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Appreciate you


By Jessen ArdiansahPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Appreciate you
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In the bustling corridors of Redwood High, Jesse Reed often found himself glancing toward Sherly Brooks, Jasmine's daughter, the girl who seemed to light up the room with her presence. Sherly was the kind of girl who made everything seem effortless. Her laughter was a melody that lifted everyone's spirits, and her kindness touched all who knew her. Jesse, however, was just another face in the crowd, an average student with a penchant for books and a quiet demeanor.

Every morning, Jesse would arrive at school early, just to catch a glimpse of Sherly as she walked through the main gate. She was always surrounded by friends, her bright smile a beacon of warmth. Jesse admired her from afar, finding solace in those brief moments of silent observation. He often wondered what it would be like to talk to her, to share even a fraction of her world.

Jesse's friends, Jake and Lily, knew about his unspoken affection for Sherly. They encouraged him to take a chance, to say something, anything, that might bridge the chasm between admiration and connection. But Jesse always shook his head, fearing rejection more than he cherished the idea of mutual affection.

One sunny afternoon, as the school was abuzz with preparations for the annual spring dance, Jesse found himself in the library, hidden among the towering shelves of books. He was lost in a novel when he heard a familiar voice. Sherly had entered the library, searching for a book for her literature class. Jesse's heart raced, his palms sweaty. This was his chance, but his feet felt like they were glued to the floor.

He watched as she scanned the shelves, her fingers gently brushing against the spines of various books. Summoning every ounce of courage, Jesse stepped forward, but just as he was about to speak, Sherly found her book and walked away, leaving Jesse standing in the silence of the library, his words unspoken.

Days turned into weeks, and the spring dance approached. Jesse saw Sherly more often, her excitement for the dance evident in her animated conversations with friends. He longed to ask her to be his date, but every time he tried to muster the courage, the words caught in his throat.

On the night of the dance, Jesse stood outside the gymnasium, watching as couples entered, laughing and holding hands. He saw Sherly in a beautiful blue dress, radiant and happy as she walked in with a group of friends. Jesse knew then that his feelings would remain his secret. He couldn't bear the thought of ruining her night with his nervous confession.

As the evening progressed, Jesse wandered to the school's courtyard, a quiet place away from the music and laughter. He sat on a bench, the cool night air a stark contrast to the warmth of his emotions. He knew he had to bury his feelings, to let them go for the sake of his own peace of mind.

With a deep breath, Jesse stood up and walked back into the gym, determined to enjoy the night with his friends. He danced, laughed, and for a few hours, allowed himself to forget the silent love he harbored for Sherly. He watched her from a distance, content with the knowledge that she was happy, even if it wasn't with him.

Years later, as he looked back on his high school days, Jesse would remember Sherly as the girl who taught him about unspoken love and the courage it takes to let go. He never regretted his silence, for it had shaped him into a man who understood the beauty of admiring someone from afar, even if it meant keeping his feelings buried deep within his heart.


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