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evil lives in my home (Part 2)

Who is these twins? and how come..they look so familiar?

By TheDarkSpynxPublished 22 days ago 3 min read
a small idea for you to understand what the creature may look like that's chasing a character.

Kira: Who is this person? I dont understand myself. I was always told by mother if I were to leave, she would not be able to find me and I would lose her. I never understood that until now. My sister always seemed so powerful, why couldn’t I be! This isnt fair to me! What could I do though? Katie was always the favorite. I want to just let out a scream, since it wasn’t fair for me! I wanted to be the favorite! Me! This isn’t how its supposed to go! Why..Its just not fair to be like this, I want to be home finally, not in this strangers house.

Katie: My sister always thought I was the favorite since I had a necklace. The problem is if I lose this necklace, I will become just a pile of dust. She is far more powerful then me, because if she wasn’t mother wouldn’t have saved her. My mother, A angel, Had always wanted us to be safe. This was before the hell-filled war, full of nothing but killing and mayhem. God why cant dad come back! I miss daddy! He never wanted to be our father though, he thought that since we were special, he would get rich. Kira has this ability she got from him though. She got the ability to see things I cannot. Its as if im the ears and she’s the eyes to each other, which means we are crucial to surviving for one another. My sister is my world, but I would never let her take away my life for her own.


I look around at my new location, and I just about puke. What the hell?! This is a place that has nothing but bugs, trash and..flies? Flies have been gone for about two years, since of the mass amounts of killing going on and how we are losing the population. Im so confused as to why they are here. I suddenly would look up for a minute, seeing the such large build of the creature coming. god, why was he so big? this isn't fair to me i feel like! I quickly shoot myself up, trying to not end up dead.

watching the monster look for me, i try my hardest to stay calm. Why did those girls seem so..familiar? they remind me of my Ex-Wife. Their eyes..god, why does it scream at me the same way hers did? The way that they had been staring into my soul, just like she did..No. She couldn't have. But now was not the time to worry about those kids, its time for me to worry about not loosing my life to this figure, god, it stunk SO bad. My face had began to burn from the rush of exhaustion i felt, but i knew if i stopped running, that creature, or any of them, would come to me and drag me away, leading me to their hive and feasting on me as if i were just a fly for a frogs dinner. The thought popped back into my head of the saint that was a mother, her eyes so full of life at once, being crushed into by a building as her bloodcurdling scream could be heard. My brain had started to cloud with the thoughts as I felt unable to breathe, My breaths becoming short and overwhelmingly unfocused. I was having a hard time trying to comprehend the situation, which would happen from time to time again. I would close my eyes for a moment, before sliding into a deep thought. I then would reopen my eyes, looking around for a possible way out, then i saw it. a porthole. was it disgusting? sure. will it save my life? absolutely!


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i just write horror stories

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