. Xue Daniang said, "They are a sentient, a willing, I just pimp, this is a matter of virtue, what is wrong?"

Xue Danyang came to Baoquan Hall every day, and was very familiar with all the people there. The proprietor of Baoquantang has a special feature that no local people are used in his store, from top to bottom: the steward (manager), "colleagues" (locally called "colleagues"), "knives" ( The shopkeepers (managers), "colleagues" (locally called "colleagues"), "knives" (cutting medicine) and even those who carry water and cook are all Huaian people. These Huai'an people have one month of vacation a year. The rest of the eleven months are spent eating and living in the store. They have to play eleven months of bachelor a year. Who when to go home, when the leave is full back to the store, Xue Daniang are well aware of. She was very sympathetic to them, and had the intention to pull the strings for them, looking for two goddaughters and their acquaintance, but could not do. These "colleagues" are all family members with mouths, no money left over to do a bit of sex.

A new "steward" was transferred to Baoquantang - the old "steward", Mr. Liu, died of illness and was transferred from Wanquantang. Baoquantang and Wanquantang are the same family. The new "steward", surnamed Lv, was known as Mr. Lv on the street, but the older ones called him "Lv San" - he was the "head cabinet" of Wanquan Hall. The head cabinet", because the person is very sincere and reliable, but also shrewd and capable, was the proprietor's fancy, transferred over. According to the rules, when you become a "steward", you have "body shares", or "human shares", which is one of the shareholders. At the end of the year, you can share the dividends, so "stewards" are very dedicated to their duties.

It was also fate that when Danyang Xue saw Lv San, she liked him from the bottom of her heart. Lv San was already a "steward", but he was not too old, only in his thirties. It is rare to find such a young person who has become a steward. Most of the "stewards" are old men who are "boarded up to 64", so the "colleagues" and students' "mates" are all a bit scared of the "stewards". The "steward" is a bit scared. Mr. Lv is not like this, and the store "colleagues", to sit and drink tea in the street neighbors all have a laugh, and his words are very interesting. Xue Daniang love to listen to him, love to talk to him, see him on the eyebrows and smiles. Xue Daniang's love for Mr. Lu was not hidden. It was as if a flower had blossomed in her heart.

Lv San is also like the pharmacy's "colleagues", "knife on", once a year to go home, usually live in the store. He lives alone in a single room in the back cabinet. In addition to cash and account books, there are some valuable medicines in the back cabinet: rhinoceros horn, deer antler, ginseng, saffron .......

Mr. Lu left Wanquantang to come to Baoquantang, he is still an old man of Wanquantang, sometimes he has to discuss with Mr. Su, the "manager" of Wanquantang, and ask for advice. From Baoquantang to Wanquantang, they had to pass by the stinking river, the home of Xue Danyang. Sometimes they walked together as companions.

Once, Dame Xue arrived at her home and said to Lv San, "You come up to me this afternoon."

Mr. Lv came back from Wanquan Hall after his business, and when he arrived at Xue's house, Danyang Xue pulled him into the house as soon as he could. Once inside, Xue Danyang unzipped her blouse and let Lv San touch her tits. Then she took off all her clothes and said to Lv San, "Come!"

She asked Lv San, "Are you happy?" -- "Yes." -- "Then let's do it. Xue Daniang's son was already twenty years old, but she seemed to be a real woman for the first time.

The good things don't go unnoticed, but the bad things spread a thousand miles, Xue Daniang and Lv San's affairs are gradually noticed and discussed. Xue Daniang's old sister advised her not to "steal" Lv San again, saying, "What do you want?"

"I don't want anything, I like him. He is a bachelor for eleven months a year, I let him live happily, - I also live happily, what is wrong with that? What's wrong with that? Whoever likes to chew, let them chew!"

Xue Daniang does not like to wear shoes and socks, except on snowy days, she wears straw shoes barefoot, ten toes stretched out, unrestrained. Her feet were always washed very clean. This is a pair of healthy, and therefore very beautiful feet.

Xue Danyang was healthy in body and mind. Her character is not distorted and repressed. Stretching out, unrestrained. This is a completely liberated, free person.

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