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The Great and Powerful 10

New world, New dungeon

By SharikaPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. The night sky glowed an even brighter purple tonight. I laid back to admire it’s beauty as the stars shot across the sky. In the distance I could hear chanting of the old wise one who worshiped the moon as she banged her drum and chanted “rain is upon us’. Rain hasn’t been upon us for the last 10 years. Plants were nonexistent and humanity now survived artificial foods and water tablets.

I tapped my watch to check on the location of my family and a holograph of each member came into view. My dad was doing his usual fixing around the house. His body temp was fair, his heart rate only slightly elevated and his pulse the typical beats per Nano second. Once his image disappeared my mom appeared next. She was in the kitchen, cooking and singing, listening to oldies music that no longer existed on this earth. She loved to replay the same 10 songs that she remembered from her childhood on some ancient device that she called a cassette player.

None of us kids knew exactly how it worked and she enjoyed that. My twin brothers showed up next, there heart rates were all over the place because they were goofing off as usual. Chasing each other around at lighting speed with the powers they got from the great storm. It had been a storm like no other, where huge balls that looked like fire but felt like ice fell from the sky.

My watch gave a high-pitched whine to alert me that sunrise was near the air would start getting thin. No one stayed out during the day and after the big storm the temperature outside after sunrise peeked 60 degrees. There are teenagers who braved the daylight curfew in the past and they never made it home and neither did their bodies.

I jumped up teleported myself down the mountain I had been sitting on and began making my way across our dry land. My city was under a huge force field to keep out the beasts and the dark ones. Creatures that no one knew where they came from only that they also fight for this land. The Beasts were the height and width of trees we used to call evergreens back on our old planet. They killed and use our bones to hunt and the dark ones would appear as the things we wanted most, if you couldn’t have children, it would appear as a child and play tricks on you mind to enchant you to do their bidding. Together they are a powerful force. The only advantage we have is they don’t know who in our city has was given abilities and what those powers hold. It has been our only advantage.

I cross into the artificial woods that surround our shield for added protection I take a deep breathe and prepared to teleport through the shield when I felt a prick on my neck and then everything black.

I wake up gasping for air in what looks like an underground jail cell.

Shit, shit, shit, I said to myself walking around frantically running my hands through my hair.

HELLO! I yell into the darkness

Is anyone there? I try to teleport out and I am instantly shocked by a force field that is around the bars.

Fuck, I whispered to myself.

If you wanted a date, you could have just asked. No need for this kinky, let’s kidnap you against your will shit. I yelled sarcastically into the darkness

Would you really have said yes? deep male voice replied

I squinted hard trying to make out his shadow but whatever drug I was given was still doing a number on vision.

Why don’t you let me out and we can chat about it? I said throwing a rock against the bars and watching it zap into dust.

Hazel Anne, I’ve watched you for years and you never saw me. I was there every day, right in front of you. I left water pills in your locker because you always run low. I kept you safe from the dark ones who watch you teleport in and out of the city. They have much use for you and your abilities. The shadow came closer and closer as he spoke and now seemed more like the outlining of a man but the head seemed disfigured..

The deep male voice continued, ring any bells yet?

My mind was blank, I had no clue who this mystery man was or why he had me locked up here like dungeons and dragons. His voice was oddly familiar but his shadow wasn’t like anyone I knew.

I wish I could remember, I said sarcastically. You sound delightful

Sweet mother of shit, I whispered as the drugs started to subside and the man came into the light and so did his 10 heads. My mind shut down and body passed out. My brain has had enough.

I woke up to the familiar face of the guy I tutored in high school. Wiping my forehead with a damp cloth and smiling down at me. Not gonna lie, he looked pretty hot right now, considering back then he wore glasses, had scruffy hair and was no more than 5’5. This version of him was different. Glasses gone, he stood 6’7 and was all muscle. And let’s not forget the 10 heads that have somehow collapsed into one.

Jason I said softly, rubbing the back of my head where it hit the ground.

Ahh so you do remember me. He said with a even bigger smile.

Yeah, I said sarcastically, I would say it was the 10 heads and being locked in a zapping jail cell that threw me off. Didn’t think our friendship went so far south.

Sorry he said looking like a sad child. I needed to make sure you didn’t run off. They are after you and this is the safest place. No one can reach you here and your powers are undetectable. My body instantly morphs to protect itself. When you threw that rock it sensed danger, hense the 10 heads. Each head possesses a different power. One sees things before they happen, another spits poision that knocks you out on the spot.

Wait wait wait, let me get this straight, are you saying you spat on me?I looked at Jason with a look of horror.

Jason laughed, they come out more like mini needles but to answer your question, yes.

Okay gross, and no thanks I said rubbing the sore spot on my neck.

Wait… you said they were after me?who’s they?


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I love writing, creating something out of nothing, the world is a canvas. Musically anything goes. I was the girl in high school in the corner with ear buds and notepad. Now I’m the women who dances to her own drum barefoot on shore.

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