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Chunky Boy

A high school senior learns the hard way when he is the target of an incident

By Jordan HarrisPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 9 min read

It was a fine spring day at Oak Mires High. Every student there was looking forward to the school year ending, since there was 8 weeks of classes left. Especially the seniors, who were getting ready to graduate. Seniors were all looking forward to graduation. Some were going to go to college, some were going to enter the workforce, while others were going to tech or trade school. There was one particular student who was enthusiastic about graduating. That student was named Damon Mercer. Damon was one of the smartest students in his grade. He worked really hard in all of his classes.

However, Damon had one downfall. He was a chunky guy. He was made fun of by most of the people at his school, especially his fellow 12th graders. Out of all the 12th graders, the ones who made fun of him the most were a group of jocks. They were led by Colin Wood, the captain of the school basketball team and the most popular boy in school. Colin always picked on Damon, he would trip him in the halls, call him names, etc. His posse was just as cruel as he was, and they got equal treatment too, calling Damon names as well. There was a group of popular girls too, and they were friends with the jocks, and hung out with them too. They were all the prettiest girls at Oak Mires. But out of all of them, the most popular and prettiest girl was Holly Barr.

Holly Barr was the queen bee of Oak Mires. She always made heads turn whenever she walked in the hallways. Almost every boy in the school had a crush on her. And out of all of the boys, the one who had the biggest crush on her was no other than Damon. Damon has had a huge crush on her since she moved into town in the 7th grade. Back in middle school, they said hi to each other in the halls plenty of times. But they didn't hang out outside of school. But ever since they started high school, she acted like that he does not exist. That didn't stop him though. He still had a crush on her, and was determined to make her his girlfriend. But little did he know, that it would go horribly wrong...

One day, Damon was eating lunch by himself, when he decided to finally ask Holly out. They was three weeks of classes left, and graduation was three days after the last day of classes. But he needed a plan on how he was going to talk to her. Then, he had a bright idea. He got up, and started walking towards Holly, who was sitting with her friends and the jocks. He pretended to accidentally drop his phone in front of them. One of Colin's friends cracked a joke saying, "Everyone look out, big boy over here might crush us!" The whole table laughed when he said that. Damon, pretended not to hear that and focused all of his attention on Holly. "Hi Holly" said Damon nervously. "What do you want?" she asked sarcastically. "I was wondering", Damon said, "If you wanted to go out on a date with me."

All the popular kids looked at Damon for a quick second, and then they looked at each other. Soon they all burst out laughing. "Me, go on a date with you? Yeah right! I wouldn't be caught date going out with you." giggled Holly. "She only dates popular guys" said one of her friends, Tracey Maldonado. "You have no shot with her, chubs." said another one of Colin's friends, who was named Brandon Allison.

Feeling disappointed and embarrassed, Damon decides to walk away. But before he did, he said, "I had over $300 saved. I was going to take you to that new steakhouse in town. But since you don't want to go, I guess I'll walk away." Just as he was about to walk away, Holly then got a devious idea. She then said, "Wait, did you say you were going to take me to that steakhouse? Well in that case, yes!" Damon then had a huge grin on his face, while Holly's friends looked at her confused. "So it's a date?" asked Damon. Holly smiled at him, and said yes again. "See you on Saturday at 5pm" she said cheerfully. Damon then walks away feeling very happy.

The other popular girls and the jocks look at Holly like some dog defecated in their food. "What?" Then one of her friends said "Why are you going out with that dude?" Another one said, "He's such a loser." And then Colin, feeling irritated and betrayed said, "Holly, I thought we were going to go out together. Why are you choosing fat boy over me?". Then Holly said, "What? Are you guys serious? You really think I would go out with him? I only date guys who are attractive. And yes Colin, we are going on a date still." "Then why did you ask him out?" Colin asked. Holly then said that she going to play with Damon's feelings, and lead him on, then she was going to pull a prank on him on the last day of classes, and asked for help from her friends. They all agreed to help Holly, and the plan was in action.

For the next few weeks, Damon felt like the happiest guy on Earth. He and Holly were spending time together, and he felt like that she was "the one". Meanwhile, Holly was taking pictures of Damon, and posting it on her stories, saying they were "friends". Holly would take photos of Damon when he did not want photos taken, but he didn't say anything because he still had a crush on her. He felt like that he and Holly were a couple, but what he did not know is that Holly and her friends were laughing at him behind his back. He was about to receive a much worse fate.

It was the last day of classes. There was one class left, and everyone (especially the seniors) would be done with high school. Damon was especially excited because he would be spending the entire summer with Holly. And all the popular kids were hosting an after school party at the local park, with no parents or teachers supervising. They said anyone who is anyone can come to the party. Damon felt like that for the first time in his life, he is finally accepted.

The party was a huge success. Everything seemed to be going well until Holly started to make an announcement. "Is everyone having a good time?!" she yelled. Everyone made some noise and cheered. "I would like to make an announcement" she said. "As you all know, I have been going on a couple of dates with Damon. At first, I thought he was a huge loser, but boy was I wrong. He makes me so happy." Everyone cheered when she said this. Then she said, "Damon, can you come up here for a moment?" An overeager Damon said "Sure thing." and walked up to where Holly was standing.

Suddenly, Damon got pied in the face with a plate of whipped cream. The people in the crowd started to laugh at him. He thought it was over, but that was not the end of it. All of the sudden, Colin and his friends poured all different types of food, liquids, and condiments all over him. Sauces, milk, chips, sodas, bread, candy, water, juices; you name it, they poured it on him.

After that, everyone at the party was laughing even harder than before. Damon stood there, confused with food drops and chunks dripping from him. "What's going on?" he whimpered. "Holly, what is going on?" Holly then took out her phone and started taking pictures of/recording Damon. Her friends and the jocks did the same as well. Pretty soon, people in the crowd started to take out their phones too. "You really thought I liked you, didn't you?" Holly said smugly while taking more pictures of him. "I can't believe he fell for it." said another one of Holly's friends. Hearing this brought tears to Damon's eyes. "Awww," said Colin mockingly, "Is fat boy going to cry?" This made everyone, except Damon laugh so hard. "So all of this was a setup?" asked Damon, whose voice was now shaking. Then Colin said, "It sure was, and guess what? Holly wants to date me, not you. So run along." Then he turned and made out with Holly right in front of Damon. Everyone cheered (except Damon of course) and this shattered Damon's heart into a million microscopic pieces. Feeling humiliated, heartbroken, and depressed, Damon walks away while quietly sobbing. As he was walking away, people picked up where they left off and continued laughing at him and recording him.

When Damon got home, he looked at himself in the mirror of his room. He then vowed that from this day forward, he was never going to let anyone clown him, humiliate him, or use him. He didn't even attend his graduation because of what happened, but his parents were okay with his decision. The college he was going to was in Toronto, Canada, so he didn't have to worry about running into his old classmates. For the next couple of years, Damon worked hard in college, and when he wasn't doing college related work, he was working out. Years pass by, and Damon eventually graduates from college. Not only that, he also lost plenty of pounds, and has gotten extremely jacked at the time of his graduation. Since he graduated from college he found a good paying job, he has been extremely active on all of his socials, and most of all, he met a woman at the gym. She was a beautiful redhead, and her name was Tara Perkins. They exchanged numbers, went on a couple of dates, and Damon asked Tara to be his girlfriend. Tara said yes, and Damon couldn't be happier. The couple spent a lot of time together, and they eventually moved in together. Until one day, Damon would run into a familiar face...

It has been 8 years since Damon was humiliated by the popular kids. He was in the parking lot of the mall walking to his car when he heard a voice call him. That voice sounded so familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He turned around and saw it was Holly, the popular girl who humiliated him 8 years ago. But there was something different about her. When they were in high school, she had herself put together, dressed nice, knew how to take care of herself, etc. Now she has horrible acne, wearing a hoodie sweatpants combo, put on a bit of weight, messy hair, etc. She looked nothing like her teenage self. As she was walking towards him, Damon was surprised. Holly was even more surprised when she saw that the boy she ridiculed in high school was extremely jacked.

"What happened to you?" she asked. "Well Holly," said Damon, "After you and your friends humiliated me, I decided to focus on myself. While I was going through college, I started hitting the gym hard." "Wow." said Holly looking all amazed, "So can we try going on dates again? I would love to go on one with you." "I don't think so." said Damon, "What would Colin think? Didn't you two become a couple after you pranked me?" Holly then starts to cry and emotionally break down saying that she caught Colin cheating on her when they were in their junior year of college. This had lead to her becoming depressed, and for her to flunk out of college. Her parents didn't take this lightly, so they cut her off. After that she started crashing at her friends' places, but she was being a huge freeloader, and this lead to each of her friends kicking her out. After hearing this, Damon said, "Look I'm sorry Colin cheated on you, but I can't help you. I have my own life.

"Besides" said Damon, "I want you to meet someone" Just then Tara walked over to Damon and Holly, and Damon introduced her. "This is my girlfriend Tara." Holly, realizing that Tara is even more beautiful then she ever was then tries to tell lies. "Your boyfriend was mean to me when we were in high school!" "He is extrememly rude and a womaizer!" "Don't marry him, don't have kids with him, he'd make a terrible father!" "Save it" said Tara. "Damon's told me all about you and what you did to him in high school, I know you're lying." "I just don't get it," said Holly. "Why are you choosing this girl over me?" "Because Holly," said Damon. What you did to me, was wrong, and hurt me for years." "But I left in in the past, so I'm not concerned about it anymore. I hope you move on, and heal from your breakup with Colin. Goodbye Holly." Damon then walked away while putting his arm around Tara's shoulder. While watching this, Holly looked with sadness, envy, anger, resentment, and regret on her face, and then let out a scream.

Short Story

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Jordan Harris

Just a 20 something college student trying to find his way in life. I'm new to the writing world so give me a chance.

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