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An Audition, and A New Friend!

A short story based on a writing prompt entitled: write about two people striking up an unlikely friendship. (courtesy - Reedsy Prompts)

By Sarah DPublished 11 months ago 8 min read
Robyn Rehearses In front of the mirror Credit:Istockphoto

She was an interesting young woman. She had made up her mind that one day she was going to be an Actress. Being the sort of young woman she was, it was highly likely that her dreams were going to be fulfilled.

Robyn was the thing dreams were made of. She looked in the mirror that morning, the day she was scheduled to take part in one of her very first auditions. The role was indeed curious, there was something about the character that made Robyn very interested in playing her.

Robyn Chrysalis was sure that if she worked hard on the small-time roles that she auditioned for in parts of plays at her college theatre club, there were chances that she could grow up to be a great actress.

She also knew that there was this ideology out there that practice made perfect, and even though she couldn’t afford Acting School, her experience with fleshing out a role of any character that she had to play would help her gain experience and make her a better actress. Robyn was well aware that the best actresses were not just good-looking, they were known for their acting skills too.

And so Robyn decided to start dressing. She looked in the mirror of her studio apartment, and told herself that ‘She could do it!’ She then had a shower, did her hair in a neat-looking bun, applied a little eyeliner because it made the eyes sparkle, and a little skin-toned lipstick and blush.

Robyn was naturally pretty so she did not overdo the glam. She knew that it was only an audition, and she wanted her acting skills to speak for themselves rather than trying too hard to be someone she was not. Robyn prided herself on her originality, and she also felt that the role she had to play, the part of a Librarian, did not require her to overdo the glam quotient.

When Robyn finished applying her makeup, she dressed up in dressed-up jeans and a formal-looking cotton blouse. She usually dressed in jeans and a cool-looking tee because that suited her natural INFJ trait.

She always managed to be the center of attention even though she wore classic and dressed minimally. But yes, today she did her makeup and dressed right, and fixed her favorite coffee. After all, it was going to be her first-ever audition.

Robyn finished her Coffee and Avocado-Toast and was done in a jiffy. She walked out the door of her tiny apartment in the New York suburbs and started on her usual 20-minute walk to her college which was part of her daily routine.

The audition was going to be first thing in the morning, and she had to be in the audition room as soon as she got there. She was so excited, she walked with a spring in her step, noticed all the flowers in the trees around, smiled at people, and enjoyed the balmy weather.

Robyn had been walking for almost 10 minutes and had reached the halfway point in her journey. Maybe it was luck. There was a handsome man having coffee in her favorite coffee shop which happened to be on the way to college. She sometimes hung out there with her friend Doreen Elmers. He too seemed to be in a wonderful mood and smiled at her.

Robyn found that cute and interesting too, because that was the first time that another good-looking person of the opposite gender smiled at her like that in a long while. She kept walking to her destination in an upbeat mood enjoying the crisp weather and her usual walk to college.

Finally, Robyn was in the audition room, and there were a number of other young girls there. She took a moment to pray. It wasn’t something she normally did, but she felt she needed to since this was her first audition, and if she landed the role, that would be a wonderful thing!

She sat down in the audience and waited her turn. One by one, several auditioners went on stage and gave their best performances. One of the memorable ones, at least to her was a young woman with blonde hair and big eyes. She had to have been a natural extrovert, her nails were well done, and when she gestured, she waved her pretty hands and her speech was eloquent. Her name was Charlene Ann. Robyn wondered if she stood a chance.

Soon it was her turn. Robyn went on to the stage and said her 6 lines out loud:

“Young Lady, I believe this is an important task!

You must read this book because it contains the history of the French Revolution. Is that not the subject matter of your Thesis my young friend?

You say you do not like History. You say you do not like reading. You say you will get this information from the Internet. I do suggest taking this book home!”

Knowing that Robyn had given her best she went back to her seat. She did not wave her hands about like the previous blonde big-eyed girl. But she did remember adjusting the tone of her voice, pausing between sentences and urging her audience to feel the urgency of her words.

Robyn looked at her watch. Now that her audition was done, she returned to her classes. She breezed through the day. She was happy that she had given her best, and now she wanted to go home and eat nuts in her room while surfing through Instagram on her smartphone.

While walking home, again she walked with a spring in her step, noticed all the flowers in the trees around, smiled at people, and enjoyed the balmy weather. When she reached the coffee shop 10 minutes away from her apartment building, she noticed the cute guy was still there. Again he smiled. ‘What a great day’ she thought.

She walked into the coffee shop and decided to order something to eat because to tell the truth she was a little hungry. Being a natural introvert she was not going to approach the cute guy, but it was fun to watch people from afar. This is something that Robyn loved doing.

She sat down at a table in the corner and took her journal out of her bag. When the waiter arrived she asked for coffee and a bagel. She loved Journaling and decided to make notes about her first-ever acting experience.

The cute guy suddenly came to her table and asked her if he could have coffee with her. She didn’t mind at all! Then he sat down and he too took a book out of his duffel bag and ordered a coffee. He told her that he was a student of the same college and he often frequented this old Cafe.

Robyn was so thrilled to meet another cute fellow college student who attended the same classes as her senior Jared B. She confided in him that it was her first ever audition today and she had given her best. She mentioned that she hoped like crazy that she would get the part.

After talking for a while they exchanged numbers, and she resumed walking to her apartment building. Robyn was still excited and kept walking with a spring in her step, noticing flowers in trees and smiling at people until she got home.

Again she opened the door of her studio and walked inside. She turned on the light and sat down on a comfortable old couch that she loved so much in the living room. It was already 7 p.m. and she was tired.

The conversation with the cute guy at the cafe had taken close to 2 hours it seemed. She was elated …but she wanted to have an early dinner and sleep early, especially since there were going to be a couple of things to do the next day. One of them would be finding out whether she got the part.

She had noodles for dinner and went to bed early. Upon turning out the night light she said a little prayer (which she wasn’t too used to doing) and hoped that God would hear it. She really wanted to play the part of the Fussy Librarian.

The next morning Robyn Chrysalis woke up when the sun rose and followed her usual morning routine. She wore something that was a lot less obvious this time. But still, a big deal since she was so cute. She wore boyfriend jeans, a cardigan and accessorized with rings and bracelets. She wore a basic pink lip gloss and walked out the door.

Again since it was a great day, she walked with a spring in her step, noticed all the flowers in the trees around, smiled at people, and enjoyed the balmy weather.

She had been walking for almost 10 minutes, and she looked into the coffee shop window just to see if the cute guy was there. But today the dimpled brunette guy was not there and had probably gone to college.

Robyn continued walking with a spring in her step, noticed all the flowers in the trees around, smiled at people, and enjoyed the balmy weather. She finally reached her college and the first thing she did was to look up the notice board to check if she had been selected for the role.

‘Robyn Chrysalis’ — will be the Fussy Librarian in Brouchards rendition of ‘The Cosmos and the Library’ Robyn couldn’t believe her Luck. Looks like her prayers had been answered. It was a good day! She didn’t want to attend college that day. She decided to go someplace quiet where she could think.

She thought hard. ‘The Cafe…’ was the best place it seemed. And then she walked back towards her apartment building, with a spring in her step, noticed all the flowers in the trees around, smiled at people, and enjoyed the balmy weather.

It had hardly been 10 minutes when she reached the Old Cafe and the cute guy happened to be there as well. Since she had gone there to think about things, she whispered a soft ‘Hello’ to him and went back to her favorite table in the corner.

Then she got out her Journal and decided to write down her feelings about all that had happened. She ordered the same thing as yesterday since it would help her keep her weight in check as well!

While she was busy writing, the cute guy came and sat down next to her. “Hi,” he said. She greeted him warmly and told him all about what happened. She was so excited, he was too. He didn’t know her, but he seemed excited. Cute and excited.

‘Do you wanna go out to the movies this Sunday’ he asked suddenly. Robyn was kinda happy that in spite of being a little shy and a natural introvert, this cute guy who also happened to be a Senior wanted to go out with her.

‘Uh, yes! Sure!’ she replied and told him all about how excited she was about what had happened that day! She also said that all she ever wanted to do in her life was to play the part of someone important so people would look up to her and maybe that would brighten someone’s day! The Fussy Librarian was going to be a fun role to act in.

He smiled. She smiled. What a strange day. What a strange series of events. What an unlikely friendship! As Robyn went home, she walked home with a spring in her step, noticed all the flowers in the trees around her, smiled at people, and enjoyed the balmy weather.

Short Story

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Sarah D

Short Stories/Poetry that will make you THINK a little bit about ~Life~ and Warm your heart! It's fictional content, but nice things usually brighten up the day! I want to BLESS others with what I write and be remembered for it too! Adieus

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Comments (12)

  • The Invisible Writer5 months ago

    Very well written. As an introvert myself I identified with so much

  • Justine Crowley9 months ago

    Great character development. Introverts can still be actresses. Thanks very much Sarah!

  • Colleen Flanagan10 months ago

    Awww, reminded me of my younger years as an introvert trying to fit in with the outside world. Very nice, thanks Sarah!

  • So amazing keep up the good work.

  • Lana V Lynx10 months ago

    Such a romantic, inspiring story. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Elesha Bennett10 months ago

    Great story

  • Joe Patterson10 months ago

    This is a terrific love story, well done.

  • Cathy holmes10 months ago

    Great story, Sarah. Well done

  • Great Story 💖📝😉 I like when you said that he was😁-cute and excited❗

  • Lilly Cooper10 months ago

    I think there are times we could all slow down a little and take more notice of the things around us :)

  • Ernest Kobby Baah11 months ago

    Is there a way we could connect on social media? Kindly let me know. Facebook@Ernest Kobby Baah

  • Ernest Kobby Baah11 months ago

    Interesting story telling Sarah

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