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Freed By The Dark

Awake your inner dreamer

By SharikaPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

I never knew what it was about the darkness of the night that makes my blood run hot, my soul break free and lights my spirit on fire. But there was something.

It feels like an unrelenting pull to seek out something bigger than myself. I not only craved it, I needed it. I sighed and looked out my window at the barn owl that perched itself perfectly in a near by tree. That was it, the sign I needed that it was time to get the fuck outta here.

I got dressed quickly, the rush to get out and embrace the soft winds and bathe beneath the moonlight felt urgent. I threw on my favourite pair of washed-out jeans, my Beetles tank and grabbed my converse. I crept down the stairs making a pathetic effort not to wake up my parents. Our house was old or as my mom would say “vintage” every stair creaked to the point were I thought holding my breathe could make a difference.

Izabella! my mother called sternly

Shit, I whispered to myself. Even at the ripe old age of 21, hearing my mother call my name with that tone instantly made me feel the need to explain my motives. I took a deep breathe and remembered my current situation and the three jobs I lost this year.

Fuck, I mumbled to myself this is her house, this is her house, this is her house.

Izabella Fionna, my mother stated coming down the stairs towards me.

Honestly, I said through grinding teeth, was my middle name really needed...?

My mother Susan was a petite Spanish woman with the heart of lion. She took not shit but won’t hesitate to give anyone she loved her last dime.

Where may I ask are you headed? She said giving me the once over.

The strip club I said with a shrug while dying with laughter on the inside.

My mother’s cheeks turned red, and she grabbed her chest like she was about to have a heart attack.

Izabella, my father said with a chuckle coming from the kitchen, stop scaring your mother. He kissed me on the forehead and then tried to look stern.

I agree with the angry Spanish lady he said with a smile.

Robert, my mother said instantly bringing softness back to her eyes, giving him a light tap. This is serious.

Her accent was coming out which was a tell a tale sign that shit was about to get real and I’d start hearing about a bunch of “New Rules”. I had to make up something quick that sounded legit but also gave me hours of breathing room.

I left some stuff at Janet’s that I need for a paper I said staring at a photo behind her

I made a mental note,lying to my Christian adopted parents, check

See no need to panic, my father said bear hugging my mother and winking at me.

Them believing it and earning another ticket further from the pearly gates, also check.

My mom kissed my cheek like I was a delicate doll. She loved it, I hated it but I loved her, so we came to a draw.

Just have the car back by the time I need to go to work Iz. my father said with such love in his eyes.

Yup, Golden child, I sarcastically replied sliding out the front door.

FREEDOM I exhaled. Susan and Robert were amazing parents, way better than I ever deserved. I truly felt blessed to have them. Just not for them to have me.

The barn owl took off from the tree and so did I. The country roads were dark and inviting and felt like home. I drove for about 20 minutes before pulling into a side street that I didn’t recognize. There were only four massive houses street, the road was unpaved. Three out of the four houses were pitch black and the one that wasn’t had a half naked man working out by his window. With more squinting his whole top level of his house was windows.

Impressive, I whispered. I had all the window in my dad’s car down, my feet popped up on the steering wheel and fully prepared to add, weird stoker girl, to my list of fuck ups on my resume.

Mystery man definitely abide by some sort of work out routine. He looked like he could be a personal trainer, hmm the possibilities I thought watching him pick up the pace on his treadmill. I leaned my seat back and took in the view of the crescent moon through the sunroof and put on some soft 90’s jams. Relaxed I closed my eyes only to awake to a man nudging my arm.

“Hey are you okay’ He said his blue eyes peering into mine.

What, I said startled, what the fuck was going on.

I rubbed my eyes and took in his body structure or at least what I could make out in the dark. It looked familiar…

Ohh shit, my face felt like it was turning a new shade of red as I started to make out the shorts that mystery man was wearing.

I see you’ve been here for a while he said smiling sheepishly. Would you like to come inside?

Said every serial killer ever, I replied.

The man burst out laughing and ended it with a boyish smile.

I could see how you could think that he replied, I’m also guessing it would be pretty weird of me to ask to get in your car.

Okay, I replied sarcastically, you made a good point.

The man continued, Sorry my name is Mike.

He quickly wiped his hand across his shorts and stuck it out for me to shake. I’m new to this area and don’t see a lot of people around here, expecially at night.

Not gonna lie Mike your still checking those serial killer boxes, I said slowly winding up my window.

Mike laughed even harder this time exposing his pearly whites.

You have a valid point, he replied. How about I give you my number and I go back to my place and we can continue this chat from a safe distance? If you want, he said stumbling over the last part of his question.

Sounds nice, I said through my closed window laughing.

Leave that number in the wipers Mike.


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I love writing, creating something out of nothing, the world is a canvas. Musically anything goes. I was the girl in high school in the corner with ear buds and notepad. Now I’m the women who dances to her own drum barefoot on shore.

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