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Full Moon Tale 'Forbidden Love'

"In Each Other's Arms, They Found Solace Under the Full Moon"

By Shital Ajit LondhePublished about a month ago 3 min read

It was a darkest night in the Monsoon, all nature was witnessing their union, but why it was always a Warzone between 2 souls when they were supposed to meet each other one day, their souls craved for 'Solace' for a long time and not only Universe, but entire Galaxy was waiting for this moment.

On a serene full moon night in the picturesque town of Victoria Valley, two souls found solace in each other’s arms. Emma, an artist with a heart full of dreams, had come to the valley seeking inspiration. Aslan, a writer haunted by his past, sought peace in the quietude of the same place. Their paths crossed one evening at a quaint café by the lake, where the silver light of the full moon bathed everything in an ethereal glow.

Drawn to each other by an unspoken understanding, they began to share their stories, their dreams, and their fears. As the night progressed, they strolled along the moonlit path by the lake, their hands entwined. In each other’s presence, they found a comfort that neither had known before. The full moon watched over them, casting its gentle light on their newfound connection.

Under the moon's watchful eye, they realized that sometimes, the most unexpected encounters could lead to the most profound bonds. In each other’s arms, they found the solace they had been yearning for, and under the full moon, they discovered that love could heal even the deepest wounds.

Emma was looking into his eyes, like she wanted to speak with her eyes more than she could tell him the entire story, the more she was deeply involved in his arms, each second got unfolded naturally and their souls started speaking through their eyes and their feelings travelled whole night through each other's souls in a harmonious way touching all over each other's soul.

He wanted to open his heart in front of her, so that his unspoken words get rescue from his heart's imprisonment tonight, but Moon didn't allow him to speak a single word through his lips, so he kissed her deeply like he never met her before that night.

The darkness of night was not affecting them Aslan approached quietly, his presence as comforting as the night itself. Tall and with an air of quiet strength, his dark eyes reflected the moonlight, mirroring the tranquility of the scene around them. He had noticed Emma from afar, her silhouette striking against the luminescent backdrop, and felt an irresistible pull towards her.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" Aslan's voice was soft, yet it carried a warmth that immediately put Emma at ease.

Emma turned, her eyes meeting his. "It's perfect," she replied, her voice barely above a whisper. "It feels like a dream."

Aslan smiled and stepped closer, his gaze never leaving hers. "Sometimes, dreams and reality blur together, especially on nights like this."

Without another word, he extended his hand. Emma hesitated for a moment, then placed her hand in his, feeling a jolt of warmth travel up her arm. Together, they walked along the moonlit path that circled the lake, their steps in sync as if they had done this countless times before.

The conversation flowed effortlessly between them, touching on art, literature, and the little things that made life beautiful. Emma shared her dreams of painting the perfect landscape, and Aslan spoke of his desire to write stories that touched people's hearts. Their words mingled with the night air, creating an intimate bubble that separated them from the rest of the world.

As they reached a small wooden dock extending into the lake, Aslan led Emma to the edge. They sat down, their feet dangling above the water, the moonlight dancing on the gentle ripples below.

"Do you believe in fate?" Emma asked suddenly, her voice carrying a hint of curiosity.

Aslan looked at her, his eyes reflecting the moon's glow. "I believe in moments. And this, right here, feels like one of those moments you never forget."

Emma smiled, her heart fluttering. She leaned her head on Aslan's shoulder, feeling his steady heartbeat under her cheek. "I've never felt this kind of peace before," she admitted softly.

Aslan wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer. "Neither have I," he confessed. "But I think we were meant to find it together."

They sat in silence, basking in the moon's embrace and the newfound connection that bound them. The world around them seemed to pause, granting them this perfect moment. The full moon bore witness to their growing bond, its light a symbol of the hope and love they had discovered in each other.

In each other’s arms, under the watchful eye of the full moon, Emma and Aslan found a solace they had never known. The night, with its gentle whispers and silvered beauty, promised them that this was just the beginning of something extraordinary.


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Shital Ajit Londhe

I am a public figure (blogger/lyricist/author), who is working with global market publications, and my hobbies are singing, dancing, photography, writing articles, poems, gardening, spiritual activities, yoga, aerobics, counseling, cooking.

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Shital Ajit LondheWritten by Shital Ajit Londhe

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