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A Throne of Fire

Elemental fantasy

By Lane BurnsPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
A Throne of Fire
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

“The King is dead.” An unknown voice yelled throughout the streets. Within seconds the church bells were ringing. The king truly was dead. It was finally the end of the ice era.

“Marney! Marney!” That was Annette’s voice coming from upstairs. I turned from the window to find my roommate fumbling down the stairs. Her hair was covered in wild flowers. Reaching towards her I plucked one from her hair and handed it to her.

“Stressed much?” It was hard not to roll my eyes at her. Her secret talent was being a full fledged drama queen. Her face flushed as she hastily ran her fingers through her hair to weed out the flowers. Roses and daisies littered the floor of the kitchen. I snorted and handed her the broom. She glared at me in return.

“How are you not? The king is D E A D” She spelt out the last word as if it were a curse. I gave her a shrug. Before glance back out the window.

“Why should I care?” I half glanced back to see her reaction, as three more roses bloomed in her hair.

“Marney! There’s not a heir!” She was nearly shouting. I pushed myself away from the window and looked at her. She glared back.

“Good! That means there won’t be another spoiled ice princess or prince on the throne. I’ve had enough of them. And don’t get mad at me; it’s not consider treason anymore.” I had to keep myself from grinning when four daisies sprouted from her hair. Leave it to a nature spirit to get worked up about logistics. She hadn’t bothered to sweep up the flower petals on the floor. I snapped my fingers and they swirled out the window on the sudden breeze.

“So what? You want the air spirits to be chosen?” Annette’s hands flew to her hips as she got ready to lecture me. But I just shook my head. I was too old to care if my elemental clan took the throne. And they’d lost my loyalty a long time ago. But that’s truly a story for another time.

“No Annette. It’s time for the fires to have their turn.” The shock filled her face before I could finish my sentence. Her face becoming significantly paler than usual. Her hands opened and closed as she tried to keep herself from filling the room with flowers. I tried not to roll my eyes. I hadn’t the time to deal with Annette I’d she was going to act like an old house wife. But we’d raised the child together.

But there was only a short period of time before a line of youth would be trying to claim the title of heir. Each sent from their own clan to demonstrate a show of power and popularity. I had no intention of allowing this contest to start.

“Don’t act shocked. You’ve seen it as well as I have. The world is out of balence. It has been for years. If we continue on this way there will be nothing left of this universe. We’ve nearly used it up trying to exist within a peace that was never meant to exist.” I took the broom from her hands and placed it back in the corner. My hands flew to the dishes that needed doing as I tried to keep my own power under control. I was itching for a fight. And Annette would give me one.

“She’s not ready. She’s not built for what you want her to do.” Annette’s hand went to her hip. I caught the trails of flowers growing on the door frame. I flexed my fingers.

“You’ve babied her long enough.” My voice raised slightly as the window rattled. Annette stared me down. Her eyes filled with rage. We’d promised this house would be safe. For all the clanless. Those who were cast out. But we’d been cast out long enough.

“You want chaos, Marney. You don’t want order. You never have.” Spit formed at her lips as she flushed out the words. I watched her. Feeling the room radiate.

“Chaos will bring balance.” I flexed my fingers and ripped her flowers from the wall. She returned the slap as she tripped me up with more vines.

The sharp metallic taste or blood filled my mouth. I must have bit my lip. It was enough.

Dishes clattered as they rattled out of cupboards. The air grew heavy the more i allowed the energy to roll off me in waves. I screamed and let go.

Dishes crashed to the ground against a wall of vines. Annette’s face was filled with rage when she reappeared. Flowers were raining down from the ceiling as her own temper came to light. I braced myself for whatever impact she was about to throw at me. Vines weaved like snakes.

The air burned. I choked. Annette doubled over as she started choking. A new energy filled the room.

“Enough!” Her voice still possessed the small clip of a child. Her dark form slither down the stairs. And yet when she entered the light, she was radiant. Annette looked at her in pain.

“Go back to your room child. This doesn’t concern you.” Annette’s voice was pained as she pleaded. But I watched the child shake her head.

“It’s written in my fate.” Her words were mine. Told to her so many times. Annette’s eyes filled with tears. The room cooled as my young project reached for my hand. Accepting the role I was to write for her. I turned to Annette, but she turned her back to me. This was a fight she would not bow to. I nodded my head. This was where I would leave her for now. A sister lost.

With the girls hand in mine. I guided her away from this place of peace and love. Her hand tightened against mine. Annette was wrong she was ready.

The line of youth had begun. But it took no more than a wave of her little hand to cause them all to stumble back. She held more power in her pinky then any of them. I smiled as I passed familiar faces. This was never going to be a fair fight.

Her small frame paused as she took in the throne of the old king. She turned, her gold eyes seeking mine.

“You must name me.” Her voice demanded. She’d waited twelve years for this. I kneeled down.

“I welcome you Phoenix. New heir and future Queen of the Elements.” I watched her eyes light up as she heard the sound of her name. One of greatness. One that promised a new beginning out of the ashes.

Her eyes glittered as the throne erupted into flames behind her. And like her name.. she began the burning decay of this place.

As my eyes burned. I hoped her name would ring true. And a new life would rise from the ashes she would cultivate.


About the Creator

Lane Burns

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’m still just finding my voice and coming to believe that I can do this again. I like writing poetry and darker fiction. As well as some fan fictions!

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