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Folklore: Coffin son

by Na Dunshie 4 months ago in Horror
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Folklore: Coffin son

"Dao Chang, this... How can there be crying in this coffin? It can't be a fraudulent corpse!"

Fang Jingyun took his wife Hou to hide behind the long road, a face of horror at their daughter Gavin's coffin. It was the day Gavin was to be buried, and as soon as the pallbearers had carried the coffin to the grave, the sound of a baby crying from inside made them afraid to ask for money and ran away.

After the Taoist priest who is responsible for the practice heard the crying, his brow wrinkled into the words of Sichuan, and then took out a spell stuck on the coffin, but the crying still did not stop. His face changed, he had the coffin opened, and there was a bloody baby boy, newly born from the dead Gavin, with his umbilical cord still attached...

The story takes place in the Southern Dynasty. Fang Jingyun is one of the richest men in Guangling. He has been married to the Hou family for many years and has only one daughter, Jia Wen. As the pearl of the family, Gavin has been spoiled since childhood and can be said to have everything he wants.

Unfortunately, Gavin had been weak since childhood and was prone to illness. A fortune-teller once told her that she had a broken eyebrow and would not live to see seventeen. The words somehow reached Gavin's ears, and she cried for three days until she was tired out.

Eventually, Gavin became more relaxed, and her last wish was to give her parents a grandchild to remember. After knowing daughter's idea, Hou Shi begins to look for married object. Can Jia Wen is short-lived ghost news I do not know when spread the local, naturally also no one is willing to promise this marriage, even if Fang Jingyun and Hou took out a high dowry no one is moved.

Seeing her daughter's health day by day, the parents also gave up the idea, as far as possible to meet the daughter's requirements. One day, Hou took her daughter to stroll on the street. When they passed a secret street, Gavin suddenly felt inspired and dived into it. There are a lot of people in this street, both sides of the road are vendors, and sell are on the old goods.

Hou had heard her husband say that this street was infested with tomb robbers, and the goods sold were all Yin, that is, funerary goods stolen from the tombs. Hou felt unlucky, pulling her daughter to leave, but Gavin was attracted to the eyes of a long mouth vase.

The vase is white as jade, the mouth is light red, looks very delicate. Gavin loved it so much that he immediately bought it home. She set the vase at the end of her bed to arrange flowers, but the jar was closed and Gavin had a hard time poking it open.

That night Gavin dreamed of a handsome young man. Smiling, the man sat down beside her bed and leaned over to kiss her cheek. Gavin, who had never been so close to a strange man before, blushed for a moment. He tried to resist but found he could not move. In this way, she and a strange man in a dream to do the duke of Zhou.

Over the next few days, Gavin has sex dreams and her relationship with the man of her dreams grows closer. But after the dream about this man, Gavin's health became worse and worse, and finally she couldn't even get out of bed. Until that night, Gavin again dreamed of the strange man, this time holding a baby boy in his arms. Strangely, the baby boy's eyes are wide open and he wears an eerie smile on his lips, more like a doll than a person.

Before she knew what to do, the man pulled out a dagger, peeled open her stomach, and the baby boy got inside himself. Gavin woke from his dream, his clothes soaked with cold sweat. Fang Jingyun and Hou heard the noise, immediately rushed into the room, Gavin also no longer hide, will always have a wet dream these days to tell their parents.

Fang Jingyun after listening to feel something wrong, then asked a Taoist priest to help her daughter see, is not evil. As a result, the Taoist priest did not enter the room, he found that the Yin qi in the room was about to overflow, and these Yin Qi were sent out by the vase.

Fang Jingyun was surprised to hear that the vase is a daughter in the street to buy the Yin, he was angry, directly raised the vase will fall to pieces. The vase was filled with white powder, and the Taoist priest told the crowd that these were all ashes, and not a person, should be a man and a child. As for why their ashes were placed in them, the Taoist priest did not see any clue. But now that the vase was broken, the Taoist priest immediately cast a spell to rid the house of the strong Yin atmosphere. For the next few days, Gavin had no more dreams about the man.

The matter was resolved, but Gavin's health deteriorated, and within two months she was dead. Fang Jingyun and Hou's grief, the Taoist priest came to help practice things.

After the first seven, Fang Jingyun for someone to seal her daughter's coffin, and carried to the beforehand selected cemetery, Taoist priest also all the way, in case. As soon as the coffin reached the grave, a baby's cry was heard from inside, and the opening scene followed.

Everyone was shocked by what they saw, especially Fang Jingyun and Hou. They put their daughter in the coffin themselves, they watched the ceremony, how could there be a baby boy in the coffin, and more importantly, there was an umbilical cord attached to Gavin, so obviously she gave birth to him, but how could that be?

Fang Jingyun looked at the Taoist priest, who was also frowning and hesitating. He immediately sat cross-legged and took out a turtle shell and seven copper coins in his arms. At the cost of his own longevity, he forced the child in the coffin to calculate a divination. But the hexagrams were in chaos and Yin and Yang were upside down. The Taoist priest calculated nine hexagrams in succession and finally caught a glimpse of heaven.

The child was Gavin's, but he was neither a man nor a ghost, but a Nemesis forged by a hundred years of resentment. Taoist priest told Fang Jingyun and Hou, as expected, this child should be experienced ten early death of the spirit of the fetus, which leads to his anger is very strong, and the appearance of the white tiger life.

White tiger life of the person, ke parents, ke descendants, a lifetime alone. Jia wen must dream of the man, should be the spirit tyres last father, his spirit should be found early death ten times, there has been a dynasty Yin tire change situation, the cremation themselves and the child's body, the ashes into the vase to consecrate, purpose is to hope to eliminate her Yin tire body, so that it is being reborn.

But the man did not expect, the evil spirit of this Yin fetus is too heavy, the result oneself also be entailed by this evil spirit, became his accomplice. Gavin was actually pregnant on her deathbed, but a vaginal fetus can't be born from a living body, so it had to be born after Gavin's death.

Taoist priest tells Fang Jingyun and Hou Shi, this child is born because is not normal way, because this can live to 18 years old only, add him TO BE AFFECTED by evil spirit, it is the devil of mixed world for certain from childhood. The best thing to do now is to cremate the boy and Gavin's body right away, collect the ashes and burn them day and night, slowly to get rid of the anger in his body.

Hou, however, felt pity when he saw the child in the coffin. To her, it was a child of flesh and blood, born of her daughter, her own grandchild. How could she lay hands on him and burn him? Then she cut the umbilical cord and picked up the baby.

The next moment, the child stopped crying and put his little hand gently on Hou's finger. Only this action, Hou decided to keep the child. She told the idea of her husband Fang Jingyun, the old couple just lost a daughter, now close grandson is in front of, although it is Yin fetus, but somehow is a living person. In the end, despite the Taoist persuasion, the two kept the child and named him Changsui, hoping that he would live a long life.

Taoist priest some helpless, but can not laissez faire the Yin fetus regardless. To this end, he cast a spell in Changsui's body under a ban, suppressed the evil in his body. Later, he will write a piece of incantatewith long year birth date eight character and name to Hou Shi, told way: "I give him, also give you 18 years of time, forbid 18 years will be eliminated, then you must light this piece of incantateto kill it, otherwise he will surely open a big killing, you and Fang master are doomed to die!"

Hou nodded after hearing this, and put the paper away. Parting, the Taoist priest told the two people, do not forget the identity of the long age, but still hope that they can teach the long age, the introduction of the right way.

Since then, Chang Sui has stayed by Fang and Hou's side. Fang Jingyun business is busy, long old major time is taken care of by Hou Shi, say next generation is close, Hou Shi is right long old cosset prepare to come, that is to contain in the mouth be afraid to change, hold in the hand be afraid to fall, a little injustice dare not let him suffer. Hou felt even worse when he thought that his grandson would live only eighteen years.

Growing up in a doting environment, Chang Yi unconsciously deviated from the right path. At the age of twelve, he learned to bully and often beat and bully those who disobeyed him. Hou did not care, this let Fang Jingyun is very angry. But the child is too old to listen to himself.

See long age to be about 18 years old, now he drink piao wager everything is proficient, and had completely left Fang Jingyun and Hou's control. Fang Jingyun dare not delay, advised his wife to quickly take out the paper, eliminate the long, so as not to cause catastrophe. Hou's hesitancy again and again, still gave him the character paper.

When Fang Jingyun burned the paper, Changsui came back, but strangely, the paper has begun to burn, Changsui is not only fine, but showed a strange smile. Wait for Fang Jingyun to react, a sharp knife then stabbed into his chest, long actually directly killed him.

Looking at the body of Fang Jingyun, long years old laugh, standing on the side of Hou Shi but a face of indifference. Originally, she had already changed the Fu paper package, Changsui as early as 12 years old that year broke through the Taoist priest set the prohibition, and succeeded in controlling Hou. All these years, he's been looking for a way to survive. And he finally found it, which is to kill people, to feed off their blood, to survive.

In the long years that the plot to succeed, was stabbed in the crucial Fang Jingyun suddenly stood up, and his wound unexpectedly did not bleed. Wait for long year old and Hou's reaction come over, Taoist priest is taking Fang Jingyun to push the door to come in, long year old this just discover, what oneself just stab is actually a paper person.

Originally, Fang Jingyun had discovered Hou's strange place, and secretly contacted the Taoist priest. The Taoist priest guessed that Hou Shi had been controlled by Changsui, so he prepared a paper man. However, the Taoist priest also set another prohibition system in Changsui's body in case of an eventuality.

Say that FINISH, THE Taoist priest pulls OUT a spell FROM the BOSOM TO ignite, ACCOMPANY BURSTS of screaming, the long body also burns up, finally turned into a group of black ash. After Chang Sui died, Hou Shi turned his eyes and fainted on the ground. Because be Yin FOetus eroded consciousness, ALTHOUGH the life kept, but Hou Shi became a living corpse that does NOT have consciousness however. Later, Fang Jingyun and his wife left here, never to return.


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