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Cremated person in india came alive miraculously! A strange ritual done by parents!

A dead man came alive in india

By POINT OF VIEWPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Cremated person in india came alive miraculously! A strange ritual done by parents!

Dehradun, India: A man believed to be dead and cremated has come back to life in the state of Uttarakhand, creating a stir.

We have seen incidents of dead people coming back to life only in movies. But such an incident has actually taken place in the state of Uttarakhand. Namely, a 42-year-old man named 'Naveen Chandra Bhat' has been living with his wife for the past few years in a village adjacent to Utam Singh Nagar area of ​​this state. But he went missing two years ago. Can't find it anywhere.

After this, a complaint was lodged with the police. Absconded due to debt problems? Relationship with any other women, murder? Kidnap? The police investigated from various angles. But it came to know that Naveen Chandra Bhatt has no enemies and in his personal life he has been fond of his wife and children. Even so, how did he disappear? Don't know. The police were unable to find him till the end.

In this situation, a couple of months after his disappearance, the people of the town found an unidentified body. The dead body's clothes were the same color that Naveen was wearing when he went missing. So Aradu's relatives cremated the body, thinking it was the missing Naveen.

It has been almost a year since this incident. But, a week ago some locals told Naveen's family that they had seen him. Naveen's family doesn't take it seriously that it could be just a hoax, or the soul of the deceased. Most of the villagers, except a few, believed it to be a hoax. In this case, Naveen suddenly came to his house two days ago.

Parents, wife and relatives could not believe this. How does the dead come back to life? Many questions arose in the minds of all of them that we cremated his body ourselves. However, they accepted Naveen. Some rituals were performed for him. Relatives said,

"For our village, if a person who was considered dead comes back alive, it means that he has been reborn. So we repeat the same rituals that are done for a new born child. That is, we give him a new name and remarry him," they said.

Navin's name has been changed to Narayanan Bhat, as they said. His wife is remarried to him. This incident has been widely talked about across Uttarakhand. But till the end it is not known why he disappeared.

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