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Dream green bag

Xiaoju was digging a hole under a tree, and she was digging very hard.

By SalamPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Xiaoju was digging a hole under a tree, and she dug very hard. After digging the hole, she carefully tied a green cloth bag, put it into the hole, and buried it with soil.

"What are you planting?" Little Zhi, who passed by, asked.

"I had a dream yesterday, and I put the dream in a cloth bag and buried it in the soil."

"Dream? Put it in a bag? Buried in the soil? Hahaha... this is so funny!" Xiaozhi just rolled around laughing.

"What's so funny about this? The fox in the peach tree hole gave me the green bag. Have you heard of that fox? The bag it gave me can not only put dreams in it, but also put your laughter in it!"

Xiaoju took out another green bag and said to Xiaozhi, "If you put your laughter into the soil, you will have a lot of laughter!"

Xiaozhi didn't believe it and continued to laugh. Xiaoju pulled the green cloth bag open and faced Xiaozhi's mouth, as if to pour his laughter into it.

Then, Xiaoju tied the mouth of the bag, dug another hole, and put the green bag in the hole. However, Xiaoju handed the shovel to Xiaozhi: "Here! The fox said that his bag must be filled and watered by himself before he can grow anything."

Xiaozhi didn't believe it at all, but in order not to make Xiaoju angry, he only touched the tip of his nose, took a shovel to fill the soil, and then poured a little water. But who knows, when he came under the tree the next day, two green plants really grew there.

One of the plants also bloomed three flowers. That's where he buried the bag. Xiao Zhi touched one of the flowers, and the flower suddenly opened, a bit like a lily, more like a morning glory. It smiled at Xiao Zhi "hahaha" several times, and then the flower withered.

"What did I say! Your laughter really blossomed!" Xiaoju came to Xiaozhi's side.

Xiaozhi was stunned. He crouched down to look at the remaining flower: "Do they all laugh? How many times can they laugh? How many flowers can you plant at a time? If I laugh a few more times and plant, will I be able to bloom more flowers?" He asked many questions in one breath. Xiaoju said: "Laughter is like a flower seed. Some seeds can only bloom one flower when planted, and some can bloom ten flowers. It depends on whether your seed is strong, whether the soil is fertile, and whether it is also related to sunlight and rain. If you plant ten seeds at a time, you may not be able to bloom many flowers."

Xiao Ju thought for a while and said, "Yes, the fox also said that the laughter you plant must be used as fertilizer with happiness, which is very important. That is to say, after you plant laughter, if you are very happy, you will bloom A lot of flowers, if you are not happy, you will not be able to bloom laughing flowers."

"So it's like this!" Xiao Zhi carefully picked the remaining two flowers.

He wants to give one of them to Ah Qiang. He had a fight with Ah Qiang a few days ago, and he has been embarrassed to apologize to him, so he gave him a laugh, and Ah Qiang will definitely forgive him. There is another one, he wants to give it to Dad, because Dad always has a sullen face, and he always dares not laugh loudly in front of Dad, and even speaks carefully. He hopes to use his own laughter to make Dad laugh too.

"By the way, what is the dream you planted? Why hasn't it bloomed yet?"

The dream planted by Xiaoju only grows two leaves, and a small bud emerges from the middle of the leaves.

"It's a song, a dream planted, you have to use hard work to make fertilizer. Maybe I didn't practice hard enough yesterday, so I have to continue to work hard!"

"Come on! You can definitely do it!"

Xiaoju worked very hard, and finally one day, when Xiaozhi passed under the tree, he saw a beautiful garden opening there. He picked one of the flowers with his hands, and the beautiful song of Xiaoju floated out of it.

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