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Don’t Look + Someone Save…

Two stories using the same prompt about being an adventurer in space

By Jay,when I writePublished 7 months ago 4 min read
Don’t Look + Someone Save…
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prompt: 250 words-epic-include an adventurer in space, the ship & the line “do not leave me”

2 shorts written & edited in 30 minutes

Fun facts: I forgot it was meant to be an epic while writing the first one & this is totally not the genre I’m used to writing, but I had fun


There goes the spaceship. Well, a piece of it anyway. At some point it was a full spaceship. Like a proper tool to get to space from the Earth. Isn’t that wild? Now it’s just pieces of metal and whatever (I’m no scientist, I’m just here to explore), floating around and here I am trying my absolute best to hold onto this rock.

“Look at me. Look at me!” There’s someone speaking to me now. Someone just above my body to the right, their head is tilted and I can tell their facial expression is a mixture of panic and sadness. Twisted, confused, and I’m sure there are tear streaks. I don’t need to look at their face to tell. And I’m glad the space helmet is covering it.

“Please just do not leave me. They’re coming for us. They know we need help and they know where we are and they…” A catch in their throat like a fisherman casted a rod down their throat and hooked onto their next word, and it won’t come up without a fight.

I’m staring at redness. Everything’s red and sandlike. I’m staring at everything and nothing at once, and I absolutely hate it. I hate that I chose to go be some adventurer, I hate that I’m staring at red.

It was beautiful once.  Stars and things I can’t even explain.Now, my last view will be red. Because I refuse to look at my wife as she repeats, “Please don’t go.”



“How’s the food supply?” I can just barely hear Micah on the other side of the transmitter.

“It’s all good. We’ve prepared for everything.” I respond as I walk-jump ever so slightly to the other side of the spaceship. There’s nothing much inside, just seatbelts sans seats, a place with the food I’ll need for a week, and the techy stuff I just barely managed to learn how to use. I’m unfortunately going to rescue two deserted adventurers. But that’s not what—

“Woah, what the heck is that?” I ask myself.My eyes are fixed on the major blob headed towards me. I can’t make out what it is exactly, and I hurry to the flywheel. I move it slightly to avoid the thing, but watch in horror as it moves the same amount of distance to stay directly in front of me.

I get on the transmitter and press the button, my chest starts to contract.Something feels wrong. So very very wrong.

“Micah?” It's static and I try to wait but I don’t can’t wait for longer than a millisecond. “Micah!”


“Something’s gonna hit the ship. I think something’s gonna…” I try to move again, and it does the same. “Micah, please tell me what to do.”

Suddenly it goes dark in the ship. It feels as though there’s nothing left of the whole world.

“Casey, I need to figure out what’s—I’ll be back.”

“Micah, no Micah please…” I begin to beg


“Do not leave me.”


It was pretty hard coming up with one, let alone, two stories with this prompt. I wanted to write for 30 minutes, so once I finished the first, I had to keep writing. I wasn’t happy with the first at all, and I’m still not. I think that I wasn’t able to describe more because of the length. I don’t really write creative things (outside of poems) with less than 3000 words if I don’t absolutely have to. And I never write in this genre.

The second is slightly better in my opinion, but you can still tell I was struggling with the word count & including something “epic-like” hence the quick line about saving two adventurers. I decided to just tie those two stories to each other at the last minute.

Rate for 1st:2/10

2nd: 4.5/10

Anyway, thanks for reading. PEACE

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23, Black, queer, yup

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