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Fire and the Divine

Chapter 1: The Flameborne and Godaccursed

By SwaggyMelonePublished about a year ago Updated 7 months ago 15 min read
Ironthorne, dragon of the Silvervalley made with WonderAI

When the dragon found the child it was lying in the deep depths of the forest in the northern realms of Úgdul. There in the wandering darkness of the night a dragon from Silvervalley named Ironthorne heard the soft whimpering of the abandoned toddler. He landed in a clearing next to the trees when a strange feeling of compassion overcame the gigantic flying lizard. With all his might he tore down tree after tree until he got near. When he reached the child it looked deep into his eyes with an unnaturally wise look. Ironthorne was quite surprised since it apparently liked all the destruction he caused while trying to get closer. Worry and fear overcame the dragon because he did not understand its reaction in the slightest. Never the less, since nobody seemed to protect the child he decided to carefully pick it up with his claws. Once he got a good hold of it they flew off together into the nearest town where humans resided.

The town of Ázhnagord, known for its trading routes and high walls of solid quarz, was his destination. The guards outside the walls saw the gigantic dragon that got closer and closer to their gates. Ironthorne reached a length of around 70 meters with his metallic grey scales and spikes protruding out of his body. The high warden of the gate walked outside to talk with Ironthorne about his business in the town of the white wall.

"What is it you seek, oh dragon of legend?" asked the warden in a polite but strict tone. Ironthorne only answered by unfolding his claws, revealing the sleeping infant. The guards were shocked by this sight and the ground started to tremble before Ironthorne spoke "Bring this child to your king. Protect it under all costs. If you fail to do so, not only will you fear the gods, but all of dragonkind."

Once the high warden held it in his arms Ironthorne spread his wings and threw them into the ground. A massive wave of wind crashed against Ázhnagords walls and the dragon lifted up from the ground. This was the last day one of the once ever roaming dragons was seen and nobody knew where they disappeared to...

10 Years later an astronomer located at the Éin Dolgar gazed into the sky, expecting nothing but the ever shining stars and their rotations around the universe. To his disbelief he saw one that was moving at a high velocity near the edge of the horizon. This was no ordinary star, it was a solid ray of light and it was starting to brighten the night sky with a flame as blazing as the sun itself. It was getting closer and closer, seemingly aimed directly at the astronomers tower and before he could react, everything around him burst apart in an enormous explosion. When he regained conciousness a tall glowing figure stood before him. The woman with flaming red hair turned around within the moment the astronomer laid eyes upon her and walked towards him with slow dreadful steps. He knew his life would come to an end, but his legs were crushed from the heavy debris so he could not run. Soon the woman whose eyes started to glow with an eerie golden light stepped upon the crying scholars head. Putting more and more pressure on it until a fleshy crack could be heard.

Miles away in the town of Ázhnagord young Ferra, the so called "Daughter of the Dragon" grew up at the court of King Torswel II. who cared for her as if she was his own flesh and blood. She could always be seen hanging out with her adoptive brother Torgard and their fellow friend Beorthric in the outskirts of the town. Today is one such day.

Ferra is hiding in the trees with Beorthric while Torgard is doing his best to find the two of them. Giggling from ear to ear the rascals decide to throw an acorn on Torgards head to finally make him look up. A direct hit between his eyes caused his friends on the tree to fall down due to their laughter. They tumbled together across the forest floor until they bumped into something cold and solid. Before they knew it the high warden was looking down on them with an annoyed gaze. "How many times do I have to tell you, the forests are not safe during this time of year. Get back to Ázhnagord before the wolves get you."

A bad omen listened to his words and the bushes started rattling around them. "Children, stay behind me." he declared in a stern voice. Without a second warning a wolf jumped towards the wardens shield while another was getting ready to launch at the kids from the back. The warden only caught a glimpse of the other beast and thought all was lost, he failed in his duty. When the fanged wretch jumped at them everything seemed to be taking its natural course.. until Ferra reached out her hand, grabbed the wolf at its snout and threw it over the head of her guardian. He could not believe what he saw and yet he was anything but surprised by what just happened. Both of the boys stared at their friend while she looked amazed at her own hands. The animals fled away while whimpering and soon disappeared into the thicket of the woods.

On their way back to the city all of them were still confused by what had happened. Beortric and Torgard were looking thrilled after having found out the strength Ferra possesses. The girl said in a soft tone "I don't know how I did it". Clear confusion laid in her voice since she has never felt so distanced from her friends. Not long after they reached the hall of the king, where Torswel II. could not understand how this was possible. Both boys were sent to their mothers while Ferra had to stay with her adoptive father sitting at the throne. "Ferra, we knew from the beginning that you had certain inhuman qualities. You never had a scratch or any fever as a child. But if what the warden says is indeed true, then you might be more than we anticipated." he said in a humble but somewhat afraid tonality. "What do you intend to do my lord? May I remind you that she is still your daughter!" the queen suddenly shouted at him while coming forth from the back chambers.

A great discussion started in which the final straw was Ferra when she started crying. The father that once loved her like his own became afraid of the very girl he raised. Sadly to such a degree that his wife, her mother, decided to pack Ferras things in order to move with her to the fortress of Ilíth Dun. The goodbyes said between her, Beorthric and Torgard were truly heartbreaking, to think that such a carefree autumn afternoon would turn into her darkest day yet was simply unthinkable. The high warden decided to join them, since he felt guilty for Ferras circumstances. With the queen in tow they started moving northwest to the crimson fortress covered in snow and ice.

Four days passed when they ultimately reached the impressive fortress where both elves and humans defended Úgdul against the monstrocities of the Hinterlands. The captain of the fortress, queen Suibans sister Salorna, warmly greeted Ferra and her ontourage within the warm walls that held out the extreme cold. "Your husband always was a fool dear sister, had the dragons not disappeared this idiocy would never have taken form in his narrow mind." Captian Salorna stated in a passive aggressive tone.

That night Ferra made lots of friends with the guards and over the flow of time they trained her in the arts of sword and bow. When two months passed the soldiers all looked into the skies to enjoy a meteor shower. The night sky lit up again to reveal the true nature of these falling stars. One of them tore into the frozen meadows in front of Ílith Dun. Snow started melting, man and elves both watched in awe as a strange figure stumbled away from the crash site. This feeling quickly turned into fear when the figure almost instantly snapped out of it and ran towards the icy wall. Everyone readied their bows as fast as they could, but it was futile in any case. Each arrow that hit its target bounced off as if the figures body was made of the toughest steel imaginable.

Giant spikes of ice burst through the strongholds walls and ripped them apart like sandstone. Sadly not only the walls got torn but the guards aswell and soon bloodred ice spread all across the fortress. Ferra had to watch in horror as her friends and protectors were murdered by the mysterious woman dressed in a white silk gown. In her hands a lance of ice formed and she walked straight towards the girl, the queen and the captain. Salorna drew her own sword and rushed against the emerging threat. The two weapons colided in a screeching clash. However, the captains blade immediately froze to completion leading to the figure to punch it apart with a single hit that also sent Salorna flying.

"There you are dear, does thou not know to keep away from human filth?" the woman in ice stated with a careless look. "Who are you... to kill so many without hesitation or guilt?!" queen Suiban asked while breaking down after seemingly losing her sister. "Is it not obvious you animal? I am the Goddess of Ice, Glacia!" after shouting this with a loud booming voice the queens tears started to freeze aswell, hurting her eyes in the process.

"Ferra I will be honest with you, me and my sisters have been looking for you. And I will keep you here until they arrive." Once these words left her mouth a cage of ice started to envelop Ferra. "Why are you doing this, they didn't even hurt you.." the young one asked the bitter goddess who did not even bother to react to her question. At least not until the wind strangely became a lot stronger. In the next moment massive wings crashed against the towers and leveled most of them to half their original size. The silver scales and robust looking spikes were unmistakeably those of Ironthorne.

"Woman of Ice, what have you done to the ones that worship you oh true monster of this world." He rightfully taunted her slim temper. Glacia lost all of her self control and started sending titaneous icicles towards the dragon who answered with smouldering hot flames that even melted Ferras cage from a distance. Both immortals firing their equivalent power against eachother without thought. Meanwhile Ferra carried her mother onto the back of Ironthorne. When he noticed this, he unleashed the rest of his current power to stun the Goddess of Ice for a moment. With a last glance Ferra and the queen looked down to the once proud safespot of the north that was Ílith Dun before flying away with the help of their unexpected saviour.

The beast flew up to the clouds, cutting them into tiny pieces while passing through. Ferra then dared to ask the monster that saved her as a child "Why did you help us, where have you and the other dragons been all these years?". A deep growl came from within the steel chest and he spoke "You were the omen for what was to happen, a child ringing in the approach of all the gods that will rule this world under their heel. We had to hide, not all of the dragonkin are as strong as me and once they enslave the other races, we would inevitably fall aswell."

Ferra went silent for the rest of the flight. Her being the omen of the never ending dominion that was to come crushed her even more than she expected. Shortly thereafter Ironthorne started to get closer towards the ground again. An island floating at the peak of Mount Lúg-Ras, hidden within a deep layer of inpenetrable fog slowly started to form in their periphery. On its surface many a dragons wandered the brash green fields and her worries and guilt disappeared for a moment. When they landed on the floating rock all of its inhabitants got closer since most have not seen a human in a decade. The queen was then carried by a dragon to one of the famed everlife waters to heal her wounds there.

Meanwhile a darkness started to spread around Ferra and the monsters around her bowed their heads down. From the darkness emerged a woman enshrouded in a black dress which bore golden adornments on its silk. Her hair was only shoulders long but it looked like an unending abyss, especially when her emerald eyes made contact with Ferras golden ones. "So you ultimately have arrived in the fields of flame, hatchling. Do you know why the Goddess of Ice and quite frankly all other goddesses are searching for you?" the tall woman asked in a motherly but serious tone. "I have no idea and I do not understand anything of what is happening.." Ferra answered while nearly breaking into tears. "Hush child of the forest, you are safe here for I am Tenebra, Goddess of Darkness." she said while trying to make the young girl feel safe.

She continued on to explain what is currently happening in the world and why it is happening now. "You must understand, when Ironthorne right here found you, me and the other goddesses knew what had happened to our dear sister, the Goddess of Metals. She was always very involved with the mortal folk of this world, from elves to dwarfs and even the tritons. One day she disappeared without a trace from our temples in the skies. And while my sisters decided to prepare for war against mortals I dedicated my time to investigating and it surprisingly led me to the dragons. They all swore an oath to my sister, which contents are still a mystery to me aswell. Rest assured however, their intentions are true and of good nature." Ferra was still confused why she was the omen for the goddesses attacking, but Tenebra was quick to add "You are connected to everything because my sisters believe you are Chalybe's reincarnation. I on the other hand think you are much more than that, though I cannot tell you as of now." she clarified and Ferra was naturally astounded by what the woman told her.

The young girl hardly found sleep that night. Tears were flowing down her face, which became heavier and heavier. A soft swipe from her left hand cleared them and instead of the clear water she saw a silver pearly substance. It was hardly the strangest thing from today and after time she fell asleep, her head resting in a pool of mercury. Ironthorne looked at the girl in the makeshift bed from twigs and remembered the time he found her as a child in the forest.

Some time later the Goddess of Darkness is teaching Ferra about her abilities and potential. The now recovered queen watches them from a distance, unsure if Tenebra is to be trusted. "Do not worry queen of mankind, for the mistress of darkness does not deceive. Even if her name would suggest so." an old dragon named Tidecrasher whispered to her from the side. "I deeply hope you are right, then again she does watch over all of you now, does she not?" the queen asked the waterdragon that seemed to be more talkative than the rest of his kind. "Oh yes, she is the only one of these gods that believe they are allmighty... yet they still fear us dragons and our kin." he explained with pride in his tone.

Suddenly a silver spike roared through the air and impaled one of the massive trees on the island. The queen started to panic, thinking that the Goddess of Ice found them. Ferra ran over to her and smiled from ear to ear. "Did you see what I just did?!" she asked her mother in a joyful tone that she has not heard in months. She knew her adoptive daughter was strong, but did not know her capabilities reached to such power. Indeed Ferra was gifted with the control over metals such as iron, silver, gold and many more. The origin of this was still enshrouded by multiple unknown factors, but it seemed as if the goddesses were right in some sense, Ferra is definitely connected to the late Goddess of Metals.

Weeks turn to months, months to years and soon another 10 of them have passed. The training under Tenebra was finally completed and from the once lost little girl rose a strong warrior, able to take on the strongest of gods. "We are very proud of you sweet Ferra. Tell us, what is your plan now that you can control the metals and all their alloys?" the queen asked while standing confidently next to the Goddess of Darkness and Ironthorne. "I will retake Ílith Dun and then venture back to Ázhnagord. I hope my father, brother and Beorthric are safe.." she proclaimed with a strong voice which faded once she spoke about her close ones. While shedding a tear of mercury she held out her hand to the ground from which soon a sword formed that combined all the available resources into one solid blade. "Weapons need blessings child, let me engrave the sigil of darkness so it may be as swift as your shadow." Tenebra offered and Ferra agreed. A pitch black rune formed on the blade and she could feel it becoming stronger. With all of her things packed she climbed on Ironthornes back and waved her mentor and mother goodbye. She was ready to fight and if not, she would fall to the wrath of the goddesses.

Writers note: I had an absolutely wonderful time creating this story. Truth be told I never attempted to write anything in the fantasy genre since it can quickly become overwhelming, but now my fear is finally gone. I hope whoever reads this has a good time doing so (I pray that it is not too boring) and thanks for giving it a chance in the first place. For the future I will continue writing this story, flesh out the lore and craft something that may bring people together. I hope all my readers have a wonderful day and thanks again for everything🍉


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    I really enjoyed this story! The characters were great and I really loved their names, they are so unique. I felt your writing style was very rich and descriptive; great job! I agree with the comments below, it’s very evident you enjoyed writing this, and that makes the reader fall in love with it as well :)

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  • I can tell you loved writing this, superb story , well done

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