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Cheetah sunset

The first time I saw it was on a snowy night.

By ElsaPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

The first time I saw it was on a snowy night. I won't complain about this weather because I'm a good mountaineer and I have to work in this weather. My tent was pitched on the waist of the snowy peak at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, and it was extremely cold. It came in from outside the tent, a pair of cold and arrogant eyes looking down on me. I was stunned: what a good cheetah it is! The angular head, the smooth and soft fur, the strong and developed muscles, and the slightly curled whip tail gave it a strong energy and loneliness. God, it may have all the good qualities of the cheetah family concentrated in it! But how did it get here? What brought it here? This reason could make it temporarily put aside its contempt for outliers and stay in the same tent with me! I was in awe of it from the bottom of my heart, and I wanted to know everything about it. I plucked the brazier, and the coals were burning vigorously. I didn't think it would hurt me because it disdained it; what amazed me even more was that this cheetah abandoned even the instinct common to animals like fire. It didn't even look at me, but lay down and stared at the brazier, motionless, like an ice sculpture. But, this is a cheetah! I looked at it secretly, and there was a sudden warmth in its eyes, as if laughing, I didn't know what it was thinking. I know I can't understand it, maybe even its kind won't understand it. Besides, it's impossible to survive in this place, poor cheetah, what is it doing?

When I woke up the next day, the cheetah was looking at me coldly. When I woke up, he turned and left the tent. I chased to the entrance of the tent and raised the curtain. In the snow, he jumped up and climbed in the most graceful posture of the cheetah family. Usually, cheetahs hunt in this position. I've seen that scene: dozens of prey flee, rolling up billows of dust. The cheetah hunched up, spread its legs, pierced into the dust like lightning, and calmly selected its victorious sacrifice from the prey - it never ambushed: no, it wouldn't do that kind of despicable thing. Now, the cheetah is running up in this hunting posture.

When I turned around, I found a roasted pheasant on the brazier. It must have made it. For this pheasant, he must have gone out early, ran a long way, and when he hit it, he ripped off the hair of his prey, cut open his belly, and prepared breakfast for me. I can't imagine how he keeps flipping the pheasant on the brazier, as an animal, he refuses to owe a single favor, and has such courage and spirituality!

I packed my bags and started to climb up. I put aside my original hiking route. I don't have to worry about what will happen ahead, because as long as I follow the footsteps of cheetahs, there will be no danger. - - I don't know why I trust a second animal so much, but I am so determined! I must reach the top of the mountain before dark, or I will freeze to death. Because the upward slope is getting bigger and bigger, I can't carry my tent up at all, there will be no place for me to pitch my tent on it, and what's more, the night wind on the top of the mountain is strong enough to freeze me in ten seconds, and the hiking suit can't stop the cold at all. I had to check the buttons, straps, and zippers of my hiking suit as I climbed. By noon, the cliffs were so steep that I couldn't see the top of the mountain. At this time, I saw the cheetah for the second time.

It gasped violently, stared nervously at me for ten seconds, then turned around and went the other way. I don't know what happened up there that made it turn back to see me, but I knew I had to follow it because it had been fighting in nature for so long and felt much more sensitive than people. It must have sensed some danger to stop me - sure! I had to be quick, or the wind would get stronger and over time the snow would cover the cheetah's tracks, which would make me lost and the expedition plan would run aground.

I probably went up the other side of the mountain. This ghost place, it was on the wind, the snow almost covered my climbing hat, and I needed to keep cleaning it. The wind and snow kept beating on me, the cold and loneliness almost suffocated me, but I didn't have time to think about it, I had to be fast! I looked at its back and watched it go away again. Because of the steepness, it could no longer jump and run, and it dug its claws deep into the snow or into the crevices of the rock, and its body pressed against the cliff and slid up, as nimble and cautious as a gecko climbing a wall. I was suddenly filled with a strange passion, which made me forget everything in an instant, and I knew it was attracted by cheetahs!

Before long, I suddenly felt the cliff shake violently. From experience, I know that there is an avalanche on the other side. At such a high place, there is an avalanche! Generally speaking, the perennial thick snow here has long been condensed by the wind, and there is no accidental impact, and an avalanche is impossible at all. God, if it weren't for that cheetah, I would have died, with eternal snow peaks, and I was really with heaven and earth, until the day the earth was destroyed!

Towards dusk, I finally reached the top of the mountain. I saw the cheetah for the third time. It squatted in the eternal snow on the top of the mountain against the roaring wind. It was evenly sprinkled with golden sunlight, like a statue of gold. The scene was so dignified, so solemn, that even God would be moved. It just stood still and looked into the distance. Heaven and earth were silent, only the wind was ringing.

This is everything under our feet: the clouds contain thousands of peaks and mountains, and they breathe the breath of Vientiane. Under the setting sun's afterglow, they transform into orange-red brilliance, from the distant sky to our heads; the flowing clouds are like thousands of troops and horses in the swift wind, roaring over our heads. The five-colored rays of light burst out like roses in the distant sky, dyeing the mountains with shame, summoning a thin fog to cover the once stalwart body. The sunset swayed the wind and clouds between heaven and earth to the fullest, full of thousands of heroic and gentle; the colorful and splendid halo intertwined the poems of light and fire, burning the grandeur beyond the sky; the delicate light played a bloody symphony, chanting the infinite beauty of the sky. Before the song was finished, the rays of light on the horizon were like little ripples, scattered like falling flowers, hanging down to my heart, accumulating into a curved rainbow, which did not fade for a long time -

I forgot the boundaries between human and animal, and merged with the cheetah into this immortal masterpiece. I put my hand on its head unemotionally. With all its strength, it screamed at the sun, bursting with passion in the scream, and went straight beyond the sunset, embracing everything in the sky! We are all frozen, for a long, long time - not the wind and snow, but here and now.

It was getting dark and we had to go down the mountain. I pushed the cheetah, and it didn't move, and pushed again, and still didn't move. Only then did I realize that it was frozen stiff. Poor cheetah, he risked his life to see such a beautiful view! I thought back on the scene last night and finally understood why he got into my tent: he didn't want to die before his mind was fulfilled, he had to keep warm to keep his life going! Now he really got his wish, and responded with the last whistle of his life. In his silent smile, did he leave a permanent state of mind? It is with heaven and earth, and forever, until the day the earth is destroyed. Its state of mind is always more magnificent than mine, because it gave its life. I should have recorded this lonely great elf. I finally remembered my camera and took a picture of it. I knew I had no right to have everything from the cheetah anymore, and I went down the mountain.

I told this story to others, but no one believed it. No one believed that a cheetah would be in that kind of place, and no one believed that a cheetah would appreciate the sunset. I quit my job as a climber because I was ashamed to think of the cheetah, and this climb failed to complete the task my client gave me. But this last climb in my life is embedded in my life. My only regret is about that photo. The photo can't be developed, the place is so cold that even the shutter of the antifreeze camera froze, and the film was not exposed at all. This story will only be told to me forever.

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