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Clara Auntie's Chateau: Old Manor

Old Manor

By Srini VPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Clara Auntie's Chateau: Old Manor

It was a dull and turbulent night when Clara showed up at her auntie's old manor. She had acquired the property after her auntie died, and presently she was entrusted with figuring out every last bit of her auntie's possessions. Clara had consistently cherished her auntie, yet she had forever been somewhat terrified of the manor. It was an old Victorian-style house, with creaky flooring planks and drafty foyers.

As she cleared her path through the chateau, Clara saw that something really didn't add up about the spot. Maybe she was being watched by a person or thing, yet she couldn't be completely sure. She disregarded it, thinking it was only her creative mind, and progressed forward with her undertaking.

It was only after Clara found an old diary that things began to get truly weird. The diary had a place with her auntie, and as she read through it, Clara started to understand that her auntie had been associated with a dull and baffling custom of some kind. The diary was loaded up with peculiar images and chants, and Clara felt a shudder run down her spine as she read through it.

That is the point at which the abnormal events started. Items would continue all alone, entryways would open and nearby themselves, and Clara would hear unusual murmurs in the evening. Yet again she attempted to get over it as her creative mind, yet the episodes just developed increasingly regular.

One evening, Clara awakened to find that she was unable to move. She was incapacitated, and she felt a cool breath on the rear of her neck. She could hear a weak murmuring in her ear, however she was unable to make out what it was talking about. She felt a feeling of dread wash over her, and she realize that she needed to escape the house.

As she cleared her path through the chateau, she understood that the entryways and windows were completely locked from an external perspective. She was caught, and she realize that she was in good company. She could feel a presence watching her, following everything she might do.

At long last, she went over a room that she had never seen. It was a little room, loaded up with weird articles and images. In the focal point of the room was a huge mirror, and Clara could see her own appearance gazing back at her.

Out of nowhere, the reflection started to change. Clara watched with sickening dread as her appearance changed into a curved and wicked variant of herself. The devilish rendition of Clara connected from the mirror, and Clara could feel its cool, hard fingers fold over her neck.

She attempted to shout, yet no sound got away from her lips. The devil started to drag her towards the mirror, and Clara realize that she was going to be maneuvered into a dull and unnerving domain of some kind.

Similarly as she was going to be hauled into the mirror, Clara recalled the diary. She had learned about a custom that could exile underhanded spirits, and she realize that it was her main expectation.

With her entire existence, Clara figured out how to break liberated from the devil's grip and staggered over to the diary. She started to present the mantra, and she could feel a warm light encompassing her body.

Unexpectedly, everything went still. The chateau was quiet indeed, and Clara was separated from everyone else. She had exiled the malicious spirits, however she realize that she could always remember the dread that she had encountered.

From that day forward, Clara always avoided the chateau. She sold the property and continued on with her own personal business, however she realize that she would constantly convey the memory of the evil rendition of herself with her. She had discovered that a few things were improved let be, and that there were powers on the planet that were outside our ability to comprehend.

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  • Donna Fox (HKB)about a year ago

    I can appreciate the thought and planning that went into the concept of this story. Nice work!

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