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Born Without Mothers

by Joseph Roy Wright about a year ago in Sci Fi
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Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright


This will be my fifth novel, a horrifying satire about the misery of work! In Born Without Mothers; we follow a clone who has been born (or produced) for no other reason but for work. I began writing this after feeling like I was stuck in a dead end job, and how difficult it is to find one that you actually enjoy. It will satire the insane difference between the rich and poor. As the natural humans in this story live a life of luxury, while these clones do all the bad jobs that nobody wants to do. It’s a Dystopian Horror Story, with brutality, cruelty and a epic uprising!

In the year 2032: A group of Scientists put together a new project that changed the future of economics for the betterment of mankind. In this new world that they envisioned; everyone would be free to live out the life that they desire, a world without work or labour. They envisioned a Utopian world where all the hard work was done for them. They called this: The Freedom Project. It meant we could all live a life free from the burden of a 9-5 job! This group was put together by a man named David Hughes, who had worked his whole life; starting as a janitor at a science laboratory, he soon took on better roles and eventually studied to become a scientist himself. He always hated having to work, as it got in the way of his true ambitions in life. He felt bad for everyone who had to work for the majority of their lives, he desired to change that, and at 52, he began working on this world changing project. This plan however was quite inhuman and there were some out there that disapproved of his "Utopia" describing it more as a Dystopia, as it meant less job opportunities for the poor, and human rights activists found his methods to be downright disgusting. Because David Hughes' grand idea was to clone humans into a life of work, where those who were "naturally born" could live in peace, with more free will, while the "Engineered" (as he called them) would serve for the greater of humanity.

Over the course of many, many years; the debate was finally settled. If David wanted his Freedom Project to become a reality, he had to abide by certain human right laws. The Engineered had to be given decent accommodation and some sort of pay for their work. They had to be given free time and room to rest. David agreed to these terms by allowing those who would live to work life points; where his new workers could buy free time, food and entertainment for their hours put into work, with a limit of only having 4 weeks off a year. They can never leave their homes (work places) however, but are allowed certain living quarters to socialize and relax in. There were obviously a lot of activists out there who were against this, but the public, the rich and tired working class pushed for the Freedom Project to begin.

10 years past and the world had changed, the naturally born were healthier and happier, more actors and music stars raised, more books were written and society seemed more friendly. Nobody was in a rush anymore, driving fast or sprinting around to get to work, people were more patient and laid back. David Hughes Utopia really worked, and all was great for the naturally born. That was, except for me, of course. For I am an Engineered, a young man born into this "Utopia" that unfortunately, for the likes of us; is a Dystopia.

You've been reading a preview for Enter The Bermuda, written by the author himself, Joseph Roy Wright. If you're interested, I have written 3 other novels in the past that are all available on Amazon. I will leave links below. Feel free to check them out if you like.

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About the author

Joseph Roy Wright

Hello there.

My name is Joseph Roy Wright, the British author of 5 Independent novels!

I like to write about movies, pop culture, fiction and horror! I review all the latest films (and classics), I also like to write short stories.

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