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A Sarcastic Serenade:)

Unraveling the Myth of Selfishness in Self-Love Chronicles!!!!

By Naziashahid RaisaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Oh, the audacity of loving oneself,

In a world where it's seen as amassing wealth.

If you dare prioritize your own well-being,

You're deemed selfish, oh what a seeing!

But pray tell, what's this peculiar decree?

That self-love is a sin, oh how funny!

In this circus of judgment, let's find our glee,

And revel in our self-love, wild and free.

So scoff, my friend, at society's quirk,

Where self-love is viewed with a sneer.

Embrace your worth, with a sarcastic charm,

And let them ponder, while you remain calm!


About the Creator

Naziashahid Raisa

Dive into captivating tales of love and darkness. Explore the depths of emotion in my stories, where mysteries unfold and characters come to life.

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