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Every Night at Midnight!

Beyond the Purple Sky

By Jeffrey AllisonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Every Night at Midnight!
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Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. She looked up from the yellow grass to see her fate, but as we know the clouds were never meant to be purple. The sacrifice was still too much for her to bear. The circle in the cave unbroken and undone. His magic spelt all over to open it than his body to close it. Past the fog she had to go to remember him amongst the rocks. They had danced around him for not to long, him and her, the dark twins of the night. He battled with his sword, but the sacrifice was complete.

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"Ah." He had said as he felt the blast go through him.

The battle was over for them he could fight no more. They though were trapped on the other side with them. He locked them out of paradise. The dark twins had no way back. They felt lost in a gothic world of spells and misfortune. Earth was different after the void broke. Our reality fighting to be back to the normal, yet different. Stuff moving with our mind, but not psychic. The spirits of darkness winning in the purgatory around them invisible, awaiting their command.

"The magic is in me strong, with the language of the lost." She smiled.

The pain in her of missing him. The strength to overcome it and try to free them of the evil that corrupted good people to the void misplacing them in time and realm. She was there when it started and she eyed to finish it off. The danger of the outside locked back through the gray portal. She started to see them in the view ahead of them. She started to move the ground beneath them as they started to jump. The battle was about to take place.

"We have hundreds of years behind us!" The one smiled.

"What do you have hidden?" The other one replied.

She sent a spirit spiral through. A group of forgotten birds playing in the distance guided to hit the twins as the one used a wave of a unseen river to move them away. It protected them from the harm as she sent the earth raising from beneath them to see where they were. It was an empty space around her, They disappeared from her sight. While she thought of better times ahead.

By Lance Asper on Unsplash

"The evil, never stops." She laughed. "How does the nursery rhyme go " Two little monkeys sitting in a tree teasing Mr. Crocodile can't catch me."

She went searching and never stopped the hunt was always on. While the night was light by the eerie purple light of the clouds around them. A darkness that will never go away unless the battle is won. They would never give it, but just guard the entrance into the hidden realm. She set up camp in the area around them.

" The night is never dark, but in a gothic light!" She said alone.

The gothic helped move everything around from cooking to travelling even rest to secure it. The reason for the hunt was the sacrifice it took from them. The draining of energy from their world to the next. She would always have to hunt for it to stop the parasite that seemed mutual to them. That drained their world and spirit from them. To look beyond the purple sky into the next and try to stop it before their world was no more and destroyed. The light in the dark moved to another world. Even if that meant going into the void and destroying the light that brightened the night and stopped the dark.

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Jeffrey Allison

In the wake of another morning as the world grows on I try to bring different views or alternatives to life that comes from different parts of the world as well as heart spelling stories that exercises your mind.

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  • Kimberly about a year ago

    Awesome 👍

Jeffrey AllisonWritten by Jeffrey Allison

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