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Amvicious (adj) - ruthless tenacity in pursuit of one's own interests to the point of remorselessly hurting others

By Morgan Rhianna BlandPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

A dark-haired beauty in a shiny designer gown saunters into the ballroom, flanked by a man on each arm. Camera flashes sparkle like the diamonds around her neck, but her smile outshines them all. Lesser people stare in awe as she passes, shouting her name, clamoring for autographs. She turns up her nose at them. She’s better than them, wealthier, famous.

Bella can see it now, but she’s not there yet. She’s longed for fame and fortune all her life, but her dreams never got off the ground. All she has to show for her hard work is a few bit parts and a growing mountain of bills she can’t afford. She’s tired of struggling, tired of waiting. She wants the good life now, and she doesn’t care what she has to do to get it!

A dark-haired beauty in a designer suit saunters into the ballroom, flanked by a woman on each arm. Camera flashes sparkle like the glint in Bella’s eyes. He has everything she wants! Target in sight, she approaches with a painted-on smile. She plays the innocent ingenue flawlessly, biding her time like a viper stalking its prey, hanging onto his arm as tightly as she hangs on to his words.

Pouty lips form a vampire’s kiss to drain the life from him. He’s under her spell. All it takes is one word to claim her prize, one syllable to ruin him. Who’s going to believe him when she’s young and beautiful?


About the Creator

Morgan Rhianna Bland

I'm an aroace brain AVM survivor from Tennessee. My illness left me unable to live a normal life with a normal job, so I write stories to earn money.

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