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Good dog baker

by Elsa 2 months ago in Short Story
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Canada's north coast is a world of ice and snow.

The north coast of Canada is a world of ice and snow. On this day, the local doctor Greenfair suddenly found that the homing pigeon Recia had flown back. He unpacked a letter from Recia's feet. It was written by the family of a critically ill patient. The patient was in a small town more than 60 kilometers away. In this icy world, dog sledding is the best means of transportation. He picked up the medicine cabinet and ran out of the house. As soon as the four large dogs outside saw their owners, they immediately waved their heads and tails to gather around. "Baker, Hans, Latour, Charley, come with me!"

He got on a sleigh and drove towards the ice field.

Suddenly, the sound of the ice breaking came from all over the place. Greenfair shouted loudly, hoping to rush to the other side before the ice floes completely broke. The four dogs also seemed to sense the danger, and despite their sweating and panting, they struggled to drag the sled forward. The coast could be seen, and he was delighted. But at this moment, with a series of "click click" cracks, the sled "boomed" and fell into the icy sea with the man and the dog. Greenfair drew his knife and cut the leash, lest the sled pull him and the dog into the bottom of the sea. The four dogs swam with him to the nearest ice floe the size of two ping-pong tables. However, the edge of the ice floe was too slippery, and the frozen hands couldn't work hard, and they failed again and again. One of his hands was still clutching the leash of the medical box. The four dogs seemed to have agreed, and swam around him together, biting his coat, and pushing him to the top of the ice floe. The moment he was lifted up, he took advantage of the moment, and supported himself hard, and his whole body was on the ice floe.

Greinfeld immediately pulled all four dogs up. They shivered, shook off the water, and barked together again, as if celebrating their escape. Greinfeld was soaking wet and felt colder and colder. At first his limbs were shaking, then his whole body was shaking. He realized that if he couldn't dry his clothes quickly, he would freeze to death. The four dogs snuggled up to him, but they couldn't relieve the chill on him at all. He thought of killing dogs. This is what polar residents do when they are besieged by blizzards and starving. But how could he do it when these four dogs saved his life? He was freezing, and the instinct to survive forced him to make a choice.

Greenfair took out his sharp scalpel and grabbed Xia Li first, and the knife was inserted down, and the tip of the knife hit Xia Li's heart. Before the three dogs could respond in time, he grabbed Ratu's neck again, raised the knife, and killed it. Baker and Hans stared at their owners in horror. The fat of these two big dogs alone is enough to light a campfire, but his killing behavior will arouse the vigilance and resistance of the remaining two dogs. If they are not killed, their throats may suddenly be bitten by dog teeth. Greenfair glanced at Hans, this was a bitch, and she and Baker were the best couple. It also felt the killing intent in his eyes at this time, and immediately grinned and growled in a low voice. He hid the knife behind him and walked towards Hans step by step. He knew that Baker had followed him the longest and had the deepest feelings, and might not attack him for a while, but Hans was a dog with a strong sense of self-defense. Sure enough, before he could get close, Hans had already lunged at him. He flashed to the side, clamped the dog's head with his left hand, and stabbed the dog's heart with his right hand. The crouching Baker jumped up sharply, but it didn't pounce on Greenfair, it just kept jumping, avoiding him, and there was a whimper of sadness and indignation in his throat.

Greenhill's tears flowed. He knew that Baker would still not act rebelliously in this situation. But Shari and Ratu were his brothers, and Hans was his most beloved bitch. It was hard to guarantee that he would not have second thoughts after witnessing the killing of his closest companion. Holding the knife, he moved slowly towards Baker again. Baker was the strongest of the four dogs, and if he resisted, a few more people would not be able to deal with it. However, Baker just shook his head and jumped into the icy water and swam to another piece of ice floe. It didn't want to be killed, but it still refused to resist its master, so its only option was to run away.

Seeing Baker trying to climb up the ice floe 20 meters away, Greenfair's tears poured out one after another. Baker finally climbed up the ice floe, shaking off the sea water from his body, and stood there looking at his master.

Greenfair peeled off the three dog skins vigorously, took off his wet clothes, and wrapped the still warm dog skins around his body. Then, pouring alcohol on the dog's fat, he ignited it with flint. A special fire was ignited, separated by the dog's body under the fire, so that the fire would not directly roast the ice floes. He roasted a few pieces of dog meat on fire, ate them half-baked, and cut a few more pieces of raw meat and threw them at Baker. Baker just looked at it, then turned around and dodged away. At this time, a strong wind blew, and the ice floe where Greenfair was located drifted faster towards the open sea. If the ice floes left the ice sheet too far, they would either melt slowly or be broken by the turbulent waves, and he would fall back into the icy sea and freeze to death. He hurriedly used a dog's leg bone as an oar and tried to paddle towards the ice sheet, but he still couldn't stop the ice floes from continuing to move to the open sea. Greenfell was secretly anxious. I saw Baker jumping into the sea from the opposite ice floe, swimming to the front of the ice floe, with his head on the ice floe, and kicking hard on his four legs. The ice floes floating to the open sea actually stopped, and then drifted back to the ice sheet. Greenfair was very moved at this time, and at the same time felt deeply guilty for Beckson.

The ice floes moved slowly, and after a while, he saw that Baker's movements gradually slowed down, his nose and mouth were blue, and he knew that it was almost freezing, so he quickly reached out to pull it up. Baker waved his head and dodged his hand, he reached out again, and it dodged again. He knew the dog's temper, so he had to let it go for the time being, but only accelerated the frequency of the paddle, hoping to return to the ice sheet as soon as possible, so that Baker could come up earlier. With the joint efforts of Baker and him, the ice floes finally made it to the ice sheet. Greenfair quickly fished Baker up, grabbed the medicine cabinet again, and jumped onto the ice. He wanted to hold Baker in his arms and warm it with his own body temperature.

But it broke free. Baker, who was almost frozen, gasped for a moment, immediately stood up with difficulty, walked crookedly into the distance, then stood firm and looked at him from a distance. Grimfell was sad and guilty, and he knew that Baker was still wary of him at the moment. For fear that he would kill it too.

After half an hour, a police helicopter patrolling the coast spotted the smoky fire with a man next to it, and the police immediately lowered the plane nearby. As soon as Greenfell saw the police approaching him, he said: "Quick! Send me to save the patient." Thanks to the timely rescue, the patient was finally out of danger.

In the evening, Greenfair, who had just returned home, was resting wearily when he heard a noise at the gate. He stood up suspiciously, opened the door, and saw that it was Baker, scratching the door with his claws halfway! He hugged Baker tightly, scolding himself at the same time: Damn it! At that time, I only cared about rescuing patients, why didn't I think that Baker was still on the ice sheet! Fortunately, Baker was strong and did not freeze to death, and he finally forgave his master and returned to him! There was a burst of joy in his heart, a burst of shame, and tears flowed down again.

Baker wagged his tail feebly, sticking out his tongue and licking the tears on his master's face...

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