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Detective Hosancarrot

Volume 1

By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 5 months ago 19 min read

Are story begins on a bunny farm. There were many baby bunnies on the farm. All the bunnies on the farm had black, brown, and grey fur but, there was one bunny that was different from all the others his name was Hosancarrot BlueBunny Hosancarrot had light blue fur and his nose was round and red as a tomato. Hosancarrot lived on the farm with his parents. They lived on the farm because they were too poor to afford their own house. I bet you're thinking what kind of name is Hosancarrot? Well he was named after his great Uncle Hos who loved to eat carrots, so when Hosancarrot was born his Mom came up with the name Hosancarrot. She told Hosancarrot it was a very special name because he was a very special bunny. On the farm none of the other bunnies played with Hosancarrot.

Hosancarrot lives in a city called BunnyTale the whole city was run by talking rabbits. BunnyTale was a city full of many stories. Hosancarrot’s parents Bridget and Stuart BlueBunny taught him how to be a bunny rabbit until, one day Hosancarrot became a teenage rabbit and went to Bunny High. Bunny High was a high school for bunnies. There were many different bunnies at Bunny High. There were bunnies that played for the high school football team the name of the team was the Bad Bunnies. beautiful female cheerleading bunnies. Hosancarrot was a nerd bunny. He wore thick black glasses with round eye lenses and he bad acne. Even though Hosancarrot was a nerd bunny he was doing really good in school. He was getting good grades and he had many friends. Everything was going for Hosancarrot at Bunny High except Rickey the school bully.

Rickey was a rabbit with light brown fur and he had a big round red nose. All the female rabbits loved Rickey because he was handsome and he was quarterback for the high school football team. One day in the hallway as Hosancarrot was walking to class.

Rickey walked up to Hosancarrot.’’ Hey loser, did you do my math homework?” ’’No, Rickey!”

Rickey pushed Hosancarrot up against the lockers. “Why not? I don’t have time to do stupid math homework, there’s a big football game on Friday.”

’’It’s not my job to do your math homework.”

Rickey got real mad ’’Guess what, it is your job and its my job to shove you in your locker.”

Before Rickey shoved Hosancarrot in his locker he said,’’ Give me your lunch money, loser!”

Hosancarrot held up a brown paper bag. ’’Sorry Rickey, I packed a lunch today.” Rickey angrily grabbed the paper bag from Hosancarrot and took a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the bag.

Rickey took one bite of the sandwich and then quickly spit it out. ’’This peanut butter jelly sandwich is terrible!”

’’My mom made it.”

Well, I should put your mom in a locker for being a terrible cook.” Rickey ate the rest of Hosancarrot’s lunch and left.

Rickey bullied Hosancarrot everyday at Bunny High, until graduation. When Hosancarrot graduated high school. He went to college at Bunny University. The only bad thing about college was Rickey went to Bunny University and he had to share a dorm room with Hosancarrot. Rickey bullied Hosancarrot just like in high school until one day in science class. Hosancarrot had enough of Rickey always bullying him and taking his homework. In science class everyone was sitting at tables waiting for the teacher to give instructions. The teacher’s name is Fred Funny the Science Bunny. He use to have a popular tv. show.

’’Ok, class today we are going to do an experiment, everyone choose a partner.” Rickey chose Hosancarrot as his partner because he has an A, in the class. On each table there were four test tube, one beaker, and one bunsen burner. Hosancarrot and Rickey were both wearing safety glasses and white lab coats. Everyone started to do the science experiment. The teacher Said,’’ Remember class to mix the green chemical liquid with the yellow chemical liquid. Hosancarrot grabbed the glass beaker and placed it on the bunsen burner, then he slowly and carefully poured the green chemical liquid in the beaker. Rickey was mad.’’ Hurry up, loser!” Hosancarrot was so mad at Rickey he accidentally mixed the red chemical liquid with the green chemical liquid instead of the yellow.

Hosancarrot not even knowing he made a huge mistake turned on the bunsen burner. Hosancarrot and Rickey watched as the chemicals started to boil in the beaker. Then suddenly the top of the beaker was on fire.’’ What did you do, loser?” Rickey grabbed the beaker and tried to blow out the fire but, within seconds Rickey’s whole body was covered in fire. Everyone in class started to panic. Rickey screamed, “I’m on fire! I’m on fire!” Hosancarrot quickly ran and grabbed the fire extinguisher. Hosancarrot aimed and blasted Rickey with the fire extinguisher. Rickey was alive, but his light brown fur was gone. Rickey looked angrily at Hosancarrot. “You will pay for this!” That was the last day Hosancarrot saw Rickey.

Six years later, Hosancarrot’s parents helped him buy his own house. Hosancarrot’s life was going good. He was cleaning tables as a bus bunny, at a restaurant called The Bunny Garden. Then one day at the restaurant Hosancarrot’s boss wanted to see Hosancarrot in his office.

’’You wanted to see me, sir?”

’’Yes, Hosancarrot you're fired have a nice day.”

Hosancarrot was surprised.’’Wait! What! How can you fire me I’m employee of the month.”

“I’m sorry, Hosancarrot you were late today.”

’’But sir, today was the first time I was ever late.

’’Well, you know what I always say. If you're late once. I fire you.” ’’Can I at least have my employee of the month picture?”

’’No, now get out of my office.”

Hosancarrot left the office. He was so upset, before Hosancarrot left his job forever He took his employee of the month picture off the wall and ran out of the restaurant. As Hosancarrot was walking home on a sidewalk all sad and upset. A small fly was quickly buzzing around him, but this was no ordinary fly. It was a tiny spy camera. At a detective company downtown. Hosancarrot was being watched on a widescreen TV by three rabbits. The boss of the detective company was watching Hosancarrot on the TV and said “he’s perfect” and then ordered the two rabbit detectives, to bring Hosancarrot to the detective company.

The two detective rabbits had red round noses, light grey fur and they wore black and white suits with long black ties and black sun glasses. They both got in a dark black van and drove off to pick up Hosancarrot. As Hosancarrot was walking on the sidewalk. The two detective rabbits pulled up besides Hosancarrot. One of the detective rabbits rolled down the van window and looked at Hosancarrot.

“Hello, Mr. Hosancarrot! Please come with us.”

Hosancarrot looked at the rabbit. ”Nice try, but my mommy said don’t talk to strangers.” Hosancarrot quickly ran away from the van. As Hosancarrot was running he suddenly felt tired and fell asleep on the sidewalk. The two detective rabbits fired a sleep dart in Hosancarrot’s back. They both lifted Hosancarrot from the sidewalk and placed him in the van, then drove back to the detective company.

When Hosancarrot woke up he was sitting in a chair. In a small office. Hosancarrot looked around the office scared and confused. A rabbit with dark black fur, a round red nose, and wearing a black and white suit with a long black tie, walked in the office.

’’I’m glad to see you're awake Mr. Hosancarrot.” The rabbit sat behind a small desk in front of Hosancarrot.

’’Who are you? What’s going on here?”

The rabbit looked at Hosancarrot. ’’Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott Safety, welcome to the Scott Safety Detective Company, you have been chosen to be a detective. Hosancarrot couldn’t believe what was going on’’Detective? This must be a dream. I’m a

bus bunny at a restaurant called The Bunny Garden.” ’’I called your boss and asked him to fire you.”

Hosancarrot became mad. ’’What? You're the one who got me fired? I was employee of the month! I’m sorry, but you need to find another detective.” Hosancarrot stood up and headed to the door.

’’I’ll pay you a thousand dollars.”

Hosancarrot quickly sat back down.’’ What’s my first case, boss?”

Scott Safety had a remote control in his hand and turned on the widescreen TV mounted

on the wall behind his desk. “Three days ago my daughter, Tiffany was kidnapped by an evil robot dog named HoundDog.”

As Scott Safety was explaining to Hosancarrot his case. Hosancarrot was looking at the picture of Tiffany on the TV screen and he thought she was a hottie. Tiffany had bright pink fur, long black eye lashes, and a round red nose

Scott Safety finished explaining the case. “Mr. Hosancarrot! Do you have any questions?”

Hosancarrot was still starring at the picture of Tiffany.’’Don’t worry, Scott Safety I will rescue your daughter and my future wife.”

’’Well, Mr. Hosancarrot today you are, Detective Hosancarrot! How does that sound?” ’’That sounds like a great title for a book.” Scott Safety and Hosancarrot shook hands. “Do I get any cool gadgets for this case?”

’’Of course!” Scott handed Hosancarrot a carrot.

’’What am I suppose to do with a carrot?”

’’It’s not an ordinary carrot, it’s a laser beam. Hosancarrot pressed a button on the carrot and a bright red beam fired from the other end. Hitting the widescreen TV behind the desk. The TV. was destroyed.’’Sorry, Scott.”

Scott Safety handed Hosancarrot a pair of sunglasses. ’’Theses sunglasses can transform you into anything!” Hosancarrot put on the sun glasses and turned into a big dog with dark black fur. Then he turned into a small fat cat with grey fur. Hosancarrot took off the glasses and turned back into a rabbit.

’’Theses sunglasses are cool,” said Hosancarrot.

’’Now, you are ready to start your first case. HoundDog’s evil lair is on the out skirts of the city. We have a vehicle for you to help you get there.”

Scott and Hosancarrot walked out of the office and stepped into an elevator. Scott pressed a button. The elevator door closed and elevated down to the first floor. The elevator stopped and Scott and Hosancarrot stepped out into a big garage. There were tons of vehicles.

’’Wow! This is the biggest garage I ever saw!” said Hosancarrot.

’’Yes! And this is your vehicle!” Scott pointed at a dark blue bus. When Hosancarrot saw the bus. He ran into it as fast as he could. ’’This is awesome! It looks like a rockstar tour bus. I’m going to call it the Hosancarrot Mobile.”

Hosancarrot was sitting in the driver seat. Scott was standing outside of the bus and handed Hosancarrot the keys to start the bus through the drivers window.

’’Good luck, Detective Hosancarrot bring my daughter home safe.”

’’I will, sir!” Hosancarrot began driving to HoundDog’s evil lair on the outskirts of the city. As Hosancarrot was driving on the road, he drove pass a car. In the car there was a dog sitting in the drivers seat. The dog was one of HoundDog’s evil henchmen, his name was Sonny. Sonny watched Hosancarrot drive pass and decided to video call HoundDog on his cell phone. Meanwhile at HoundDog’s evil lair. HoundDog was sitting in an arm chair, watching a soap opera on a widescreen TV. As HoundDog was watching, he was crying and had a big box of tissues besides him.

Suddenly Sonny’s face appeared on the TV. HoundDog became mad.’’Sonny, what is it? You know I don’t like being interrupted when I’m watching my soap opera”.

’’Sorry boss, but there is a rabbit named Detective Hosancarrot on his way to your lair to rescue Scott Safety’s daughter.”

’’Well, you know what to do make sure Detective Hosancarrot doesn’t make it here.”

Yes, boss!” Sonny’s face disappeared on the TV screen and the soap opera returned. HoundDog had glowing red eyes, short brown eyes his whole body was covered in dark brown metal. He had big grey metal arms and legs and a round black metal nose.

HoundDog walked in another room where Tiffany was locked in a jail cell. HoundDog walked by her cell.’”I wanted to let you know someone is on their way to rescue you, but they won’t make it far.”

’’Just because you kidnapped me doesn’t mean my dad will give you the Detective Company.”

HoundDog laughed. ’’Don’t worry, sweetheart that Detective Company will soon be mine!”

Hosancarrot stopped at a gas station. He walked in a small store to pay for the gas. Hosancarrot came back out of the store carrying a big bag full of snacks. After he filled the bus up with gas, he continued to drive to HoundDog’s evil lair to save the beautiful Tiffany.

As Hosancarrot was driving, he noticed in the side mirror that someone was following him. It was Sonny HoundDog’s evil henchmen. Sonny was driving and firing a gun at the bus. Hosancarrot could hear the sound of bullets hit the back of the bus. He started speeding away from Sonny. Hosancarrot was so scared he didn’t even realize, that he made a sharp right turn and was driving on a closed bridge. There was a big gaping hole in the middle of the bridge. Hosancarrot started freaking out because he had no idea how he was going to make to the other side. Then he saw a big red button on the dashboard and pressed it. Suddenly small, but powerful rockets popped out of the back of the bus and blasted Hosancarrot in the air, safely to the other side. Sonny watched shocked as he crashed off the bridge and into the ocean.

When HoundDog found out about Sonny, he was very upset “What! First my favorite soap opera gets canceled and now Sonny my best henchmen fails to get rid of that Detective Hosancarrot.” HoundDog ordered all his henchmen to surround his lair. HoundDog’’When Detective Hosancarrot gets here will be ready for him.”

It was midnight and Hosancarrot ran out of gas again. Hosancarrot looked around, but there no gas stations to be found. Then Hosancarrot saw a small building, on the front of the building it said,’’The Bunny Bar” in big red glowing letters. Hosancarrot decided to walk in the bar and see if anyone can help him.

Hosancarrot walked in the bar, he looked around and saw rabbits playing pool, throwing darts at a dart board, and drinking carrot juice. There was also loud music playing.

“Excuse me!” Hosancarrot shouted. Everyone in the bar stopped doing what they were doing and stared at Hosancarrot. “My name is Detective Hosancarrot, I’m on a very important case, and my vehicle ran out of gas.”

A rabbit with bright yellow fur, round red nose, and a black eye patch covering his left eye. Looked at Hosancarrot’’Detectives are not allowed in this bar.”

’’I don’t want any trouble.”

’’Well, it’s too late detective, you got trouble.”

The rabbit was wearing a black leather jacket, on the back of the jacket it read, The Bad

Bunnies of Heck, with a bunny shaped skull and cross bones. The rabbit was the leader of a motorcycle gang, and all the rabbits in the bar were members. Every rabbit in the bar circled around Hosancarrot.

Hosancarrot started crying.’’ Please, don’t hurt me, I was employee of the month at The Bunny Garden.”

The rabbit stared at Hosancarrot and laughed ’’Relax detective, I’m just messing with you. I would be happy to help you with your vehicle.

Hosancarrot stared at the rabbit surprised. “Thank you!”

The rabbit walked toward Hosancarrot.’’ You're welcome, detective they call me The One Eyed Rabbit.”

“What happened to your left eye?” Hosancarrot asked.

’’I got into a fight and got stabbed in the eye with a carrot. Can I get you a glass of carrot juice?”

’’No thanks, I don’t drink.” “Come on, detective.” ’’Ok, One drink.”

“Hey bartender, one glass of carrot juice.”

Forty glasses of carrot juice later. Hosancarrot was singing and dancing on top of of a

pool table with all the rabbits in the bar. The next day Hosancarrot woke up laying on the bar floor. He stood up and walked outside where all the rabbits were filling his vehicle up with gas. After the vehicle was filled up with gas, Hosancarrot got in the bus.

“Thanks everyone for all your help,” said Hosancarrot.

“Wait! Detective before you go I have a present for you.” The One Eyed Rabbit gave Hosancarrot a black leather jacket ’’Good luck on your case.”

“Thanks so much for the jacket.” Hosancarrot tried to give The One Eyed Rabbit a hug, but The One Eyed Rabbit quickly pushed him away.

“I don’t like hugs.”

Ok, well I’ll guess I’ll just leave now.”

Hosancarrot was back on the case. As he was driving Hosancarrot kept thinking about

how beautiful Tiffany was. Hosancarrot never had a girlfriend. He was on a dating website called but no one wanted to go out with him. Hosancarrot just kept thinking about Tiffany until he finally made it to Hound Dog’s evil lair.

Hosancarrot starred at HoundDog’s evil dog bone shaped lair and noticed that there were two dog’s guarding the entrance while holding machine guns in their hands. Hosancarrot was trying to think of a way to get pass the guard dogs until he remembered the gadget that Scott Safety gave him. The sunglasses that can transform him into anything. Hosancarrot put on the sun glasses and he turned into a beautiful female dog with light brown fur wearing a red dress, red lip stick, and red high heel shoes. Hosancarrot walked toward the two dogs guarding the entrance to the lair. When the two guard dogs saw Hosancarrot as a beautiful female dog they had small red hearts in their eyes and their big tongues were hanging out panting heavily.

’’Hey, do you two handsome guys know where I can find HoundDog?” said Hosancarrot. ’’He’s right in here, baby!”

’’Thanks!” Hosancarrot walked right inside the lair.

“Hey, I’ll bet you 10 dog bones I can get her number,” said the one guard dog.

’’Your on,” said the second guard dog.

Hosancarrot walked around the lair looking for Tiffany. There were many security guards

looking for Hosancarrot. Hosancarrot searched for Tiffany. He had no idea where she could be until, he saw a door. Hosancarrot opened the door and walked inside a room. Inside the room there were small jail cells in a row. Hosancarrot saw Tiffany sleeping in a jail cell, on the right side of the room. Hosancarrot walked by Tiffany’s jail cell. Hosancarrot thought Tiffany was even more beautiful in person. “Tiffany wake up.” Hosancarrot whispered. Tiffany was still sleeping and she was snoring real loud. “Tiffany wake up!” Tiffany woke up with her eyes wide open. She looked around in a panic. Then she stared at Hosancarrot.

’’What do you want, you stupid dog?”

“What?” Hosancarrot realized he was still wearing the sunglasses that can transform him into anything. Hosancarrot took off the sunglasses and turned backed into a rabbit. Tiffany looked at Hosancarrot with hearts in her eyes.

“Who are you?”

’’I’m Detective Hosancarrot your dad sent me here to rescue you.” Hosancarrot pressed a big red button on the right side of the wall. The jail cell door opened and Tiffany walked out.’’Now let’s get out of here,” said Hosancarrot.

Hosancarrot and Tiffany were running toward the exit. ’’Leaving so soon Detective Hosancarrot?” Said a voice. Hosancarrot and Tiffany were quickly surrounded by guard dogs. The guard dogs pointed their guns at Hosancarrot and Tiffany.

“Does anyone know where the cute dog with the red high heel shoes went?” Said one of the guard dogs.

A robot dog showed up. ’’Leaving so soon Detective Hosancarrot without saying hello?”

Hosancarrot stared at the robot dog. The robot dog was completely made out of metal. He had a brown face, with a big round black nose. He had big glowing red eyes, with long brown ears. He had a brown rectangle shaped body. He had big, long, arms and legs made of gray iron.

’’You must be, HoundDog,” said Hosancarrot.

’’Wow! You're smart, but I’m afraid I can’t let you leave with Tiffany.”

’’Just because you kidnapped me, HoundDog doesn’t mean my dad will give the

Detective Company,” said Tiffany.

“Tiffany, sweetheart if your dad won’t give me the Detective Company then I will

simply destroy it.”

’’Well, I’m not leaving here without, Tiffany,” said Hosancarrot. “Well, in that case you have to fight me.”

HoundDog ran toward Hosancarrot with his right fist aiming for Hosancarrot’s face. Hosancarrot dodged HoundDog’s punch. Hosancarrot punched HoundDog in the face but forgot his face was made out of metal, and hurt his hand. Hosancarrot screamed Ouch; HoundDog punched Hosancarrot. Hosancarrot fell to the floor. Tiffany ran over to see if he was ok.

Tiffany screamed “Hosancarrot, get up!”

HoundDog laughed.’’ Hosancarrot, you're a loser. Hosancarrot heard HoundDog laughing and become mad. Hosancarrot stood up looked at HoundDog.’’ I’m not leaving here without Tiffany.” Hosancarrot ran toward HoundDog, spun around and kicked him in his face with his left leg. Hosancarrot kicked HoundDog so hard, HoundDog’s head popped off. HoundDog fell backwards onto the floor. Hosancarrot looked at HoundDog’s body and saw a rabbit’s face.

“Hey, you're not a robot dog, you're a rabbit.”

’’Do you remember me, Hosancarrot? We went to high school and college together. Hosancarrot thought for a few seconds. “Are you the rabbit that broke his lucky foot at



“Are you the rabbit that cheated on my math test and got an F?”

’’No! You idiot, I’m Rickey.

Hosancarrot looked at HoundDog surprised. “Rickey! What happened to you?”

’’Do you remember the stupid science experiment in college? Do you remember how you

set me on fire?

“That science experiment wasn’t my fault you deserved it anyway, you were such a jerk.” “That accident was your fault because of you I had to get robot arms and legs. On that

day I swore I wanted to get revenge on you. I am no longer Rickey the rabbit, I am HoundDog the Evil Robot dog.”

’’I’m sorry, but you don’t have to be evil, we could be friends.”

’’No, thanks! I love being evil. HoundDog was holding a remote in his hand. He pressed a button on the remote.

Suddenly a computer voice said,’’ Attention the lair will self destruct in 1 minute.”

“I would love to stay in chat, but I have a Detective Company to take over.” HoundDog quickly ran toward the exit. Hosancarrot chased after him. Tiffany followed

Hosancarrot. HoundDog made it outside, he was running toward his helicopter. Hosancarrot was behind him. Hosancarrot was falling behind him. Hound dog was about to get away. Hosancarrot didn’t know what to do. Then he remembered the other gadget that Scott Safety gave him. The small laser that looks like a carrot. Hosancarrot had the carrot in his right hand. Hosancarrot aimed the carrot at Hound dog and fired. A red laser beam shot out of the carrot and zapped HoundDog. Hound dog screamed’’ Ouch and fell to the ground!

Hosancarrot handcuffed HoundDog. “HoundDog, you're under arrest.”

’’You haven’t seen the last of me Detective Hosancarrot I’ll be back.”

HoundDog’s evil lair exploded. HoundDog was taken to jail. Hosancarrot took Tiffany to

the Detective Company. Scott Safety gave Hosancarrot a raise and made him Detective of the Month. Hosancarrot asked Tiffany to marry him and she said,’’ Yes!” Hosancarrot felt like the luckiest rabbit in the world.


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