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After three years of careful planning, I married the man who had led the way in defiling me at the wedding

When my college classmate got married, I was invited to be her bridesmaid, and we went back to our hometown. She told me that there was a custom of making bridesmaids, but I didn't expect that I was assaulted by the best man during the wedding.

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Just out of college, Alice had barely begun to feel sad when she suddenly announced, "Sisters, I'm going to get married, and you are all my family, so you are going to be bridesmaids for your sisters."

I thought she was afraid that I would not go. After all, during the four years of college, I was either in part-time jobs or on the way to part-time jobs in addition to attending classes.

So I laughed and said to Alice, "Go, let's go together, and give your husband's family a blow of fear, so that they will think twice when they want to bully."

Who knows Alice but like to protect the cow's mouth, "Abby, my husband's family can be a cultural person, educated and reasonable, just do not you the set of rural consultation daughter-in-law, you don't talk nonsense, was heard I also do not fame."

She rolled her eyes and began to put her head down to pack.

I'm not angry either. Alice has always been proud and charming, but her heart is not bad.

After packing our luggage, we went to Alice's hometown together. On the way, Alice told us, "We have the habit of making fun of the bridesmaids in our hometown, but don't worry, I'll let you drink a little wine at the most. It won't be too much."

To tell you the truth, Alice's hometown is famous for its marital troubles. Before going there, we roommates were really a little worried. Now hearing her say that, I feel relieved.

But at this time who did not expect, our heart really put down a little early.

After arriving at the place, Alice's husband's family booked us all five-star hotels, and the wedding site was also decorated with resplencent gold, which shocked our little sisters as dumbfounded as a soil turtles.

Kate looked at everyone's envious expression, on the arm of Alice's hand deliberately a face of sour airway: "OK, Alice, hidden deep enough you, this is your mouth of the husband's family, this is too proud!"

Alice's nostrils were starting to pop. She cast a look at us and said disdainfully, "It's OK, just a normal family, but my husband's boss was so nice and paid for our wedding that it was like water off his back."

"Then she looked at me, and without trace to change the topic:" our dormitory sisters but our school is famous sisters, today to attend the wedding but there are a lot of rich handsome, sisters grasp their own, miss don't blame me didn't remind you.

Kate immediately asked Alice about the rich and handsome. After all, what girl didn't dream of marrying rich and handsome when she was young? Everyone looked at her expectantly.

"This is the most rich is Jiang Zong, unfortunately, ah some people do not know the good, I introduced her, she did not know to cherish." Then Alice gave me a look, which made me confused. I didn't know what I had done to upset my aunt.

"My sister looked at me, introduced me, introduced me, and I knew what was good for me." Kate said to Alice immediately.

Get up early the next day after makeup, all of us are discussing the groom for a while, how to embarrass him, the door of the hotel, suddenly was torn down by violence, the moment of collapse almost scared everyone to death.

And then before we knew it, a bunch of men burst in.

Some of them wore new clothes and shoes, which I could see were the best man's dress, but some of them wore wrinkled clothes that were not very decent. They should be the bridegroom's relatives. I heard from Alice that her husband's family was from the remote countryside before he became rich.

These people come in, without saying a word, take the ribbon spray, originally very big room, with the disorderly entry of the ribbon, as well as men spray, women hide moving, the whole room began to become crowded.

At this time I do not know who touched my butt, when I turned to look, also did not see who it was, so angry I gnashed my teeth.

But it was Alice's wedding, and I didn't want to embarrass her, so I tried to avoid the crowd. By this time, the curtains were drawn by someone, the lights were turned off and the whole room was plunged into darkness.

And then the whole room went into screaming, and the best man, and the men who came in behind him, started pushing the bridesmaids around, didn't know who it was, and even half pushed me onto the bed, and then started taking my clothes off.

When I felt the phone in his pocket, I picked it up and threw it to the ground. I heard a loud bang and the whole room was quiet.

I tidy up the clothes, three steps and two steps, ran to the switch position turned on the light, found just I lay down opposite the man, up is two slap.

Just as I was about to continue to fight, Alice rushed up and pushed me away, "Abby, you just can't stand to see the good of others, are you sincere? I have a good wedding, you have to ruin it?"

"If you can't afford it, don't come. I told you on the way. We have the custom of getting married."

Then she sat down on the bed without looking at me and got angry. The other bridesmaids, who were my roommates, also arranged their clothes, some of them pulled me, some of them tried to persuade Alice.

In the end, the matter was dropped, but I held back a little anger.

The wedding went on smoothly, several of us bridesmaids took advantage of Alice stage to exchange eyes, we agreed to attend the wedding night to leave.

After all, no one wants to be groped and taken advantage of for no apparent reason.

But what we don't know is, once things start going wrong, they're hard to end.


When we were about to leave in the evening, Alice said darkly, "There will be a wedding ceremony later. Are you so unwilling to give me face?"

"In the morning, it is just a custom. We all get married like this. The groom gives the bride a blow of Ma Wei, just like the ancients when they got married, the groom shot an arrow into the sedan chair after stopping."

"I don't mind as a bride, but who are you showing this to? Especially Abby, you slapped me in the face this morning, I was almost scolded by my mother-in-law and husband, and now you are leaving the wedding without making a fuss, I don't know what others will think of me."

"Said she began to cry, and finally we can only compromise, after all, the four years of college feelings are true, Alice's marriage we are also with blessings and expectations.

When the wedding started, we thought it was all the groomsmen and bridesmaids who embarrassed the bride and groom. Who knew the groomsmen's side began to complain again: "Are the bridesmaids not on good terms with the bride? How can they not come to help the bride."

Especially in the morning I hit that one, is a face of defiance to look at me, angry I want to beat him.

Kate held me back and asked in a very low voice, "How to cheer up? We don't have that many marriages going on over there, so I don't know what custom you're talking about."

"Since you don't have much to do, take the initiative to learn, don't you guys?" And then these groomsmen went crazy, filling their glasses with wine and throwing it at us, and we were either mad or we weren't mad.

Then Alice suddenly said, "Now, don't embarrass them, the girls are thin-skinned."

"Then she glanced at us again," the bridesmaids, that is, the best man and bridesmaids, drink a cup of wine and say a lucky word, which side drink more, which side will take care of the money later.

The maid of honor listened to her, and looked silly. The table was full of white wine, and there were several big men to fight wine, which no one can fight, so everyone looked at each other, no one answered.

Seeing us, the grooms collectively gave us the middle finger and said some vulgar words. Alice suddenly said, "Abby, you drink first."

"If you look at the way they look, it won't work. And it depends on whether I can manage the family money."

"Abby, as my sister, you can't let me off the hook at this crucial moment."

Then she pulled me to sit across from the best man and looked at me expectantly.

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