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Case #87-45901

(Jefferson Farm Fire)

By THE SPEAR SISTERSPublished 6 months ago 10 min read
Runner-Up in The Aquarium Challenge
Evidence #31: Officer Yang's audio recorder


As requested by Detective Abaddi reopening case # 87-45901


Interviewer: Detective Beverley Yang (OY)

Interviewee: Unknown (Un)

Location: Jefferson Farm, Langley

Date: December 12th, 1993

Following material is a transcription of a recording recovered from the Jefferson Farm fire on December 13th, 1993:


(OY): It is 3:46 am on December 12th 1993. This is officer Jones. I am entering a warehouse on the abandoned Jeffrey farm lot. I am with-

(Un): No. Don’t say my name.

(OY): This won’t be shared with anyone outside my team. You have my word.

(Un): I don’t know your team.

(OY): You trust me, right? You can trust them.

(Un): I just- I don’t want to be traced back to this. These people-


(OY): What? What is it?

(Un): Did you hear that?

(Sound of muffled banging in the background.)

(OY): The banging?

(Un): There.


(Sound of muffled banging in the background.)

(Un): Oh, no, it’s ok. Just the wind hitting the door there.

(OY): Do you think you’re in danger?

(Un): Just don’t say my name.

(OY): You're shaking. Are you sure you're ok?

(Un): Just don't say my name. Please, Bev.

(OY): It's ok. Don't worry. I won’t.

(Un): This way.

(OY): Why are you telling me? If you think it's a risk?

(Un): Because, what I saw here… Someone needs to know. Someone has to look into it. Who better than you?

(OY): What did you see?

(Un): I told you, I need to show you- You need to see this first. I don’t think you’ll believe me otherwise.

(Footsteps walking)

(Un): Sorry, I didn’t ask about your mum. All this is-

(OY): No, of course. It's alright.

(Un): How’s she doing?

(OY): She’s… the doctors aren’t hopeful at this point. But, she’s doing alright. For now. I just wish there was something I could do.

(Un): Yeah, same. Ok, right over here.

(Footsteps walking)

(Un): Look.

(OY): Oh my god. What is this?

(Un): I heard them call it the aquarium.

(OY): Who’s they?

(Un): The people that were here. People in blue suits and in lab coats. They came first. With security for both. Armed. With big guns. The two groups shook hands. They were serious. Very business-like, you know. Some tension. But at the same time… I think there was some excitement too. That’s what they called it, this room, the aquarium, when they were inspecting it together. They wanted everything to be perfect.

(OY): The aquarium… ok. For the record, I am looking at a large glass-

(sound of knocking on plastic)

(OY): Correction, a plastic box. A room. There are chairs, nice ones, positioned around it. Facing in.

(Un) : The people took their seats there. On this side, the folks in blue suits, and on this side, the ones in the lab coats. Watching. Taking notes.

(OY): Watching what was happening inside?

(Un): Yes.

(OY): For the record, the box, the aquarium, it has a door. There’s lock on the outside. Inside- it looks like it was set up for a fancy dinner. There are flowers all around the room. There’s a small table with table cloth. Place settings for two. Candles. Burnt down. There are some dinner plates with some food still left on it. Is that….?

(Un): Blood. Yes.

(OY): There’s blood on the table cloth, on part of the dinner plate. And… there is a blood soaked napkin on the floor. What happened? Who was inside?

(Un): After they all sat down, a girl was brought in. Teen looking, maybe 18. She was wearing a nice dress. She looked dressed up. She was ushered in by armed security and a man in a blue suit and was put inside the box. The man spoke to her a bit in… I think it was Japanese. Not sure. They had microphones inside, see right there?

(OY): Yeah.

(Un): So people out here could hear inside. The man left the girl in the room, the aquarium, and locked the door behind him.

(OY): Did she look scared?

(Un): No. She looked excited. Then, a woman in a lab coat came in with a boy. He looked around the same age as the boy. Before he entered the room he stopped and spoke with the woman. It was in Hindi so I knew what they were saying. I was outside, right there. See that crack there?

(OY): Yeah.

(Un): I saw the light, and thought- Well, no one ever comes out here. So I went to check it out. When I saw- I had a good view there and could hear a lot of what was going on too. The boy- When he came in he was telling the woman he wasn’t sure about this.

(OY): About what?

(Un): What he was supposed to do, I guess. She told him something quietly, I couldn't hear. He nodded and squeezed her hand. She was maybe in her 70s, but… I don’t know.... It was short, but there was something to that hand-squeeze. It looked intimate. The others there, they wouldn’t have been able to see it. You could just see it from here, this angle. The woman opened the door for him and he went in. The door was locked behind. Everyone watching went quiet. They were all watching closely.


(Un): Did you hear footsteps?

(OY): Hello? Is there someone there? Hello?


(Un): No. No. I think I’m just nervous. Hearing things. Ok….what was I saying?

(OY): The boy had just got put in the aquarium.

(Un): Right. So, the girl and the boy stood there staring at each other for a bit. Then they shook hands. They said how great it was to finally meet. "Almost unbelievable", the girl, Lin, said. They introduced themselves. The girl said her name was Lin. The boy said he was Eric. Lin said that she had only ever heard him referred to as the other one until then.

(OY): The other one?

(Un): Yes. That’s what she said. Then they sat down to dinner and chatted a bit. Small talk. They liked each other's outfits. They mention that their teams both chose what they were going to wear. They spoke mostly in English to each other. And a bit in Hindi and the other language. I really think it was Japanese, but I don’t want to give the wrong information. They both spoke perfectly. In English and Hindi at least. No accent or anything. They both mentioned that they didn’t get much opportunity to dress up. They both seemed smart, for teens, you know. The girl especially.

(OY): How so?

(Un): Something in the way she spoke, and the way she carried herself. They both seemed… different.

(OY): Different.

(Un): A bit odd. Again, the girl more so. There was this intensity about her. Intelligent, but also sort of... unhinged. There was champagne. She popped it, drank from the bottle first, then poured wine into glasses for them both. She raised her glass and said “to us”. The boy raised his glass, but then pulled back. It looked like he was panicking. He said he couldn’t do this. He stood up and went to the door and called out a name, Helen. That’s when I saw the girl pick up her knife.

(OY): Her knife?

(Un): Yeah, her steak knife. While the boy was calling for Helen. Maybe Ellen. The woman, the one who brought him in, that must be here because she stood up for a moment, but then sat back down. She shook her head at him. The girl told the boy that their teams negotiated a strict non-intervention for this first meeting. She said it was a big deal. For them. I heard one of the women wearing a lab coat say “they will never understand how big”. The boy went back to the table and then- Does it seem quiet to you?

(OY): Yes. The door’s stopped banging. The wind’s stopped.

(Un): Oh. Yeah.

(OY): And then the boy went back to the table-

(Un): Yes. He sat down and apologized. Said it was a lot to take in. He said he thought Lin as lying until they showed him her files. The girl said her people never show her anything or tell her anything. She said she didn't even know where they were. She assumed they chose a neutral meeting spot between their two facilities. The boy told her they were in Canada. Then the boy said: "so they haven't told you what they want". I could see some of the watchers look at each other. Nervous maybe. The girl said no. But that it is obvious. She said “They want us to fall in love.”

(OY): So this was some kind of organized first date?

(Un): Right. But then, the boy tells her that he can’t do that. He can’t fall in love with her. Then, it happened so fast, the girl lept across the table and jammed the knife into his throat. I almost screamed. The boy looked confused. He pulled the knife out.

(OY): Oh no. That’s where the blood's from?

(Un): Yes. It was horrible. It was spurting out, he was gurgling.

(OY): What did they do? The people watching?

(Un): Nothing. Nothing. They just sat and watched. And took notes.

(OY): So they just watched him die?

(Un): They watched… The girl just sat back and watched.

(OY): That’s horrible.

(Un): I was jsut about to run in there and try to help when... I saw the boy took the napkin and press it into his neck. Then h- he wiped the blood away. Wiped it away and… even from over there I could see- I could see it. The wound was healing. It wasn’t a moment before it was gone. Completely healed. He used some water from his glass to clean up the rest of the blood from his neck. Completely healed.

(OY): You’re telling me there was a boy in there that was stabbed in the neck and he just... healed?

(Un): Yes. Yes, I know it sounds- but it’s true. It’s true. I saw it happen.

(OY): You sure you’re remembering things properly?

(Un): The boy was alright. He was stabbed through the neck. He was bleeding. It was bad. And then it wasn’t. He was perfectly fine. And I saw all these other people just watching taking notes. They didn’t look surprised at all. Slightly annoyed, but not surprised.

(OY): And how did the girl seem?

(Un): The girl smiled said “I had to see. To know for sure.”

(OY): She knew that was going to happen?

(Un): I don’t know. She said that it has been so long, she had given up hope she would meet someone like her.

(OY): Like her?

(Un): Right. She said that she always thought if she met someone like her she would be happy. That she wouldn’t be alone. But suddenly she feels sad. That he has had to suffer like her. That he will have to. She told him that she knows why he can't love her. Because he loves someone else.

(OY): Helen.

(Un): Or Ellen. The girl said she doesn't care. She doesn't want to give them what they want. She looked out to the people watching and said “they want so badly what we have.” The boy said “They want us to have a child.”

(OY): So that’s what these people are after. A baby.

(Un): Yes, the girl said these people think it will unlock their secrets. Then she looked at every one of the people gathered as she said: “They think immortality is a gift. But they don’t know they’re searching for a curse.”

(OY): Immortality... Immortality. If they really are immortal then…


(OY): Do you smell smoke?

(Un): Yeah, yeah, I do. There! And there.

(OY): Get to the door. Quick!

(Un): It’s locked! Try the other.

(OY): Locked. I hear someone outside!

(Un): Help! Please! We’re trapped in here.

(Sound of gunshots)

(Un): It’s them.

(OY): They’re getting rid of the evidence.

(Sound of gunshots)

(OY): We need to take cover. Now!

(Sound of recorder falling)

(OY): Follow me! Into the aquarium! Now.

(Sound of gunshots)

(Sounds of muffled voices)



Note: No bodies recovered from the fire. The whereabouts of Officer Yang and the unnamed source is still unknown at this time.

MysterySci FiShort Story

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Kailey and Sam Spear are film & TV director/writer/actors (and twin sisters) originally from Nex̱wlélex̱m, Bowen Island, Canada. Their passion lies in character-based genre, particularly world building in fantasy and sci-fi.

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  • This comment has been deleted

  • Lorelle R.6 months ago

    This is so cool! I absolutely love the "found footage" vibe, it's so moody and mysterious!

  • Madoka Mori6 months ago

    Oh, wow! I really loved this. What an incredible structure, and a wonderful take on the challenge.

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