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The Legend of Pencilhand

You might get the "point" of this spooky being

By Jordan HarrisPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

If I were you, I would be careful when walking by yourself. Because if you are by yourself for too long, then it won't be long until Pencilhand comes out. He loves to go around killing innocent people. Who is Pencilhand you ask? Why he is one of the most fearsome killers in this nation right now. But he wasn't always like this. Why yes, a pretty long time ago, he used to be a normal, average day working man who knew right from wrong, but that unfortunately was before... the incident.

Many years ago, in a small town called Pendle, a community in Illinois outside of Chicago, there lived a man named Arnold Wilkins. He worked a job at the local pencil factory. Unfortunately, it was not all peaches and cream in the world of Arnold. The job he had at the factory was very low paying, he had to work 10+ hours everyday, including weekends and holidays, he would never get a vacation. And the worst part was that he was made fun of by his coworkers because he had five failed marriages and each of those marriages lasted less than a year.

Arnold was always the butt of the jokes at his workplace, and he was the punching bag too. Every single co worker at the pencil factory made fun of him, even the janitors made fun of him too and they got paid less than him. The CEO and Chairman of the company was oblivious to the abuse that Arnold was getting, so he went with the flow and made fun of Arnold along with his employees. And no matter how many complaints that Arnold would write, he would never get any of his problems solved. In fact, most of the people in his town didn't care about him at all.

One day, after getting off break, a few of Arnold's co workers decided to pull a practical joke on him, they waited until he was walking towards them, and then one of the workers shoved him very hard, and this resulted in Arnold getting his right hand caught in one of the factory's machines. He pulled and pulled until he was finally released. But the problem was that his hand broke off when he pulled himself out of the machine. Everyone in the factory was in shock and/or speechless. Arnold had to call 911 and ask for an ambulance to come get him. Unfortunately, doctors could not sew Arnold's hand back on because it was severely damaged when it got caught in the machine. And Arnold's insurance couldn't cover for a prosthetic hand, so they replaced his hand with a giant pencil. This was no ordinary pencil though. This pencil was a foot long, and as thick as a sewer pipe.

The next day, Arnold walked into work with the pencil where his hand used to be. His coworkers stopped what they were doing and they took one good and long look at it. Then, after a bit of silence, they all burst out laughing. They were laughing at him even harder than they did before. Even the CEO was laughing at him. As all the employees were laughing at him, Arnold just stood there motionless for a few seconds. Then, his left eye started to twitch, and he started huffing and puffing, with his eyebrows starting to form an angry expression. He then lets out a raging and frightening scream, which scares every employee in the vicinity, and they start to realize that they may have pushed him way too far. Arnold begins to growl with anger, and then he suddenly fatally stabs a worker with his pencil. The other workers, now realizing the danger they are in, try to make a run for it, but to no avail. It isn't long until every worker is dead, until the boss is left standing. He begs and pleads Arnold to spare him, but Arnold didn't give a damn, and killed the CEO. Arnold leaves the factory, renaming himself "Pencilhand".

Shortly after, Pencilhand was arrested by the local police and he was taken to court and sentenced to the electric chair for his crimes. his body was taken to the morgue shortly after, and the next day, every single body in the morgue mysteriously disappeared.

They say that to this day, Pencilhand wanders around the United States, and goes murdering innocent people. His presence is announced whenever the sound of an electric pencil sharpener is made, followed by a pencil pun. After that, you only have a minute to hide, because if you are not hiding after time is up, you are screwed.


About the Creator

Jordan Harris

Just a 20 something college student trying to find his way in life. I'm new to the writing world so give me a chance.

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