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Let us see the first season and episode two

Billy and Hughie evade the police and take Translucent’s body with them, stuffing it into the storage compartment of their vehicle. They are shocked to discover that Translucent isn’t dead, but they’re still in that state of mind. Hughie needs Translucent to let him go, but Billy can convince him otherwise, saying that he will never seek revenge for Robin in any way.

Billy drives to Frenchie’s house, where he asks why he’s come, as he owes Frenchie $40,000, and Billy shows him Translucent. Frenchie warns him that Homelander may be coming.

At Seven Tower, Ashley Barrett and Madelyn Stillwell inspect Translucent‘s area. Ashley says she doesn’t have a clue about his area, and he hasn’t triggered any of the building’s motion sensors.

At A-Train’s clinic, A-Train visits a sick high schooler. The kid is distressed because he asked to see Translucent, but A-Train didn’t show up. A-Train brags that he’s the fastest man on earth, but he does not affect the kid.

Starlight introduces herself to Black Noir, but he does not interfere. Ashley inquires as to how she is settling into her watch, and Starlight states that she enjoys her examinations. She is surprised to discover that the Deep is also on the watch. Frenchie, Billy, and Hughie encase Translucent in an electrical chamber in the cellar of the barricaded café, and Frenchie is annoyed that Billy has caused him to worry. He states that Translucent is immune, making him difficult to eliminate. Hughie is shocked to hear that they are considering eliminating Translucent. Homelander asks Madelyn if she has located Translucent, and suggests that he search for him himself, but Stillwell states that this is not necessary. Madelyn inquires as to whether Homelander has been informed of the Mayor's involvement with Compound V, and Homelander states that he has heard the Mayor blackmailing her, but Madelyn counsels him to remain quiet.

Hughie receives several missed phone calls from his father. When he gets back to the house, his father expresses concern about what happened in the AV store and asks him to go home and calm down.

Homewarden and the Deep gather at Seven Tower, where Homelander inquires why the Deep rushed to Stillwell to reveal what he had seen on the Mayor’s plane, and Homelander refers to the gathering as ‘a pseudo-dangerous meeting’, and tells the Deep that they should never discuss it again in the future. The Deep agrees with Homelander, and Frenchie arranges for a projectile to be made of a material similar to that of Translucent’s skin so that it will penetrate his skin and kill him. Billy fires the shot, but it bobs away from his skin, and Translucent smiles, assuring himself that he is invulnerable and will remain that way until The Seven arrive for him.

The shot causes damage to the foil protecting the roof, and because of this, Madelyn sends out a security team to search the ten-block area.

Deep and Starlight are at the docks investigating the case Ashley gave them. Deep is angry that Ashley gave him a low-level case, and Starlight explodes about what happened the night before. The deep laughs at her, and Starlight reveals that she has figured out that she is not number two in the Seven, but is laughed at by everyone and is 'just the fish guy'. The two manage to get a series of drug-pirated hooligans to run through the docks. Vought refers to the bust as a chance to expose something, which astounds Starlight.

At Susan Raynor’s home, Billy is lying on pause for the CIA delegate overseer, congratulating her on her progress and asking to see some of her documents (including Translucent). Raynor asks why he should see the records, and Billy admits that he hopes to kill him and that he may be able to find something in the records. Raynor tells him that the records are covered and that she won’t reveal them either.

There is a strong sexual relationship between them.

Hughie inquires about the circumstances surrounding Robin's death. He inquires as to the whereabouts of A-Train, noting that he is aware that they are in a tight situation. Frenchie witnesses a truck pulling up, and seizing his firearm. The truck then departs, leaving Vought security personnel to inspect the structure, but before they can see Frenchie or the others, Madelyn is present at the Senator's pledge drive.

The Senator states that there is no need to reconsider the use of firearms in the United States and that he would be concerned if Homelander were to be placed on the cutting edge. He expresses concern that the legends may have a bearing on Madelyn. On the way home, Starlight rescues a woman from being accosted by two men who have beaten her. The scene is being recorded without her knowledge. To silence Frenchie, he offers him MDMA and LSD, which he denies.

Frenchie reveals that he has worked in many different fields, but that he is a firearms sprinter in his professional life. He says that he usually tries to find ways to kill Supers.

The Senator is tricked into having sex with his shapeshifter doppelganger who abuses him and takes incriminating photos after she moves into him.

By 𝓴𝓘𝓡𝓚 𝕝𝔸𝕀 on Unsplash

Ashley asks Starlight about the video of her beating the men, revealing that she has lost her mystery personality. Ashley says there is no woman in the video and all she sees is Starlight beating two innocent men. She says Starlight should meet with law enforcement and emergency executives after the explosion.

Stillwell meets the Senator and shows her two photos from earlier that evening. She says she knows he had sex with her doppelganger and plans to use the photos to blackmail the Senator for public safety.

Homelander visits Crime Analytics, asking if anyone has seen Translucent; he's worried that Translucent has been missing for over 24 hours. He expresses his desire to find Translucent himself, but Anika is concerned that he's trying to get Stillwell's approval. However, with Homelander's encouragement, she discovers Translucent's last position.

Frenchie realizes that Translucent's shell is extreme, like a turtle's shell, but his insides are like a human's. After delivering Translucent to him, Frenchie reveals that he has placed a bomb in Translucent's rectum, which can be triggered by a remote detonator.

Billy remotely detonates an explosion at Frenchie's house nearby, drawing Homelander's attention to research. Homelander is confronted by Frenchie, who informs him that he has uncovered data regarding A-Train's pet, Popclaw.

Hughie is horrified as Frenchie pulls the detonator, which makes him aware of Homelander's presence in the vicinity.

Clear asks for his life as he realizes that he has discovered data regarding the whereabouts of A-Train the night of Robin's death.

In the cellar, Hughie, fearing that Translucent would cause irreparable damage, presses the detonator and destroys Translucent. The conclusion of Season 1 Episode 2 is now complete, and viewers can look forward to Episode 3.

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