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Cowardly frog

Have you ever seen a frog? have seen. Is he always scratching and scratching with joy and making a fuss? Right?

By SalamPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Have you ever seen a frog? Have you seen it. Is he always scratching and scratching with joy, and making a fuss? Right? Hi! It was for this reason that he was teased by a toad once before, and he was fooled once.

Why did Toad tease the frog? It was because Toad himself liked to croak in pots and pans, and he thought that when the frog croaked, he would make his croak a little quieter so that everyone would not pay attention to him. Toad thought his croak was a good song, so he didn't like other sounds to disturb him. So he didn't like frogs scratching. As soon as the frog barked, Toad scolded: It's ugly, it's so noisy!

Then Toad figured out a way to scare the frog so that he didn't dare to bark. I remember it like this.

Once, when the frog was sitting on a red sandstone by the river, and was scraping and screaming, the toad came over and said to him: Hurry up and stop screaming! I heard someone coming. Didn't I say that frogs are very timid, and he has never seen anyone, and he didn't know what people would do to him when they came, so he didn't dare to bark at once, and he asked Toad softly: What is a man? I only heard that he is tall and big, and very smart. What will he do to us when he comes?

When the toad saw that he was afraid, he deliberately frightened him and said: People have a bad temper, but they are powerful! As soon as they saw

We, drink! That's incredible! --listen! He has come, let's hide quickly.

In fact, no one came at all, and there was no sound. When the timid frog heard the toad's cry, he jumped off the stone and hid under the stone. Toad was still standing on the stone, and he thought it was very interesting and wanted to laugh.

After a while, Toad said: Well, people are gone, don't call again, you will come as soon as you call people.

The frog did not dare to come out, but asked in a low voice: Is the man gone? You say, what will happen to the man when he sees us? Toad said: He will take us away.

What about later?

Then he tied us up and hung us upside down.

The frog shouted in horror: Oops!

When the toad saw that he was afraid, he frightened him even more and said: Hanging up, he will beat you with a thick and big branch, one by one, and beat you desperately, so that your whole body is swollen, he still does not stop, even if you cry until your throat is broken, he still does not stop.

The frog was so frightened that he dared not jump out from under the stone, and said: Is there such a terrible thing? Then what should be done?

How to do? Don't scrape and scream, find a good place to hide.

When Toad said this, he felt very proud, and cried out in pots and pans.

Seeing that he was not afraid, the frog asked: Why are you not afraid of people?

Toad said very arrogantly: I am not afraid of anything, because no one dares to come and catch me. I look fierce, and people know my strength; and I have a special stench in me, and he will run away when he smells it.

The frog sighed and said: It's a pity that I didn't grow up like you, and I don't smell like you.

Have you ever seen a toad? Is his back full of pimples and yellow? Does he have a special stench on him? Is the frog much greener than him? These words of his are true.

Toad was so frightened that the frog didn't dare to bark, so he walked home alone and called. We don't care about that. In the future, we will only tell the story of the timid frog.

Of course, the frog was very frightened. He had never heard of such a fierce person before, and he didn't know much about any terrible things. Now, after Toad said it, he couldn't stop thinking of the terrible man. Later he thought of many other terrible things, so many that I couldn't even figure out what they were. All I know is that he was so scared that he didn't even want to eat mosquitoes.

The frog remembered the toad's words and wanted to find a good place to hide.

He thinks it's best to hide in the river. But he has lungs and has to breathe, so he can't stay in the water like a fish.

So he can't just jump into the water for no reason.

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