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Dame Nature


By simplicityPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 13 min read

Snakes, worms that learned to protect themselves. Not exactly, but my way of explaining evolution. Both creatures most likely have prehistoric origins and provided meals for birds. Both play important roles in the environment. Yet worms, outside of aphrodite myth, have no gods dedicated to them in every culture.

Personally I believe Gods were based on individuals who lived long and well in the past. However as years went on and ways of living became less surprising, gods died out. Originally they were individuals in possession of greater knowledge or wealth or both. Wealth, is not surprising to most prople. It is also not surprising that those with wealth have better health, etc. Jesus like a few other prophets or characters are unexplainable, thus surprising.

I was in search of a serpent brotherhood, believed to possess wealth and the ability to treat the world and it's inhabitants like marrianette puppets for a greater purpose.

I found the door with my name plate on the outside. Gaia Naturelle, I read it a few times before entering. Its engraved on a plastic plate slipped into a plate holder. Less permanent feeling. It crushes my childhood expectations of an engraved metal plate fastened sturdily to the wall. It would do.

"Gaia, Welcome. I know you just got here. Take a couple days to get situated. I have emailed you the information regarding your schedule, group meetings, etc. This is Josh, he will be here to answer any questions you have about our facility and to keep you company. His office is right next to yours."

"Thank you Mr. Taublin, I appreciate that. I'm very excited to be here and to have this opportunity."

"You're welcome Gaia. Josh, this is Gaia."

"Hello", Josh extends a hand.

I shake Josh's hand.

"It's actually Joshua, but people just shorten it to Josh. I don't know why. It stuck the first week I was here. I don't correct anyone. You can call me either one."

"Okay, good to know. The students at my last job called me Dame Nature. It stuck there. I understand. Well, I have a little settling in to do. Want to get lunch at noon?"

"Lunch at noon, I will meet you here. Nice to meet you Dame Nature, goddess of earth."

He flashed a small smile before going into his office and closing the door behind him.

Goddess of Earth, fine, but why had she given him Dame Nature. Small talk always seemed to get away from her. She'd have to be smarter if she was to actually expect into a brotherhood.

The office was small, possibly more of a converted closset than an office, but it had a desk, file cabinet, and shelves with the books she had sent prior to her arrival.

She took her book with strange symbols out of her purse. She had received it from her grandparents. The only edition she was aware of, author unknown. It had interesting stories inside. It was translated roughly by her grandparents. The book itself was called roughly the path out of shadows. Information was vague in parts and very in depth in others, maybe due to translation issues. The book smelled  musty and like round-up chemical mixed with petroleum. They must have kept it in the garage, but it held the smell as if it had it's own body odor. The book contained a story about a holy grail cup of life. It explains that in the past, tribes, before marriage would practice a ritual that used a snake cup. The man would add his blood and a bit of 'his snakes venom' (ejaculate) to the cup with a bit of water. The female would drink it. If she lived, with out illness, the gods allowed the marriage. One woman, drank of the cup and became violently ill. It was as if she was poisoned by snake venom. She became hot, she got chills, she died. The man was crucified and ousted from the group. Everyone feared what this meant from the gods. The same man later found a woman who fell in love with him. He was too scared to perform the ritual. The woman said she was told by the snake god to use an elixir (like a corn or rice wine) instead of water in the ceremony. He agreed, trusting her love. The ritual was performed. The girl survived and actually became healthier, cured of a different ailment. After this 'wine' was always used instead of water. It sounds strange, but then again serpent gods, Enki, and ritualistic killings do as well, so she doesn't rule out any story. She decided that long ago, around the same time she was discussing birds and snakes. It all sounds so unbelievable that the symbolism behind the stories must mean more in some sort of sensical way. The brotherhood understood this, where others saw it as magic or signs of the gods. The brotherhood understood biologically why it worked and didn't correct the others. They used it to their favor. This is when the true brotherhood was born that continues into today. There is still the test of the serpent. If you fail the test now, it is said to be your own fault.

She ran her fingers along the edges of the front and back covers. Tracing the edges. She closes the book, giving it a small kiss for good luck on the cover. She then places it in the small safe provided to her office. She had no idea if it was worth anything. She literally has not been able to find anything about it, though she has looked. The brotherhood is worldwide, but her interests are with the one's at the top of it. The one's with the knowledge of the  creation of religion.

She opens her laptop and goes to the email from Mr.Taublin.

Next thing she knows she hears her name being said with a soft knock.

"Gaia, Dame Nature"


"Are you ready? lunch?"

"Yes", she said while gathering her things in a very orderly way. Everything has it's place.

"What do you do here", she questioned.

"Here? Babysit mostly, teach occasionally, study Gobekli Tepe. I was really into beer in college. You?"

"Serpents, Snakes, Ophites, The brotherhood of the snake. The symbolism etc."

"Odd, I like it. You will have to tell me more about that. I've heard of it, but not well versed."

"I would need more than a lunch."

"We are office buddies now, we have time."

"Why are we the only two offices right there?"

"my theory is it use to be a maintenance closet. They divided it in half and made it teacher offices. Nice huh?"

"Is that true?"

"Look at the construction when we get back. It's just a theory, but I think probably true."

"wow", her crushed enthusiasm must have displayed itself in her expression because Joshua added, "We were so important to them, they made room for us when there was none."

"I guess so, are you new here too."

"New to on-campus work. Lets get sandwiches here, they are known for being really delicious. I will tell you all about me and my work once we sit down."

Joshua felt like one of those friends you knew your whole life and could always pick up where you left off. He was comfortably charismatic and familiar. She could invission them being friends.

"Soup at a sub restaurant huh?"

"Sorry. I'm abstemious at public meals."

"I don't care, just funny."

She sat with her soup infront of her, purse on lap, knees together, and ankles crossed in her small white chair. Joshua looked, studied her while he waited for his beer. He repeated, Brotherhood of the snake in his head. She looked too proper to be studying that. He only just met her, but he knew there had to be a story there on the why of it all. One he wished to hear, but he wouldn't press her on it today.

"I have to figure out how to satisfice my teaching requirements and then meet the rest of the individuals who are also researching the brotherhood of the snake or the serpent in cultures. I'm excited to see what other minds have to say on the subject."

"You'll figure out the teaching aspect, it's not too bad. You received the requirements right?"


"As long as you include the requirements you are fine. I can show you around after lunch. What is that you keep grabbing?"

"My necklace. It's just an old coin. My grandparents drilled a hole in so I could wear it.", she kisses it and releases it from her hand. She then places her hands in her lap atop her bag.

"How about a rain check on the tour, I have a meeting later and some work to do."

"Sure, if you need help you know where to find me. I'm a very pertinacious individual."

"As well as I am."

"Can you make it back from here. I need to walk to run an errand?"

"Yes, I'll be fine. See you tomorrow Shua."


"It means.....", she is saying when he cuts her off."

"I know what it means. You don't study Gobekli Tepe with out some understanding of language. I accept that."

"Dame Nature and Shua finding answers of the world, we could be a comic."

"A nerdy one."

She smiled innocently at him.

When she made it back to her office the door was open.

"I thought I had closed this"

On entering, she noticed a few items out of place. Her books, always organized in an abecedarian order, were all mixed up. After organizing them she realized none were missing. She rushes to the safe and enters the combo. Her heart, now racing. There in the safe was her book, just as she had left it. She now noticed a figure on top of the safe. She flips the book open to page 30. There it was, an image of the figurine that was placed on her safe. Her head swiveled back and forth searching for the individual who might have left it, as if they were still in the room. The figurine could fit in her palm. It was cold to the touch, made of stone or rock. She placed it on the shelf and sat back in her office chair. She had never seen this figurine anywhere, but in her book. Someone here would be very helpful, but why had they left without identifying themself. Maybe the person was waiting for a more formal, in person introduction. She put the book into her purse, maybe it was valuable afterall. From now on, it would always be in her possession.

"Some involved parents and some staff have asked about you."

"What did you say?"

"I said you are kind, intelligent and well put together. Also, that you were having a official meet and greet at the meeting later."

"Great, now I have to go", she said short and sweetly.

"It's required, you had to go anyways."

"Oh so you knew that. In that case, thank you."

Joshua smiled indignantly, "You're welcome."

"Has anyone mentioned anything about me?"

"Did you know a tribe in the brotherhood had a ceremony, similar to marriage. In it, to begin with, the male was told a bunch of slanderous gossip about his mate before deciding to go through with the rest of the ceremony. I mean the worst of the worst about his chosen woman. If he didn't falter, he not only earned the respect of his peers, but he was granted permission to proceed. After the ceremony, no one in attendance ever muttered an unkind word about her ever again. He had decided for himself and held to his decision."

"Were any ever swayed? Did anyone mention anything about me tho?"

"Smakes don't have ears, but they listen and watch. They listen to vibrations and pick up on connections."

"Okay, that bad huh. Can I ask who may have mentioned me."

"Shua! Really?!"


" No one said anything. I'm trying to tell you I don't listen to gossip and even if I did I wouldn't care. I have met you, I am capable of holding my own opinion even if it were against the group."

"Oh, okay. Well I didn't mean to heat your kettle of corn kernels."


"Not easy to understand is it when someone goes popping off on tangents you aren't familiar with. Flowery show of expression."

She didn't know why, but she liked this.

"I see your point. I warned you earlier I have a preoccupation with snakes and the brotherhood."

"You did. Is that part of a real snake ceremony."

"Not a snake ceremony, but the ceremony incorporates and references snakes."

"Important distinction."

"Yes, I think so."

"Good, now do you want to get coffee before heading into the old closet and beginning work."


She realized yesterday how dark her office is. It has no window. She had purchsed one of those screens that can upload photos. She had the super install it after offering a small bribe. He had reminisced about when this was his maintenance closet. Apparently he now has a nicer one, larger, and more conveniently located. I shouldn't feel bad however, he has worked here for 13yrs before the upgrade. Strangely she felt better. I guess it is just, she felt herself agreeing. Any how after the install she had a beautiful window that either looked out into a forest or a country side. Being less claustrophobic would be work beneficial. Although she believed this, she was going to have to take the whole expense of it because she didn't feel bold enough to ask Mr.Taublin for a reimbursement, even a partial one. It was pretty expensive too. Although, it would pay for itself as talking point to others and an escape for her. She wasn't so caged. Like a snake she had found a way around her confinement.

The only thing still puzzling her was her lack of identifying whom had left the figurine in her office. No one had come to find her yet. Maybe they were embarrassed about leaving her office a mess. No one knew of her book, she barely could explain the book. The book hints the Mayans had much of this knowledge and decided as a group to disperse. They agreed on dispersing in all directions inorder to join other groups. By joining and being accepted into other groups the spread of the information could be faster and more wide spread. Various aspects were changed as information spread, but they were spreading the knowledge they obtained from the feather serpent God himself. The book hints abstractly about knowledge coming from Mesopotamia. Maybe the feather serpent God had come from there and the Mayans simply were mimicking his strategy. She couldnt wait to immerse herself in research again. Before coming here she had previously interviewed a living relative of a Mayan. She had traveled to many sites to gain first hand knowledge. Research, she felt, still presented the newest thoughts to her. Today she was supposed to be set up with her own teacher portal allowing her special access to the online catelogues.  It all was coming together, if she could just find her unknown office visitor.

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Sent from my Galaxy

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