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Finding Keith

A story of an aquarium

By Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Published 10 months ago 3 min read
Finding Keith
Photo by Joan Li on Unsplash

“Hey Bob.” I said swimming over to the school of clownfish drifting by an anemone in the large aquarium.

A elderly clownfish turned his head towards me and swam over. “Hey Keith.”

“Must be feeding time soon hey?“ I replied nonchalantly as we swam around the other fish.

I was recused from the ocean and placed in this large aquarium a few months back. I spent time in a holding cell being given medicine but with my luck I got healthy and wound up in this beautiful new life. No more fending for myself. I had fish that got my back like I got theirs. Take Bob for an example. He took me in like one of his own kids once I was intergrated to the aquarium from the sick bay.

It was nice seeing humans that didn’t want to hurt me. Seeing them through the glass was mildly entertaining. Some days at the aquarium were busier than others. Today was a slow day. Not as many funny faces peering through the glass today.

“Look at that one.” Bob said, gesturing his fin over to one of the childrens faces peering through the glass.

“I will never understand why humans wear those glasses on their faces.” I replied to him.

“Neither will I.” Bob laughed.

Another group of clownfish were swimming around nearby. “Nice day.” One of them chimed in as they swam past us. I didn’t know them very well. I could barely remember their names.

“Look lunch is here!” Bob exclaimed as the humans dropped food into the tank from the glorified hole in the top of the large fishbowl.

“My favourite!” I chimmed in happily.

The rest of the school of fish starting surrounding us. I dug into lunch very happily. I enjoyed the fresh food the zookeepers brought in very much. I’m sure it was better than anything I could find in the ocean that’s for darn sure. It was easy food coming from the humans.

“How’s it tasting Bob?” I asked as we ate, trying to make conversation.

“Same as usual today Keith.” He replied. It was just another day in the aquarium.

After lunch, we swam around some more just talking, for me, I reminisced about my old days in the ocean.

There were sharks that attacked the reef that I lived on. And I was obviously no stranger to human interference as I wound up swimming in this aquarium. Bob couldn’t relate as he grew up in captivity. Born and raised in the very aquarium we were swimming around in. I was very thankful to be where I was at that’s for darn sure. Even if the fake reef was a little weird compared to back home. We didn’t have people feeding us. We found our own food back home. As best as we could.

After lunch was finished I floated by Bob as the peoples viewed the aquarium that we lived in. The people had funny faces. I was happy for the most part. I missed my friends in the ocean. More than my heart would let me.

“Hey.” Bob said.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Do you see that kid pressing his face up to the glass?” Bob asked.

“Yes.” I replied. It was hard to miss.

“Should we go up to him?”Bob asked.

“Sure.” I replied. We swam up to the glass wall surrounding us from the human world.

We made faces at the kid peering through the glass. I don’t know if he could tell though. It was easier to read fish if you were one. I thought it was special.

Chloe Rose Violet

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  • Dee Simone10 months ago

    Nice work, I like it 😊 I'd count on Bob to look after me, he seems trustworthy!

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