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Chinese folk story: Corpse head woman

by Na Dunshie 4 months ago in Short Story
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Chinese folk story: Corpse head woman

Xiaolian Zhu Houde's father was Zhu Hun, imperial historian of the Imperial Inquest, and it is said that his great-grandfather Zhu Erdan passed a saber due to his friendship with Lu Xuanhua, Taihua and Taihua. The Taihua has words: "big courage and small heart, and round wisdom and practice." It was nearly May 15, the anniversary of the death of his great-grandfather. Zhu Hun was busy with his official duties, so he ordered Zhu Houde to go to Mount Huashan to offer sacrifices. Zhu Houde bade farewell to his father, hired a saber, and went to Mount Huashan with a retinue of three or five.

One day they reached nearly HuaYin County, it started late, at the time around but the wilderness, remotely exist, see there is no shop, thick, inwardly, there is no help for his stupidity, I saw the road show a house, attic tower is luxuriant, not like a general, thick Germany to follow to spend the night, a yellow dress people open the door of polling, xiaolian is known, very happy will be thick DE come in the door, They were gallantly served a meal. Thick De see the food, although it is rich, but dark and cold, no appetite, only the servant in use, and then gradually to have seven or eight people to the hall, thick DE see then asked the yellow clothes, your master where, please recommend.

The man in yellow smiled and said, "My master is meeting with friends in Nanshan. I have sent someone to deliver the letter, and will come from time to time!" After Houde entered the house, he felt uneasy and saw all the people in the house, all looking strange and different from ordinary people. Suddenly the heart has a bad feeling! At this time, however, the yellow man came to persuade him to drink and asked him, where does filial piety come from? And where are you going? Houde said, "I have come from the Capital to pay homage to my great-grandfather at the command of my father. The man in yellow asked, "Why is your great-grandfather buried in Huashan Mountain when the two places are so far apart?" Hou De answered him, "I was originally from Lingyang, and my great-grandfather Zhu Erdan was buried there too, but he Taihua said he was appointed Taihua by the Taihua, so he came here to pay tribute."

Yellow clothes people smell speech big surprise, face big change, hurriedly asked thick De way, you said too Hua Qing is your great-grandfather, what is the proof. Hou De pulled out his sword and burst it with cold light. He said, "This sword can be proved. Everyone was frightened and knelt down to beg the way. What is the reason for this? Who are you? What do you want to do? One by one, the speed of the road to avoid its sin. The man in yellow asked, "Xiaolian does not know that this place is a house of ghosts, inhabited by the head of a corpse, which is like a ghost and a demon, and loves the brain of cannibalism, and loves the reader. Although we are ghosts, we have been forced by them to persuade some passers-by to share with her, so as to protect ourselves.

Hou De heard speech big appalling, startled way, how I have this ability. The ghosts beg way, please Xiaolian will present the truth too Hua Qing case, ask it for my family! Only with virtue did he agree. Yellow dress person again to many ghost way, quick send Xiaolian to Hua Yin County, wait for corpse head woman to come will be late. All the ghosts hurriedly please Houde departure. But he saw all his followers fall to the ground, and there was no knowing whether they were alive or dead. It's all right to smell the yellow. Your minions may have eaten the ghost food, but there's still a way to save them. After saying this, I saw the ghosts spit into the attendant's mouth, and then saw the attendant vomit violently, and spit out nothing but the remnants of snakes, insects, rats and ants. The man in yellow urged them to flee, and they went out of the house. Only when they had gone a long way did the man in yellow show them the way.

Thick DE second solstice huashan, worship the great-grandfather, overnight at huashan, midnight, when the grandfather to dreams, he said, meet, also know, resin head shiva has detained to hell punished, but the Yin and Yang are different, how can the world, how can my future generations with different men, since then, his sons as I, my descendants such as land, You may no longer tell my taitaians and posterity, and they will each have their own fate and good deeds, and do not have to turn to me for help. Thick De woke up, early see Saber, know is the great-grandfather back, had to go home, out of Huayin County day then dark, began to see the yellow ghost lead the ghosts to carry sedan chair. After Houde had children, he obeyed his great-grandfather and did not pass on his deeds.

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