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Creeping Around

For the Snow Micro Challenge

By MegPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
Creeping Around
Photo by Sarah Dao on Unsplash

“There!” Grams shouted pointing to a heap of snow.

“I saw them go in there!”

The snow pile she pointed to was nothing extraordinary. Just eight inches of fluffy flakes, sitting next to the old pine tree.

I sighed, “Grams, it’s just a snow drift."

The crunching of my footsteps echoed as I moved closer to the pile, searching for a sign someone had been there. There were no footsteps, nothing to show someone was there.

“It’s just snow Grams. Nothing to worry about,” I reassured her.

She shook her head bitterly. “Nothing to worry about ha. I know what I saw Jane. I’m no fool,” she muttered, “I saw them this morning creeping around with their strange bodies, taunting me- They’ll come for us next.”

Nothing I could say would reassure her. Ever since grandpa left, Grams wasn’t the same.

Suddenly, a strong wind hissed through the air, kicking up snow from the drift. For a moment, the air turned foggy with crystal flakes.

“They’re here!” Grams howled, “Take me! Spare her!”

She collapsed to the ground in a sob. I quickly stumbled over to her. The wind settled and I gave her a hug. My poor Grams.

“Grams, it’s okay. Let's go inside, it’s getting cold,” I said.

With a solemn look, she headed for the door. I followed her inside. When I looked back at the snow heap, I nearly jumped. I saw the strange bodies creeping around.


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  • Tina D'Angelo3 months ago

    Always believe us old folk. We know where it's at and we're groovy.

  • Rachel Deeming3 months ago

    No! Grams was right! But what were the strange little bodies? Curious.

  • I love this one! Either Grams' madness is hereditary or there is something far more sinister at work here! This had a little bit of a "Yellow Wallpaper" feel to it!

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