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Do it now...!!! Indrea Sei...!!!

The major obstacle to success is procrastination. What stops you?

By yuvashree R DeepPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Do it now...!!! Indrea Sei...!!!
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It was New Year's morning, and I was watching a motivational video discussing resolutions. Despite crafting resolutions each year, I found myself consistently falling short of my plans.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? We set goals in our lives, yet the realization of those goals often eludes us, unlike the success stories we admire in others. This year, however, I felt an undeniable urge to pursue my dreams and stick to my resolutions.

Determined, I sat down to write my New Year's resolutions. The first on my list was to stay fit and healthy, and the list continued. I planned to join the gym the very next day and committed to a disciplined diet. Initially, I adhered to my plan, attending the gym diligently for a week. Unfortunately, after 10 days, my commitment to both diet and fitness began to waver.

It was on the 11th day that I started thinking, Let me go to the gym after two days, and let me follow the diet later on. But after two days, I said to myself, Let me start my fitness plan next Monday. But that Monday never came...I confronted the reason behind my lapses. Despite attributing my struggles to feelings of laziness, discomfort, lack of focus, or a lack of interest, the true culprit was procrastination.

"Procrastination is the habitual tendency to delay tasks, which has sabotaged my efforts." Whenever faced with the decision to act, my mind would suggest delaying it by hours or even days. Eventually, this pattern left me with nothing accomplished by the end of the day or year.

The antidote to overcome this procrastination challenge is simple:

"Do it now."

A saying in the Tamil language which says –

"Nandrae sei, athayum, Indrae sei..."

translates to

"Do good, and Do it now."

The essence lies in immediate action.

Yes, do it now...

Start now...

The present moment is your opportunity—the fruit in your hand.

Don't dwell on the time you perceive as wasted in the past. Take your first step not in two minutes, not in two hours, but at this very moment. The present is the magic you hold in your hands, so utilize it wisely. Your greater result awaits you very soon.

Do you recall the New Year's resolutions you set at the beginning of the year? Recollect it and mention it in the comments box.

Start working now...

Keep rocking!!

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Good advice! And you keep rocking!

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