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The Boys explore the world of superhumans, where the public sees them as heroes and Vought International promotes and makes money off of them. Most of them are pretty messed up, but they're not that bad. The show focuses on two groups, the Seven, who are Vought International's top-notch superhero team, and the Boys, who are the vigilantes trying to take control of the corrupted heroes. Billy Butcher leads the Boys, who hate superpowers, and Homelander, who is the leader of the Seven. The show follows the new additions to each team as the battle between the two groups gets bigger and bigger. We'll take a look at the first season and the first episode of the show.

The story follows two children as they argue over who will be the victor in a battle between the two companies. A large vehicle carrying stolen funds is driven towards the children, who attempt to escape, only to be struck by the van. Queen Maeve intervenes, helping to fend off the attackers, and Homelander is reported to be taking pictures with pedestrians in the area.

Later, when Hughie and Robin are leaving the store, he inquires if he has asked Gary for a raise, to which Hughie responds that he cannot simply kick down his entryway, as Homelander can. In the end, Hughie and Robin examine their lives, when Robin explodes, having been caught in the path of an A-Train while he was escaping.

Billy tells Hughie to give Vought a call and let him know he'll sign an NDA, but only if he and A-Train meet face-to-face. Billy wants Hughie to set up a bug at Seven Tower, but he won't do it. Meanwhile, Madelyn is trying to get the mayor of Baltimore to sign a deal with Vought Industries for one of their Nubian Princes.

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She's trying to get them to agree to a deal of $300 million a year, but the mayor is not having any of it. Steve guarantees that he knows about something called Compound V, and if Madelyn doesn't, he'll find out. Starlight is trying to talk to her mom about what happened with the Deep, but she's having a really bad day.

Hughie meets Billy again and tells him he's up for the deal.

Hughie calls Vought and agrees to the deal, but only if A-Train apologizes for the face-to-face. Homelander has a meeting at Seven Tower.

The Deep scolds Starlight; she holds on, insisting she must remain in The Seven.

Homelander tells the crew that they must begin with Black Noir and find out who The Seven saved that day.

Billy takes Hughie down to Seven Tower and shows him the best way to set up the bug. He's scared and hesitant, but he manages to get past the security and meet A-Train. He follows Billy's instructions, but he doesn't see Translucent drop the bug in the latrine and sign the NDA. Billy drops him off and tells him he's done everything he wants him to do right now.

Madelyn calls Steve and tells him she's taking $230 million from Nubian Prince, and asks if he'll be honest about the info about Compound V. Clear goes after Hughie over the bug he set up at Seven Tower, but he's saved by Billy, who runs over Translucent with a car and ends up fighting with him.

As Steve and his kid fly, they spot Homelander hovering near their stream. The kid asks if they're friends, and suddenly Homelander uses his keen eye to shoot down the plane, taking out everyone in it.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 8 months ago

    Great explanation. Good work!

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