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Dead Ringers; Chapter 15


By Katarzyna CrevanPublished 3 months ago 8 min read

"Well, that was interesting," Miles muses, staring into the crowd where Mr. and Mrs. Jones disappeared.

"They're clearly hiding something," Micaiah says. I look at him. He shrugs, "Lawyer instincts."

"My detective instincts say you're not wrong," I tell him. I look over at Miles. "You shouldn't stick around us too long. Someone might take note of your change of attitude. We don't know who knows the Jones's."

"Right. "Well, since we're done here," Miles stands up, brushing his coat off, "I'll see you at the station."

"Don't I get a farewell?" Micaiah asks.

Miles snorts. "Hardly." With that, he begins walking away. "Just make sure Fullin gets home alright."

"Aw, do you actually care about me?" I lightly rest a hand across my chest, feigning shock.

Miles just waves over his shoulder.

I chuckle, shaking my head. "When he isn't being obstinate, he isn't half bad."

"That sounds like Elijah," Micaiah says, chuckling.

"Micaiah Cullen!" A man appears at Micaiah's side, draping an arm over his shoulders. "If it isn't the big wig DA."

Micaiah laughs. "Matthew, since when are they letting you out of the firm?"

"Since they promoted me to associate."

Micaiah holds out a hand. "Congratulations my friend!"

The man, Matthew, takes his hand. "I couldn't have done it if you hadn't taken the position of DA. You were the one they had their eye on originally."

"Glad I could help."

Matthew's eyes fall on me. He straightens, offering me a hand. "Enchantee, Miss...? "

"Detective," Micaiah corrects, "Fullin. My plus one for the evening. Winter, allow me to introduce an old friend and colleague, Matthew Dunkirk."

I smile, taking his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Dunkirk."

He claps my hand in both of his. "I assure you the pleasure is all mine." He shakes his head. "The esteemed Detective Fullin. Wow." He releases my hand shaking his head again. "Clearly, I've missed out on quite a bit."

As he speaks, I notice a figure in the distance, weaving through the crowd towards the bar. I'm probably mistaken, but I'm not about to be here when he gets here, just in case. Smiling, I slide from the barstool. "I think I see someone I know. I'll give you two some time to catch up."

I begin walking before either man can say anything. I'm not sure where exactly I plan on going, but as long as I can find a place out of sight of the bar, I'll be happy. As I walk, I notice a sign for the bathrooms pointing down a hall. It would be a rather tacky cop-out, but I'd take it. Entering the hall, I can see it curve away from the main room of the party. Even better. There weren't many people down the hall either and most of them are clearly just passing or waiting on someone else. I could stand unnoticed for a while back here.

"Winter?" A voice calls.

I freeze in my steps. Had he actually seen me at the bar? Had he followed me back here? "What the hell do you want, Dante?" I ask, turning to face him.

Dante actually starts, blue eyes wide in shock, as if surprised by my reaction. "What kind of 'hello' is that?"

"The kind you deserve. Why did you follow me?"

"I wanted to say hi to my little sister."

I stare him down for a second. "Hi." I turn around. Time to hide in a stall.

"Winter!" Dante objects, catching my wrist.

Spinning, I yank my wrist from his hand. "Don't. Touch me."

"Come on Winter, I just want to make sure you're okay. Mom and I worry about you."

"Oh. Is this the same kind of worry you two had for my well-being when I was alone at Dad's funeral?"

Dante looks away. "You're right. I should have been there," Dante's eyes snap to mine, flashing with anger, "But I have been trying to make things right for the last decade." Dante shakes his head. "Can't we at least try to mend our relationship?" His eyes lock onto mine as they go dark. "It's what Dad would want us to do."

His final words hit home, harder and faster than anything else ever could have, and for a second, I can't breathe. As my breathing resumes, I can feel myself shaking as hot, angry tears begin to cloud my vision. "Don't," I say, pointing a shaky finger at him, "Don't you dare use Dad against me."

Dante starts. "I'm sorry. Winter, I-"

"Dante," a man appears at Dante's side, placing his hands on Dante's shoulders, "Why don't you go get a drink?" The man easily pivots Dante, so he no longer faces me. "Or maybe get some food. Hell, why not both?"

Dante turns his head towards the man as if to ask something. The man merely gives Dante a gentle shove, sending him on his way. He watches Dante disappear before turning to me, holding out a handkerchief. "My apologies for my friend's behavior," he says as I take the handkerchief to blot my eyes dry, "He just started on a medication and it's messing with his behavior."

Medication? My eyes dart to where Dante disappeared. That infernal moron! "Did he get hurt? Is he alright?" I look back at the man, who looks confused by my questions.

"I'm sorry, but I don't make a habit of discussing my friend's personal affairs with strangers."

"I'm not a-" My words halt for a breath before I let out a laughing sigh, rubbing a temple. "No, of course. Why would you know who I am? I haven't had a civilized conversation with Dante in over a decade." I hold out a hand. "Hi, I'm Dante's sister,-"

"Winter!" The man exclaims, clasping my hand in his. "The Detective! May I just say it is an honor to finally make your acquaintance. Though I do wish it were under different circumstances. Dante likes to make sure everyone knows that the great Detective Fullin is his little sister. Though based off of some of the things he's told me, I never thought I would actually meet you so suddenly."

I slowly pull my hand back as he releases it. "Um, yeah."

"Oh! My apologies. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lennox Kingsly."

"Lennox Kingsly, head of the city council, Lennox Kingsly?"

"The one."

"How does my brother know you, Mr. Kingsly?"

"Please, call me Lennox. We met a few years ago at some benefit your mother was hosting. We've been friends since. I also hired him to work for me at city hall. Can't get enough friends there."

I nod, chuckling. "It's nice to know my brother has a friend that cares so much about him." My eyes flicker towards the end of the hallway. "Is he alright?" If he wasn’t, that wasn't going to stop me from knocking some sense into him.

Lennox nods. "Yes. Or rather, he's working towards there." As if sensing my doubt, Lennox reaches out, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Believe me when I say it's nothing to be losing sleep over."

I laugh, shaking my head as Lennox drops his hand. "I can't remember the last time I had a decent conversation with Dante yet here I am ready to beat him up for not telling me about this."

"Perhaps because no matter how mad you are at him, deep down you want things back to the way they were before you started fighting all the time?" I give Lennox a hard look. He holds up his hands. "I know, I know. None of my business."

"You're right," I hold his handkerchief back out to him, "It is none of your business."

He bows his head, taking the handkerchief from me. "My apologies."

"But thank you." Lennox raises an eyebrow. "I know I can often be stubborn. So stubborn that I need someone to call me on it." I chuckle. "I will admit it's a little odd to have a complete stranger do it, but I needed it. Though if you breathe a word of this to Dante, I will find a reason to throw you in a holding cell."

"Not that I planned on it, but how would you know?"

I shrug. "Dante was right. We're long over-do for a chat and we should at least try."

Lennox smiles softly. He opens his mouth, but my phone cuts him off.

"I am so sorry," I say, pulling it out of my clutch, I read the number on the screen. It's not one I recognize. Odd. Answering the call, I bring the phone to my ear. "Hello?"

"Hi," a female voice speaks across the line, "I'm Grace Summertown from Mercy River Hospital. Is this Winter T. Fullin?"

Why was Mercy River Hospital calling me? "This is her," I reply.

"Good evening, Miss Fullin. I am calling you because you are listed as the emergency contact for Elliot Harper. He was admitted to emergency care a few minutes ago. Is it possible for you to come to Mercy River tonight, Miss Fullin?"

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Hi! I enjoy writing and have been writing for some years now. I hope you enjoy my writing!

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