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Cashing Out

No Chips Necessary

By R. JamesonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Cashing Out
Photo by Daniel Páscoa on Unsplash

The armored truck pulled up right on schedule. The driver put the car in park and promptly closed his eyes for his regular nap. The casino’s escort came out to greet the courier. And with the flick a cigarette from a seemingly unsuspecting bystander, the clock began.

Two guys jump into action holding up the courier and the escort, knowing that there training wouldn’t encourage them to fight back. With both men on the ground, on robber hands his weapon to one of his partners, who maintains a close-range shot. Locating the carabiner with the key to the truck, they open the back right as an unmarked Honda civic car pulls up with the trunk popped open.

The bystander from earlier comes around and zip ties the men on the ground. The two weapons guys load the car with the money bags, leaving the guns in the bank truck. The weapons guys and the bystander get in, and with a simultaneous slamming of the three doors, the drivers take off with the driver toward a carwash ten miles out. Three minutes and four million, off to an identical getaway car with plates, headed for the interstate.


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