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Can Anyone Hear Me?

Writing prompt fun! Part 1

By Rich BurtonPublished 8 months ago 4 min read

I am trying to work on my fiction writing so I am going to start a series of short stories based on prompts I find! Thanks and enjoy!

“One day in class you decide to scream something in your head to catch mind readers. As you do, you see your crush flinch.”

Part 1


She rested her head in her hand, leaning towards the window. Her teacher chattered in the background, going on about doing the next equation. This is so boring, she thought. The sun shined brightly, while the leaves slowly rustled in the wind. I wish I was outside, she sighed audibly.

About a minute after her thinking her wish, her name was called on the PA system.

“Maya Coulter, please come to the office.”

Maya looked at the teacher and she nodded curtly waving her off to dismiss her. Maya shoved her notebook into her backpack and scurried off ignoring the eyes of her classmates.

Why was she going to the principals office, she wondered.

As she approached the secretaries desk, she asked, “Uhm, I was called up here to the office, what’s up?”

“Your name?” She said keeping her eyes on her computer.

“Maya Coulter.”

“Hmm,” She typed on her computer a bit and her brows furrowed. “I don’t see anything here for you, so you’re free to go back to class?”

“Okay,” She said happily. I’m not going back to class, she thought, there’s only 10 minutes left of class. I am going outside.

Giddiness weld up inside her and she almost skipped outside. Then her face dropped. Why was I called to the office, she wondered. Questions started to pop in her mind about why she was called up and who got her out of class.

She only had thoughts in her mind that she wanted to get out of class. Could someone..., she pondered, no... that’s impossible. Her mind suddenly emptied, if it was possible she needed to keep her mind clear and think of other things that were not suspicious until she could find the right moment and expose them.

She continued to walk down the hall outside to the mall, what the students called the grassy area where everyone hung out during lunch. She opened the doors, felt the wind hit her face. She closed her eyes, breathing in the fresh air.

“Hey, Maya!”

Maya squinted her eyes, searching for the voice. Lifting her hand to block the sun, she saw her friend Heather.

“Hey!” She ran over to her, smiling.

“What are you doing out of class so early?” Heather was a class aid third period so she was always out and about doing errands for the teacher.

“Was called to the office and then they didn’t need me anymore I guess,” Maya shrugged.

Heather linked her arm into her’s and headed to their new destination.

We were walking through the mall and a group of students camas around the corner coming towards them.

Maya remembered her possible mind-reading scenario. She tried not to think about how she was going to find out who her reader was. As the group walked by, Maya assessed through all the students.

They were seniors; she only saw unfamiliar faces that stared back at her. She decided to inact her plan. It was just a stupid experiment after all.

She screamed in her mind as loud as she thought she could and as she watched the seniors walk along, a boy in the back yelled grabbing his head.

Everyone turned around to see who screamed, concern snapping into their faces.

The student who yelled was a boy wearing dark clothes and his hands were grasping at his dark hairs.

A few people muttered in gossip about who it was and other’s asked if he was okay. He released his hair and looked up to see everyone stare at him.

It was Roan. Maya tried to empty her brain again, but thoughts of who he was to her keep trying to flood her mind. She was the one she found herself staring at during pass periods, lunch, and practically stalk out to the parking lot to see him get in his car.

He was the opposite of a popular kid, someone who usually kept to themselves. He had some friends, but his happiness in being content with himself drew Maya closer to him. She was not that way. She wasn’t popular either, but her thoughts of herself were anything but.

He ran his hands through his hair, cleared his throat and put on a fake smile saying he was okay.

“Sorry, I... uh, saw a spider,” Roan muttered out.

His eyes shot to her for a moment and her face still read shock. He put his head down, looking nervous fidgeting with his hair. He scurried off with the rest of the students and Maya was just being dragged by heather at this point still unsure how to precede with the new information she just received.

End of Part 1! Hope you enjoyed! I’m still working on being more descriptive and other things! If you have any advice, I’m all ears!

Young Adult

About the Creator

Rich Burton

I’m a work from home mom with 2 crazy kids. I write for fun with the hopes of finishing my unfinished book!

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