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First fry an onion

Sage Wisdom

By Bella BluePublished 10 months ago 1 min read
First fry an onion
Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

"First , fry an onion" Aunt Minnie began, handing me the wooden spatula and drying her hands on her apron. Onions, fried in oil, were my culinary capacity at age 9.

"What are we making?" I asked.

"Dinner" she stated , without turning around.

I stirred the simmering onions in the pan.

"What's next?" I asked , confident in my task.

"First, fry an onion" she repeated.

"And then?" I was eager and impatient.

Taking the spatula, she said evenly, "First , fry an onion, if you rule the kitchen , you can rule the world"


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Bella Blue

Polyglot. Sapiophile. Live in Slave for 2 rescue dogs. You can't make this up; Fictionalized Reality, names changed to protect the truth & the guilty. Everyone will think they are the heroine. What fools these mortals be...

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