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Death's First Time

The End's Beginning

By BlankmarksPublished about a year ago 4 min read


I see my family all together for the first time in a long time. They stand with their hands outstretched towards me, presenting me with a cake they scrapped together. The walls look the same, unclean and dirty but now….

“I hear that our little sister has really graduated from the prestigious School of Death.”

“Oh, my little girl really has made it.”

“To imagine a lowly spirit from our family really became one of the 12 legendary Death spirits”

“So Kuro, which one are you?”

Kuro: “….”

Kuro: “Death of conscious life”

Almost immediately their smiles beamed upon me like a newborn sun.


“Nice going Kuro, that's probably the most important one.”

Mom wipes a tear from her face, is this really such an achievement?

“When’s your first task Kuro?”

Dad asks me, a simple question really but do they not understand what I’m going to do?

Kuro: “I-In a few minutes….”

Mom: “What! Blake help me get her ready.”

Blake: “Okay mom.”

Mom and Blake sprint toward me and start to straighten the traditional black vestments.

Kuro: “Mom I’m fine.”

I try to push her away but she won’t take no for an answer.

Mom: “Nonsense, you’re a Death spirit now and you must look presentable. Especially your unruly black hair, it may be short but it’s still so hard to deal with.”

Blake: “Won’t those bangs get in the way of your job?”

Kuro: “!”

I had it! I pushed them away harder this time and stared at them.

Kuro: “What’s wrong with you, don’t you realize what I am? This is not what I wanted, not this kind of death.”


Kuro: “What’s the point of the benefits when I have to….kill you too.”

I start to shed tears, I should have been prepared for this but….

I feel their arms wrap around me.

Mom: “Don’t cry Kuro, that’s life.”

Dad: “Stuff happens, we can’t go against the rules.”

Blake: “Use our portions to live a better life sis.”

Kuro: *Crying*

Mom lifts my hand and stares deep into my eyes, deeper than she ever looked.

Mom: *Smiles*

Mom: “If the last thing I see is my beloved daughter then I can go in peace.”

Kuro: “M-mom.”

*Knock* *Knock*

Dad: “That must be him.”

Dad goes to open the door and at the entrance is a large man with long black hair and an oppressive air to him.

Dad: “Sir Death, welcome to my home.”

Death: “Is that my replacement?”

Mom pushed me towards him and nodded like I got this.

Kuro: “Y-Yes sir, I’m Kuro. I’m the new Death of Conscious Life.”

He breathes a sigh, a mix of relief and pity. Now that I look closer, his face looks so tired and old.

Death: “So this is the entire family?”

Dad: “Yes sir.”

Death: “Very well.”

I stood there, I know what was about to happen but I can hardly acknowledge it.

Mom, Dad, and Blake sit down next to each other while Death stands over us all watching what’s about to happen.

Death: “Say your last words.”

Mom, Dad, and Blake: “….”

Dad: “I’m sorry for kicking you out Blake.”

Blake: “I’m sorry for not being a great spirit like Kuro Dad, but...”

Dad: “I know, it’s your life and choice. No matter what kind of spirit you are I’ll always love you.”

Blake: “I love you too dad.”

The two hug, despite everything they can still love each other. Is this really the end?

Mom: “I’m glad you two made up.”


Death: “Was that all?”

They nod and begin to relax in preparation for what’s to come.

Death: “Kuro.”


I manifest my scythe, like I was taught in school, and began my march toward my family.

Kuro: “….”

But I-

Death: “Even Spirits are conscious, even if it hurts you must end their existences.”

Kuro: “B-But they don’t have souls, once they’re gone-”

Death: “I know but no Death can have a family. That has been the rule since the first Death came into being, no attachments to the life they end.”

Kuro: “I-I can’t! I refuse!”

Mom: “Kuro!”

Kuro: “!”

Mom: “Our time has come, I can accept that. Please don’t risk punishment for our sake, live Kuro even if it’s as Death.”


Kuro: “….”

I grip my scythe and step towards my family with legs that feel as heavy as stone.

I arrive in front of them and then they closed their eyes for the final time.

I too close my eyes.

Kuro: “G-Goodbye.”


Tears flow down my face as I open my eyes to see my family gone.

Kuro: “I’m sorry.”

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I see Death with tears in his eyes as well.

Death: “It’s never easy, I’m sorry that you had to do this.”

Kuro: “….”

Kuro: “Does it ever get easier?”

Death: “No.”

Kuro: “Why do we exist?”

Death: “That’s a question I’ve always wondered about, it’s now your turn to ponder.”

Death stares into the distance, at something or someone that I can’t perceive. Then he looks to me and takes a deep breath.

Death: “Finally my duty is done.”

He grabs my shoulders and looks straight into me.

Death: “No matter what you see or what you have to do, don’t give up or go mad with the pain. I may not have found it but I know deep down there must be a reason.”

Death: “There has to be….”

I nod. I have to live, that’s what my family would want.

Death: “Good….luck….Kuro.”

Death’s body becomes transparent and begins to flow into me. His power and the weight of being Death becomes a part of me.

Soon he too is gone.

I take one last look around, take a breath, grab my scythe and leave the house.

That was my first time taking a life and sadly, it won’t be the last.

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I’m Blankmarks and I love magic and fiction. I’ll write about various magic types and concepts not only for fun but to help writers create new magical worlds. I'll also post short stories, writing tips, and more.

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