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Day Itt child

7. Will you accept Emma

By Osheen KhatePublished 25 days ago 6 min read


Emma yelled in her room, but not very loudly. She Ran our saw Day was sitting on the chir, jumped on Day sat on his lap and hugged him.

At first Day was really mad at the chid intrupting his call with a Clint but couldn't say anything as he was on phone, by the childs expression Day understood child was scared of something.

"Yes the delivery will be done by next week.... yes.... okay Thankyou sir"

Day wanted to yell, but Emma has already seen a lot yesterday, he didn't wanted to scare away child like that again.

Day took deep breath and said "Emma please get down, Uncle Day is uncomfortable" Emma shaked his head to noo, she pointed at the store room.

Day saw child looked scared as she wanted to tell Day something.

"What is it Emma, is something bothered you there" Day tone completely changed out of no where.

Emma pointer towards the play room.

"There" Emma said in her mouth, voice didn't come out. Day decided to get up look for himself.

Emma kept holding on to him so he was forced to carry the child in his arms.

Day took Emma to store room, Emma put her face on Day neck

"There it is" pointed towards the corner of the mattress. When Day looked carefully there was a cockroache there is a huge one.

"I am scared Uncle Day, it will bite me" Day carried Emma out of the room.

"Emma child, it's just a cochroache"

"I won't go there Uncle Day, I won't play there"

"Emma Emma okay" sit down here.

Day put Emma on the couch.

"I'll bring your toys here"

Then Day went to the store room sprayed some anti insects spray. Then he washed his hands and Day brought the Doll Emma carries all the time, her favorite soft toy she sleeps with. And her coloring book with some colours.

"Emma sit down with your doll and softie and colour this house, okay" Emma nodded

"Uncle Day"


"his name is Tommy" Emma pointed at the sift toy

"Okay, tommy" Day smiled, for a moment he forgot all his anger.

Day sat on the study table working and looking at Emma periodically,

"Uncle Day, What is colour of Sky"

"Emma, if it's evening it's probably blue, if it's Night it's black, around dawn it's around orange"

"Uncle Day, what's Dawn?"

"Emma when Night is about to end and sun is about to rise that time is called Dawn"

"Uncle Day, can we go and watch sunrise some Day"

"Sure child I'll take you to see sun rise soon" Day said.

Day stopped for a moment and realised what just came out of his mouth then he steped outside the study room.

"Itt, listen to Me" Day grabbed Itt's chin hard

"By Monday I want that bastared child out of my house, and fucking out of my life, do you hear that" Day said in a loud commanding voice, tears streem down Itts eyes.

"Remember, you are mine Itt, when I said my life I meant your life to........... get that straight in your head don't make me repeat myself" Day made himself clear.

Remember his own words. Day felt something inside. Unexplainable feeling.

Day went to the Bedroom, saw Itt talking on phone on the balcony.

"Itt" Itt turned to Day

"I was just talking to Nick" "ask him is Nill there"

"Hey Nick is Nill there"

"Day, Nill is in the condo Nick is at his mother's house"

"Okay, Itt take care of Emma, I'll be at Nill's"

The fact that Itt didn't come out after taking a bath as he saw Day carrying Emma and giving her toys to play with, they seem cozy together and Itt didn't wanted to intrupt them. What if Day accepts Emma as her daughter too, someday. That thought popped in Itt mind.

"Uncle Day, Uncle Day, please take me na, Emma wants to go with you Uncle Day" Emma said as she saw Day going outside, the little child followed her.

"Child I'll come back soon" Day said and left the condo

Itt stood and watched Day's changing behavior.

Day was so lost, the last time he was lost is when he was about to lose Itt. Day went to Nill's condo.

Knock knock

Nill open the door, he was not really expecting any company for the night. Day entered Nill's apartment directly went to the bar section and got the oldest and most alcohol wiskey Nill had with glass as well and sat in front of Nill.

Before Nill could say anything, Day pored himself a glass and drank it neat. Nill knew by watching that that something is wrong. Nill went and brought a beer for himself and started drinking too

"What's up Day?"

"Nothing" Day replied calmly

"Is Itt alright, did you guys had an argument"


"You remember right we have to attend Dragon race tomorrow night"

"I remember" Day said and pored another glass and drank it in one gulp.

"Whats wrong Day?"

"Nill just shut up, stop Irritating me, and play some movie, I am in no mood to chit chat" Day said in a serious tone.

Nill played a movie, horror crime thrill.

After a while watching that movie, Day was almost 3 glasses down, in the movie there was a girl child who was hit by a murderer, and was pulled by her hair and was being abused

"What the fuck is wrong with this movie? Who makes a movie like this I'll fucking sue them" Day yelled out of no where.

Even Nill was scared for a moment, because he didn't expect to Day react like this, they usually watch these kind of brutal movies but this is the first time Day reacted to someone, like this.

"Brother, Day calm down it's just a movie!!" Nill tried to calm Day down and turn off. Day sat there with hand over his temple.

"Day what's wrong just spill the beans"

"Nill, there is a child in my house, fore years old girl"

"Whose child, must be Itt's cousine" Nill said jokingly

"Itt's daughter!"

"Itt has a daughter? Did Nick know, why doesn't shorty tell me anything"

"I don't think Itt told anyone"

"So what is Itt hidding Her there, where is child's mother"

"She is dead"

There was a moment of pause between them, Day another glass of whiskey. Day bent his head back to the sofa and closed his eyes. Even at this point, Nill has Nothing to say.


Other side after a while Day left, Emma kept on asking about when will Day return, Emma asked quit few times.

"Emma child let's go to the play room"

"No" Emma shook her head,


"There is something dirty there" Itt went to the room and saw few cockroaches there and smelled of anti insect spray, even Itt felt dirty.

After all it was a store room. Itt brought few things of Emma out of the room.

After that they watched TV for a while then Emma slept in the couch itself. Itt brought her blanket and put on the child and tuck it well so child won't feel cold.

Then Itt himself decided to go and look for Day Himself.

Knock knock

Nill opened the door and Saw Itt,

"Is Day there"

"Yeah, take your husband home, he is really drunk" Itt nodded.

"Day.....aie...... Day let's go home"

"Looks whoes here, my lovely wife, Itt Itt"

"Yeah, let's go home Day"

Itt pulled Day's hand around his shoulder and suppored his waist and dragged him out of Nills house,

"See you around Nill"

"Yea... take care Itt"

Nill turn to close the door, call someone

"Shorty, when Are you coming back?"

"Moday maybe"

"Can you come back tonight, I'll pic you up"

"Why" Nick curiously asked

"I think your friend Itt needs your help"

"Yea, he seem strange few days ago, okay I'll pack up my bag, I'll wait for you"

"On my way"


Itt entered the apartment, while Day hanging into his shoulder, Day gave a glimps on Emma sleeping on the couch.

"Itt why is our daughter sleeping in the living room take her to bedroom with us let's all sleep cozy together" Day said in a drunk voice. Itt was shocked to hear what Day said

*To be continued*

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