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A Special Place

by Laural A Seither 3 months ago in Short Story · updated 3 months ago
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A Nature Walk At Home.

A Special Place
Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

I have a special place no one else knows. I'm the only one who goes there. I can be alone there, reset there. It's a break from the world. I can travel to my special place any time I want. Any season, any day. Maybe one day I'll build a cabin and live there. I have no need of cellphones, or computers. No need of video games or movies. Those things are nice, but nature is nicer.

When I go to my special place I pack a small pack with things I may need. I carry rain gear, a light jacket, first aid kit, snacks and water, a notebook, pencils and pens, and of course my cell phone, just in case.

Then I leave out my back door crossing my yard to the gate. Out the gate I slip and into the woods where birds are singing as they gather supplies for thier nests or food for thier young. Wild flowers of many colors perfume the air. Purple, white, yellow, blue. And the trees towering tall give respite from the sun's heat to all.

I stop along the way to watch the squirrels play and sketch a flower, or a tree or two. The air is so clean and worries just fade away. I wander further on wherever my feet lead till I find the path least traveled. I follow it cause today is a day for exploring. I see an robin red breast collecting bits for a nest and a red wing black bird serenading his mate. I take note as I wander further on marveling at nature and finding peace here.

Ahead a doe and her fawn amble across the path in search of tender greens to eat. In a minute the path widens to a great meadow filled with brilliantly colored flowers whose perfume is sweeter still. The sky is so blue and the cirrus clouds look like lace decorating the the sky. It's warm here, but not to warm and the gentle breeze brushes by like finger grazin your hair.

The Creek that runs through the meadow sings beautiful music accompanied by the song birds giving my place a magical quality. Next to the creek is my rock which is so large that I and several animals can lay on it together if they choose.

I settle on my rock and eat my snacks while pondering that feeling I get of of always belonging there. After a drink of my water, I stretch out and look at the sky, not caring if my jeans and t-shirt get dirty or my hiking boots get scuffed.

I nap for awhile on my rock under the sun soothed by the song of the birds and the creek. That is until two squirrels start squaking and fighting followed by a distant rumble of thunder that draws my gaze to the sky where darker rain clouds gather slowly.

That is my que, I know I must go. Back to the human world where I live. It's smelly and dirty, not pure like my special place, but it is only temporary. I'll return on another nice day. I pack everything up and leave not a trace to prove I was there. Then I trudge back down the path toward home. I'm sad I must go, but am comforted I can return whenever I choose and maybe some day I'll build my little cabin.

Then I can stay in my lovely special place. Until that day, I'll visit when I can and maybe camp a night or two. Most importantly I'll protect my special place so it can be enjoyed by others who happen by. I only hope they'll care for it and protect it as I do now.

Short Story

About the author

Laural A Seither

Laural is the author of a children's book called "The Blessing Angel." She has had several poems published and has a history blog. When she is not writing she works at a bar and grill. She loves to camp and hike with her family.

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