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Cherry Tree High School

Where A Friendly Night at a School Disco, Turns into Unexpected Dating Fun.

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 8 min read
Cherry Tree High School
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It is 7:30 A.M. and I don't want to get out of bed this morning. Blurry eyed, I attempt to switch off the blaring alarm that is causing my ears to pop like popping candy, pull the covers over my head, and let out a huge groan.

My name is Carolina and I am fifteen years old. I hate school, it is so damn boring! I never understood why we have to spend our time slogging away at writing and learning, from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. It is like we are slaves just because we are young, and wearing a school uniform is so not fashionable. My uniform is navy blue, and Cherry Tree High has a rule which is that,

'girls must wear trousers.'

I mean, come on! I love my skirts; most girls in my class do! It's not as if we are going to wear them so short they show our underwear, right! It is a stupid rule!

Anyway, enough ranting. Back to my story.


I am walking down Cherry lane with my friends Catherine and Leigh. We are complaining about the fact that we have to go to school today. The sun is out and it is scorching hot. I'd rather be lying on a beach in a bikini with sunshades, lemonade, a good book and a handful of seniors to eye up. Seniors are eye-candy, in my opinion, they make school fun. School life would be so much more boring without them! Anyway, we continue walking and complaining, as we do on the way to school every day. We head into the school playground where the handsome Jack and Terry are stood looking rather cool in their Sunshades.

"Hi girls!" Terry greets us, looking straight at me.

"Hi, Terry," I reply. My cheeks are sizzling, and I hope with all my heart, he can't see them. I feel like someone just slapped me with a sunburst tomato. I look down, trying to hide it, though I just know he can see it. Jack notices and starts mocking me by laughing at me and pointing at Terry. I stick my tongue out at him and roll my eyes.

"We've been told that there is a school disco tonight, are you guys going to go?" Catherine asks.

Catherine is really into Jack. Jack is beefy, and he wears this super cool studded leather jacket after school that smells really lush. He winks at Catherine and answers,

"Are you going to be there?"

I look at Catherine and give her a knowing smile. She nudges me and tries to hide a laugh.

"Um...sure!" she replies, followed by, "Will Terry be there?"

Terry nods, smiling my way. I wish he would stop! I'm already wearing a million tomato's on my cheeks, and I'm sure my pink blusher just turned the colour of a million tomatoes.

The bell goes.

"That's our call, see you tonight!" Jack, Terry and Leigh call.

I just feel relieved to get to class. I can at least simmer down a little now. I don't concentrate much, I find myself thinking too much. Terry with the gorgeous muscle, Terry with the beautiful sultry brown eyes, Terry with the hot kissable lips. I catch Mr. Jones looking at me, and I stick my head in my books, pretending to do the work. I am lucky that I haven't gotten myself into trouble for my distracting thoughts.


To my relief, 3:30 P.M. comes faster than I thought it would. Mr. Jones had been ranting for the last half an hour about handing in our homework on time. I kept watching the clock, hoping class would end fast because, just for once, I didn't want to leave with a headache. I finally get to my house, greeted by my annoying three year old sisters toys on the staircase, of which I trip over as I attempt to dodge them whilst trying to get to my room. I just want a shower for crying out loud! Since my sister was born, our house has become an obstacle course for toys.

If only three year olds could tidy up!

I raid my wardrobe for decent clothes. I have millions of them, and I really do not know what to wear tonight. I wish my friend Leigh was here, she always had good fashion sense and she would throw an outfit together for me in no time. After spending thirty minutes fighting with my wardrobe, I choose a knee-length black skirt with a red crop top. Now it is time for my make-up. I hate make-up, it takes ages to perfect! I decide to just throw on what I can. It doesn't matter as long as it is tidy.

By 7 P.M. I am finally changed. Mum is at work and won't be back until 10 P.M, so I ask Jackie, our neighbour to babysit. Jackie kindly obliges, and as soon as she arrives, I bolt out of the door.

I get to the school at around 8 P.M. Leigh is already there. She didn't talk much at school today, and I was worried that something was very wrong. It turns out that Leigh had split with Jake, her dumbass boyfriend who was always kissing other girls. Jake was a freak anyway, always thinking he was every girls boy, and he could never stick with one girl.

"I walked into Farm Lane Park, and there he was, snogging Jenny like it was yesterday. I gave him the middle finger and walked off. I never want to see that idiot again!" Leigh told me.

"Well, he never deserved you anyway. Maybe you'll meet someone better tonight." I replied.

Terry and Jack came running up to us. Catherine soon followed. Terry threw his arm around my shoulder, and Jack did the same to Catherine.

"Terry! Strong. Much!" I complained.

He simply blew a large bubble-gum bubble in my face.

There was a new boy join them named Ian, and Leigh had already taken a liking to him. She had him dancing with her wildly on the dancefloor, and they were all over each other like they had just met. I watched them, stunned. Leigh seemed happier than ever. At the end of the dance, Terry let a party popper go all over her, while Leigh opened up her coke all over him. The two were acting like a pair of primary school children!

Catherine had disappeared to buy some Lemonade, but when I turned to observe the stall, she was chatting up three boys at a time. Well I say chatting, It was more like flirting. Suddenly Wig-fields Saturday Night starts blasting from the speakers. We love this song, so every one of us lines up on the dance floor to dance to it. Terry decides to stand next to me, while Ian stands next to Leigh. Catherine however, sandwiches herself between the three boys she had met at the bar.

Mid-dance, Terry laughs and says to me, "Can Catherine ever just pick one boy?"

I let out a giggle and reply, "Well, with her pink hair and matching dress, she isn't exactly a shadow in the crowd!"

"Well, I shook pink bubble-gum over her and painted her dress!" Terry replies.

I accidentally spill my drink down my dress because I choke with laughter.

There was an accident in an art class, and Catherine had gotten into trouble with the teacher for wearing a dress. She had stormed out of the classroom, past Terry while he was squirting pink paint into a tub and it had accidentally been thrown over her. Catherine had taken a major tantrum and accused Terry of doing it on purpose. She still convinced herself that he had done it on purpose today!.

This whole scene is starting to very much look like dating, though we never really planned to do dates. The disco was meant to be a bit of friendly fun.

Catherine and Leigh waltz over to us.

"Eenie-Meanie-Mincey-Mo!" Leigh teases Catherine, laughing at her.

"Shut up!" Catherine replies.

"Well, you can only choose one! You can't have them all, you know." Leigh tells her sarcastically.

"I am here you know!" Jack suddenly blurts out. He appears out of nowhere, but he was observing the girls from a distance. Jack feels a little jealous, though he himself has been surrounded by girls all night.

"Catherine replies with, "It depends on which sausage is bigger!" then she disappears.

"So, where all dating tonight then?" Terry asks.

I shake my head and run to the toilets. When I get there, I find Catherine making out at the entrance of the school doors.

"Oh my god, Catherine! You'll get caught here!" I tell her.

Catherine laughs, and shrugs; then she replies with, "Well, I'm not exactly having sex and the odd grope goes a long way! I can't find out who has the bigger size if I don't touch now, can I?"

I really do not know how to answer this, so I sigh and leave her to it

I am back in the disco hall, and the lights are blinding. I can't find Terry, Leigh or Jack, and I'm dying to tell them about what just happened. I mean, there is fun and then there is over-the-top-fun. I feel that Catherine has taken the 'fun' a bit too far. Teenagers grope all the time, however, not in public where they can be seen, surely? Catherine has obviously had too much fun tonight.

I find Leigh, but not in the way I hope to find her! I had headed into the girls' toilet needing to desperately pee. The toilets are packed and I have to wait in the queue. I hear moans of pleasure coming from the toilet I am stood near.

"Oh yes, oh yes! more please, more!"

I shut my ears, pretending not to hear it. Everyone else can hear it too, and I am slightly embarrassed to be stood in that queue. Leigh finally comes out of the toilet with another girl.

"That was some good masturbating session we had," she tells her. She then notices me and acts as nothing has happened. She pats me on the shoulder, smiling and leaves with the girl.

I simply go to the toilet, and walk out quietly, with my head down to hide the embarrassment creeping into my cheeks.

I head outside needing the air after that episode, and I find Terry and Jack sat on a bench out there. The night is nearly over now. I just stand there and look at them.

"You two haven't been doing it too, have you?" I finally ask them, feeling frustrated.

"Us? Are you out of your mind?" Jack asks with a laugh.

"Leigh and Catherine have been rampant rabbits tonight. It seems our friendly night out has turned into a dating and sex finding mission. Oh and Leigh is into girls now! While Catherine was making out with some boy outside the school entrance!" I explain, completely bewildered about this night.

Terry walks over to me, and what happens next, was not something I was expecting.

"Shut up!" He says, shaking his head, before planting a massive snog on my lips in front of Jack.

I just stare at him in total shock.


The disco finally comes to an end, and every single one of us leaves with a partner. We find out that Leigh's girlfriend is called Lena. Jack suddenly introduces us to a girl out of the blue called Nicole. We realize that none of us had seen Jack much tonight, then we notice the bite mark on his neck. We decide not to ask!

Everybody parts ways and heads home, apart from myself and Terry. Terry walks me home that night, and when I get to my door he kisses me again, then he asks me,

"Will you go out with me?"

"Yes!" I answer, smiling, and he kisses me again.

Our 'friendship night' has turned into dating night, but sure as hell, it was a lot of fun!

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