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Chapter Three: At The Edge Of The Forest

Young Kira

By Caroline-StoryGirlCAPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

CHAPTER 3: Young Kira

“Kira! Kendra’s hands lay resting on her hips while she impatiently called to her 13-year-old daughter. “One more time and don’t forget to breath before you release the arrow!” She flounced her hands in the air with frustration. “Again! Concentrate child!”

Kira wiped the strands of her bright auburn hair away from her face as she began to aim again at the target which lay 30 Ft. in front of her. She was close to tears, but she didn’t dare let her mother see her cry. She closed her eyes. Breathe she told herself. When she opened them again her eyes fell upon the barley bale target; her arms were steady. She exhaled slowly and gently released the bow. The arrow shot through the air and landed an inch away from the center of the target. Elated at her success, she jumped up and down excitedly and called to her mother who stood still as a statue watching nearby.

“I did it Mother! Look! I’m much better, aren’t I?”

Kendra walked towards her daughter and smiled. She wrapped a gentle arm around her and said, “Yes you are, but there is still work to do. Have you finished your chores for the day?”

Kira looked away.

“No, but I don’t want to do chores. I’d rather practice or go riding in the forest with Lena.” Her gray mare. Kira looked at the ground and gave the dirt a kick.

Kira reminded Kendra of herself when she was young. She reached for her daughter before she could slip away. “Give me your bow.”

Kira reluctantly handed it over and started to turn away.

“Just a minute young lady. Everyone pulls their weight around here and that means you too. Go help your Uncle Owen in the Barley fields. Dinner will be ready at sunset. Oh, and Kira?” Kendra held her hand out, “Arrows too.”

Without a word Kira bounded down the hillside towards the Barley fields. She could see Uncle Owen working the plow horse. Soon she slowed to a walk. The longer it took her to get to the Barley fields the better.

She began to think about her mother. Kira loved her mother very much. She smiled and laughed as much as anyone but sometimes she noticed a faraway expression in her eyes as if something were troubling her. She wondered why.

Kira had practiced archery, riding, hunting, and how to collect specific plants she could eat or use for medicine since she was eight years old. Kendra also taught her how to hide and become “invisible” within the forest. They even made a secret hideout no one knew about. Kendra said they were games. When Kira was young, she believed in the games and had fun playing with her mother but nowadays, Kira didn’t believe they were just games. Something else was going on. Something she didn’t know about.

Sometimes at night when Kira was supposed to be asleep, she would lie awake listening to her mother speaking with the clan elders around the fire of their round house. These Foreigners were a looming threat to their peaceful life. Kira knew her mother worried about this every day. The Foreigners were led by a Chieftain named Gunnar. They said he was terrible, and Kendra never spoke of him to Kira.

Kira felt a chill run up and down her spine and quickly dismissed her thoughts about Gunnar and the Foreigners. She looked behind her and saw her mother still standing on the hillside as if she were watching or waiting for something. Kira hurried along now anxious to get to Uncle Owen. She didn’t want to be alone. Uncle Owen was like a father to her. She never knew her father. Kendra said he died of the sickness before she was born.

Meanwhile, Kendra remained on the hillside a few moments longer. Her keen eyes surveyed the land for anything that looked unusual. Satisfied all was quiet, she began walking down the hillside and back to her home.


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Hi there! I’m a fiction writer. Written all my life. Want to inspire if I can. Living on a guest horse ranch in Baja California, Mexico. Married to a Mexican Cowboy!


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