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Doomsday Diary

by Isavella Ziova 11 months ago in Short Story
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The Last Chapter

It all looked the same at the time in the world. Each day was the same as the previous one and the next one too. The whole world was now a huge technological metallic city, Software-Land Application City. The years when the planet was beautiful and had to remember beautiful things, have already passed. There was no natural environment, it was destroyed, just as there was no oxygen on the planet any more. The earth was an inhospitable technological center of the universe, where nothing could survive without mask and humans were no longer human. Maybe their bodies seemed human, but they weren't human.

It was several decades since the last deadly pandemics that swept the earth. Several survived, but they were no longer the same. Their bodies looked like they used to, but their soul didn't. Maybe they didn't have a soul anymore. After so many disasters, their soul was probably lost somewhere along the way.

All strangers among strangers. No one was talking to anyone, no one was touching anyone. They didn't have any feelings. They felt absolute, nothing. An emptiness. So they were reprogrammed years ago. Their brain was now an advanced software state-of-the-art system, and the veins in their bodies, they no longer existed. They were replaced, and their location was taken by hundreds of thousands of cables, transferring the orders from the brain to the rest of the body. There was no heart in them, it was useless after all.

Gray creatures with no soul and no purpose, dressed in elastic uniforms and oxygen masks, were wandering as living - dead in the metal buildings above and below the ground, following the instructions given to them. Everything was abolished many years ago. There was no function of thought, no real brain. There was only one mechanism in place. That's where all orders going through from. And yet, their body type and their origins, they remind, once, these creatures were called humans. Over the years, and with the poisons that entered their bodies, they changed. They became human-cycode-hightech, people codes. The global experiment had started decades earlier than some and now it is coming to an end. They had fulfilled their purpose; they were no longer useful to them. In any case, humanoids’s life expectancy was relatively short, reaching its maximum of 40 years. It's time the Powerful decided to put everything, out of order. They had stolen all the wealth and all the land's resources. They even stole the souls of the people. They destroyed everything and created a toxic environment, but there was nothing more to gain from the planet. They would go to other worlds and continue to destroy until nothing is left.

As the evil reigned and oppressed humanity, the Doomsday looked like a daily occurrence. It was a fate, a conviction that wasn’t over. And yet, everything has two sides. In the software and the technological humanoids world, there were hidden people, real people, in flesh and blood, with emotions. There were few, but there were enough to get world back into normal operation. It's the survivors, those who didn't follow the global experiment and the flow of events years ago, and those who didn't replace their soul with memory cards.

Among them, was Adam. A 33-year-old, third-generation warrior man against the oppressive system that has been hitting the earth for centuries. He doesn't have a family. After all, everyone was banned from any kind of creation, including the family. In any case, all the new births were given exclusively within the technology workshops, Matrix Structure Labs, and the program they served was described as the Prometheus Junior Organization. All processes of creating new humanoids, from conception to birth, were done in there.

Adam seemed lonely, but he wasn't. With him there were other people, with emotions and sanity, but none of them felt free. They lived hidden under the earth and they were fighting for free will. They were going out two by two, more people were banned, because overcrowding was banned everywhere, and if they caught them, there would be no going back, they would kill them immediately. The pure people were dangerous to them. Not only because they were not listed on the lists of security codes, but because they operated unexpectedly and at will, making them extremely dangerous for completing the global experiment.

Adam's been organizing his plan for years. He knew their purpose. He knew the last day of the experiment. The Doomsday. He just had to steal from their possession the Heart's locket, made of osmium. They say, it was manufactured two centuries earlier by the intergalactic guardians of the world for their new Queen, who she was living secretly on earth and was keeping the balance and flow of events. But 30 years ago, during the period of the last deadly pandemic, the Queen was hurt and left the planet, the balance was disturbed and the locket was lost or rather stolen from them.

Adam knows where it is, and it's the only object that can make the world new again and restore order to both the earth and the entire universe.

Adam and Eve knew that the only way to save themselves was to take the locket into their own hands. This is difficult, but not impossible. The surveillance systems were numerous and had to pass them through successfully, all.

They also knew that the day when everything was over will be tomorrow. Everything would be over tomorrow. Everything would be destroyed tomorrow. They'd never been out of schedule. Their final plan, the explosion of the planet. If they did, the balance of the universe would be just debris, and the Queen would never return back again.

They had to go into their base and get their heart back if they managed to beat the Powerful, on a spiritual level of battle. Humanoids shouldn't have survived. After all, they were doomed, only pure DNA could survive. They signed their sentence years ago. They wouldn't feel anything anyway. They don't feel pain, they don't have feelings. The creation of the world has to be made by pure people; otherwise the contamination would continue to exist within generations to come.

The two of them drew up their best team and prepared to invade the Mighty base. They had to strengthen their soul and their minds. They used stolen codes from the guards to be able to reach the source without anyone noticing them. The plan was simple, "we enter, steal the locket and leave."

At the dawn, the final part of the experiment, in flesh, was becoming reality. Just, no noisy, no guns, just happened. All the humanoids were gradually being commanded to put themselves, out of order. They were falling on the ground wherever they were. Their software was reaching the final stage of the project, and the system just, disconnected and deleted. No sign of vital operation. The whole planet suddenly became a vast burial cemetery of humanoids. The last stage of the experiment, the last chapter, was almost complete. Their next step was to drop the earth's magnetic field. There was instability, and the countless powerful rays that were falling, were constantly drilling the earth till to the core to blow up the planet. But, the unholy use of unlimited technology, it swamped the spectrum of the universe, causing irreparable damage, entangling all dimensions together. Space wormholes and extreme weather phenomena suddenly appeared in all the lengths and widths of the world.

And yet, from the underground land, it emerged a unique army of fearless people, outside the base of the Mighty. Nobody expected them, not even themselves. How could they have escaped the infernal plans of them, few real people? How have they been hidden under the earth for so many years, without anyone suspicious them? They started shooting at people with UV radiation that was burning their flesh deep into the bones. After all, the end was planned, and it would soon be a reality for everyone.

Adam and Eve, alone, managed to get everything into the security systems and reach the hidden points of the Mighty base. They managed to reach the point where the Queen's locket, the heart of the earth, was guarded.

They had no other way. Guns weren't worked in there. The battle was at the level of spiritual level with them. The rays that hit them, they burned the skin, but they didn't give up a moment. The future of the world and of humanity depended solely on this small metal object. They had to shut down the host supercomputer. From him, all orders were constantly given to all humanoids and any kind of technology all over the world.

It was Eve who did it. She just wiped out the last guard found on her way, though she was hurt, she arrived at the control center and just disconnected and erased the global experiment, in the last tile, of the last file of the program. Suddenly everything stopped. All the guards, even the rulers of the powerful, went out of order and fell on the cold metal floor of the room. Those who gave the original instructions left the planet, with huge ships that rose from the depths of the oceans. The locket was now unprotected, it was a simple move for Adam to take it into his own hands.

When they came out, their eyes saw a catastrophe of unprecedented power. There was nothing. Everything was destroyed. All you could see was debris, broken buildings, huge holes in the ground, bodies of humanoids, and people who were killed by the mighties’s fire a few minutes earlier. Flames everywhere. The Global Software-Land, no longer existed. The earth's magnetic field, it couldn't recover on its own, and the rays of the sun, they kept destroying the surface. Their only salvation was to reach the heart, in the most vital point on earth. The base people had built in the underground land. How could the world be saved? Everything seemed so damaged, it was like the earth was breathing in its last minutes. But once that little metallic object touched the last stone guarded by the ancient ages of the world, everything changed.

A primordial cosmic force, gave the planet new life. A mineral liquid was spilled from the metal heart and passed through the veins of the earth, giving the world a new lease of life. The tears of pain have stopped. The fires and the fumes disappeared. The holes closed. The magnetic field was restored, and all the metal buildings and concrete avenues no longer existed. They gave way to green forests and grasslands. New rivers started from the mountains and the seas cleared. The oceans filled fish and the earth with living beings. The dead bodies of the humanoids have transformed into vast, blossom fields.

Who said there's no miracles? The Doomsday, the last day of the world, had come to an end. The world was judged and changed. The earth was reborn through its ashes and gained new life. The equilibrium of the universe has returned, and it will continue its path to infinity. The human race earned a second chance, because those who were loyal saved it. It was now the time for the Queen to return to her land and take her heart back.

The last chapter of the old world had been closed forever. The land was rebooted successfully. With a Adam and some Eve, the world began the first time and with another Adam and another Eve, started now. In fact, history repeats itself in infinity within the circles of the universe, beyond time. What if they were promised world peace? Maybe sometime in the future some people will want to destroy the world again. The important thing is that we shouldn’t forget to be Humans. And this time the order was just one. "Keep the balance."

Short Story

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Isavella Ziova

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