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Always Bring Positivity:

" No matter your circumstances "

By Amahle MafaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Always Bring Positivity:
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There was once a young man named Jason who lived in a small village at the foot of a mountain. He was known to be a hard worker and always had a positive attitude towards life. Jason was content with his simple life and never desired great riches or material possessions.

One day, a wise old man came to the village and held a gathering in the town square. He spoke about the importance of energy and how it is the most valuable currency in the world. He explained that everything in life requires energy, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. He also shared that the more positive and productive energy one puts out into the world, the more they will receive in return.

Jason was fascinated by the old man's words and began to think about his own energy. He realized that he had been using his energy wisely, working hard on his farm and helping his neighbors whenever they needed it. He also noticed that those who were constantly complaining and being negative had less energy and were not as happy as those who focused on the positive.

The old man then announced that he would be leaving the village and gave each person a small pouch filled with gold coins. He told them that these coins were not ordinary, but rather they represented their energy. Each person's pouch would continue to fill up as they put out positive energy into the world.

Excited by this news, Jason went home and shared it with his family. They were all amazed and encouraged him to continue using his energy wisely. Jason took this lesson to heart and began to spread positivity and kindness wherever he went. He helped his neighbors with their chores, volunteered at the village school, and even started a community garden.

As time went by, Jason noticed that his pouch was filling up with gold coins. He was grateful for the abundance of energy he had and used it to make a positive impact in his village. He also noticed that the villagers who had received the pouches had also changed for the better. They were more kind, helpful, and filled with joy.

One day, a merchant passing through the village heard about the gold coins and offered to buy them from the villagers. Jason was approached by the merchant, who offered him a large sum of money for his pouch. But Jason refused, knowing that his energy was more valuable and couldn't be bought with money.

The merchant was amazed by Jason's wisdom and asked him to join him on his travels. He promised to teach Jason about the world and introduce him to new opportunities. Jason accepted the offer and set off on an adventure, using his energy to spread positivity and make a difference wherever he went.

Years went by, and Jason became known as the man with the golden pouch. He had traveled to many places, met new people, and learned new things. But what he valued the most was the impact he had made on others and the joy he had spread through his positive energy.

In the end, Jason returned to his village and shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences with his community. He taught them that their energy was their most valuable currency and encouraged them to use it wisely. From that day on, the village became known as a place of kindness, positivity, and abundance.

And as for Jason, he continued to live a simple life, but one filled with immeasurable wealth – the wealth of his energy and the joy it brought to those around him.

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